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Computing Studies Is it for me? Click here to find out…

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1 Computing Studies Is it for me? Click here to find out…

2 How can Google find so many files so fast? How can I mix my own music? How does my computer work? Can I make a robot to do my chores? Homework? Can I make the computer do what I want it to do? Could I design new hardware? How can I make graphics to look like real people? How do I build/create my own software? What is a virtual world? How do I make my own website? How can I create my own animations? What’s so different about mobiles and wireless?

3 films advertising television music robots computer games information technology Advances in computing technology… simulations Internet & email mobile phone,mp3 player msn,YouTube,Facebook space exploration advances in medicine


5 Only possible through teams working together to: discuss the project; develop and design the solution; develop and design the hardware; build/write the software (programs); test the solution; maintain the system; look to how it can be improved; work within a budget… Lonely? Dull? Boring?

6 Do you like to be with other people, exchanging new ideas, working together on a project? What will computers be like when you are 25? Will you still be a user – or a creator? Do you want to help build the next generation of mobile phones, audio (mp3) players? Or even advanced medical tools? Would you like Google to search for an object in a picture? A sound? A scene from a film or TV program? Do you like to work as part of a team? Can you also work on your own? Where does Computing Studies fit in? Click here…

7 Taught at Standard Grade, Intermediate, Higher & Advanced Higher Information Technology and Commercial Computer Processing How the computer works Web Page CreationArtificial Intelligence - Robotics and Automated Systems Desktop PublishingSoftware and Hardware – everyday & specialist Multimedia presentations - Sound, animations & video Virtual Reality in: games, design and simulation Communications, networks and the Internet Programming - creating different types of software using a variety of programming languages Graphics including photo editingExpert systems

8 At all levels: Practical skills, theory, coursework and projects Assessment Grade This will be based on pupils’ best work… 2 non-programming tasks 1 Project 2 Programming tasks

9 How is it calculated? Non-programming Project Programming 11253212 111 Overall Grade 1

10 The Written Examination: This assesses 1. KU – Knowledge and Understanding 2. PS – Problem Solving This is combined with 3.PA – Practical Abilities to give an overall award

11 Course contains: Teaching & Learning Topics Answering questions Practical Task & Assessments Reading & Internet Research Pupil led classwork Groupwork Homework (including online) Studying & Revision (including online) Tests & Examinations

12 Do you ever think of new ways of using computers? Web sites – could you do better? How does the Internet actually work? Do you like to solve puzzles Problems? Film directors, composers, architects – all see the big picture. Do you? Do people call on you when they want their own website? Are you creative? Do people call on you when their computer acts weird? Digital film, animation, sound – could you do better?

13 Computing Studies? Well, is it for you?

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