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Essay Presenting Your Information! Slide Show Web Page Video Cartoon Poster.

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1 Essay Presenting Your Information! Slide Show Web Page Video Cartoon Poster

2 How should I present my info? 1. You’ve done the research—checked your facts. 2. You’ve got information you need to present. 3. You need to determine the best way to get that information to the public (or to your teacher). cartoon poster video slideshow essay web page

3 Regardless of how you present… Your presentation should include: Y our thesis OR the question you want answered. The information you got from the research you’ve done. Your conclusion.

4 Decide on your topic. Decide on your topic Prepare an outline or diagram of your ideas. Prepare an outline or diagram of your ideas Write your thesis statement. Write your thesis statement Write the body. Write the body Write the main points. Write the subpoints. Elaborate on the subpoints. Write the introduction. Write the introduction Write the conclusion. Write the conclusion Add the finishing touches. Add the finishing touches (From ) Writing an Essay

5 Essay Help Guide to Writing a Basic Essay 10 Tips for Writing an Essay study/homework-tips/10-tips-for-writing-an-essay study/homework-tips/10-tips-for-writing-an-essay Easy Topics for Kids Citing Sources

6 Making a Cartoon Toondoo Create cartoons Sketch Star Makes cartoons 9 Free Tools to Make Educational Cartoons of-some-of-best-cartoon-making.html of-some-of-best-cartoon-making.html

7 Slide Show Help PowerPoint Makes a slide show presentation software that helps you tell a story and share your slides on the Web. Part of Office. Kizoa Create slide shows slideshows?gclid=CMaXwqr-6rUCFVSVMgodiloAUw slideshows?gclid=CMaXwqr-6rUCFVSVMgodiloAUw Roxio Make a photoshow 12 Free Online Slideshow Creators (hotlist) creators_b5957 creators_b5957

8 Video Help Animoto Creates music videos School Tube Upload student or teacher made videos VoiceThread Allows you to work together with video, voice, and text commenting. Creates multimedia material. Screenr A very simple, easy-to-use tool for creating screencast videos and can be downloaded to YouTube. Windows Movie Maker live/movie-maker-get-started live/movie-maker-get-started

9 Create a Web Page Google Sites Makes a website using template Weebly Create a Web page Wiki Spaces Create class or school Web site

10 Making a Poster Glogster Makes posters There is a fee for use. Padlet (formally Wallwisher) Allows you to post notes and work collaboratively.

11 Other Valuable Tools You select the style, put in the information and it makes a citation in the correct format Timeline Maker Makes timelines and is directed at kids e_maker/ e_maker/ Wordle Makes word clouds from the text you put in


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