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Collaboration & Presentations IT Orientation Dr. Alicia Schatteman August 16, 2013.

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1 Collaboration & Presentations IT Orientation Dr. Alicia Schatteman August 16, 2013

2 Agenda Items

3 Google All the Google products you have access to: ts/ ts/ Most often will use Home and Office and Social Available on your desktop/laptop or mobile device Free

4 Google Drive Can create and share files in the Cloud Can access anywhere Share files for group projects Free

5 Google Groups Discussions in one place Rich-text editing Photos and automatic translations

6 Google+ Hangouts Find people Know if they read your messages Live video call with up to 10 friends Start a voice call from your computer. Use on all devices

7 Blackboard Who has used Blackboard or another course management system? Help for students: ex.shtml ex.shtml

8 What you can do: Checking Your Grades Discussion Board Thread Wiki Page Submitting an Assignment Submitting a SafeAssignment Accessing Groups Participating in a Blackboard Collaborate Session Participating in a Blackboard Collaborate Session

9 Log in at: rameset.jsp rameset.jsp View courses (if they are available) Tabs at the top are customizable by the instructor so may not all be the same – Discussion Board (everyone can see, organized by thread) My Grades (if instructors use this function)

10 Course Tools Blackboard Collaborate: check your email and log in to the collaborate session

11 PowerPoint NIU PPT Templates: PPT Templates, Website Templates, Poster templates: ex.shtml ex.shtml Facebook Cover Photos, Screensavers & Wallpaper NIU Logo Downloads: ogo_downloads.shtml ogo_downloads.shtml

12 Visual Aids Visuals are powerful Clip art or your own photos Dont need to write everything

13 Slide Layout Play with the slide layout for best visual presentation Keep font size readable: 28+ font We read and look left to right so put important things on the left

14 Links Can embed the link NIUNIU Can write the link out: Create a QR Code:

15 Tables and Charts Cut and paste directly from Excel or Word Cut and paste a table from a JPEG Course 1Course 2 Student A96.345.2 Student B86.389.2 Student c78.562.3 TABLE 1: Grades FIGURE 1: Revenue

16 Videos Embed a video in the presentation, no lost files, no Internet access needed Link to an online video: m1NU&feature=c4-overview- vl&list=PLsRNoUx8w3rMHoQXKr3AKe6TljQHp 6M0S or without showing the URL m1NU&feature=c4-overview- vl&list=PLsRNoUx8w3rMHoQXKr3AKe6TljQHp 6M0SURL

17 Timing Plan for 1 minute of presentation per slide 10 minute presentation, roughly no more than 10 slides Under slide show tab, if you click onrehearse timings you can rehearse saying your presentation to meet required length

18 Presentations Dont need sounds, scrolling words Slides are not meant to be read (face the audience not the screen) Slides should be visual cues, use notes section Have printed copy (see print function) to use if technical issues or with notes Under Review tab, select start inking to highlight

19 Handouts Can create handouts of varying styles (three up with space to write for example) See print function

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