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Study Strategies For Spanish 201-202 Erin Sorrell.

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1 Study Strategies For Spanish 201-202 Erin Sorrell

2 Vocabulary Memorize forwards and backwards. Create Flashcards with drawings or symbols that help you memorize the vocabulary or make sound associations between the words in each language. Use Supersite and Quizlet Flashcards along with the games on Quizlet In Spanish, pronunciation is the best and easiest way to remember the correct spelling of a word because each letter only has one sound associated with it making it easy to sound out words. Beware of false cognates! Ex: Embarazada = Pregnant Avergonzado(a) = Embarrassed

3 Flashcards Flashcards courtesy of Olivia Paredes.

4 Grammar Memorize the rules for irregular verbs along with the irregulars themselves Review Present Tense and Preterite Tense as many advanced forms share stems with these, such as the present subjunctive and the Imperfect Subjunctive. The key to progressing is first learning the fundamentals which you must build upon later. Use a Heuristic method to memorize irregulars Ex: create random silly phrases that will be easy for you to recall

5 Irregular Affirmative Tú Commands Venir Decir Salir Hacer Tener Ir Poner Ser Ven Di - Sal Haz Ten Ve - Pon - Sé Vin Diesel Has Ten Weapons Eh!

6 Irregulars in Subjunctive Hacer Poner Venir Ver Tener Traer Decir Oír Saber Harry Potter Vanquished Voldemort Ten Times During Open Season

7 Irregulars in Future & Conditional Saber Poner Hacer Venir Salir Tener Haber Decir Caber Querer Poder Price Has a Vice. She Thinks Her Daugther Can be Queen of Paris.

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