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Are Ohio’s most valuable products grown, manufactured, or mined?

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1 Are Ohio’s most valuable products grown, manufactured, or mined?

2 We will learn… How oil and natural gas are formed Where they are found How they are extracted from the ground What products we use every day are made from petroleum Introduction to Petroleum!

3 Fossil Fuels – Nature’s Batteries 80% of the world’s energy comes from fossil fuels Oil Natural gas Coal

4 Fossil fuels were forming before dinosaurs lived ning_Center/exploration.htm

5 Formation of Coal

6 How do oil and gas get from the ground into products we use?

7 1. Exploration: a treasure hunt to find oil and gas Geologists study rocks on the Earth’s surface and underground Geologists make a map of the rocks where they think coal, oil and gas might be found Photo by John Simmons, OnTV © The Geological Society of London

8 Oils and Gas Are Often Found Together Oil is a liquid Gas is in a gaseous (invisible) state – like air Oil and gas move through sand as a team

9 Where Do Oil and Gas Come From? Microscopic View GasOil Water Source Rock (Fossils) Oil drops in grains of sand

10 Oil and Gas Are Found On Land and under Water and-gas-traps/

11 Tools used to find oil

12 Initially oil and natural gas exploration was as simple as locating surface seeps or places where oil and gas had been discovered accidentally while digging or drilling for water.

13 Tools used to find oil Seismology, like echolocation, uses vibration and reflection to locate the seams between geographic layers. vibroseis trucks

14 Tools used to find oil Off-shore seismology

15 Tools used to find oil Geologist can study aerial photographs and images from satellites.

16 Tools used to find oil Outcrop surveys

17 Tools used to find oil Data regarding magnetic fields, gravity and radiation are collected and analyzed

18 Geology of Ohio.


20 How do oil and gas get from the ground into products we use?

21 2. Drilling and Production Engineers use the geology map to drill a well under the Earth’s surface using a “rig” If successful, the well will bring a steady flow of oil and gas to the surface m/oil-and-gas-traps/

22 . The only way to know for sure is to drill… 2. Drilling and Production

23 Production Or in the case of coal, to dig…

24 Extraction of Gas and Oil After the rig is removed, a pump is placed on the well head. An electric motor drives a gear box that moves a lever. The lever pushes and pulls, forcing the pump up and down, and creates a suction that draws up the oil.

25 Extraction of Coal

26 Production of Coal re-is-coal-found/

27 4. Transportation Crude oil, coal and refined products are transported across the water in barges and tankers. On land crude oil and products are moved using pipelines, trucks, and trains. Photo above courtesy of BP

28 5. Refining Crude oil is a mixture. Remember mixtures? Refining is separating the components of the mixture.

29 Refining Chemicals and heat are used to remove water and solids Natural gas is separated Cracking and rearranging molecules prepares the finished products Oil is then stored in tanks. Photo courtesy of © BP p.l.c.

30 mistry.tuto biochemist ry/petroch ml mistry.tuto biochemist ry/petroch ml

31 Let’s talk LAB!

32 Where Would We Be Without Petroleum? You can kiss lipstick good-bye. Artificial Hearts Aspirin Balloons Bandages Blenders Cameras Candles CD Players Clothing Compact Discs/DVDs Computers Containers Crayons Credit Cards Dentures Deodorant Digital Clocks Dyes Fertilizers Food Preservatives Footballs Furniture Garbage Bags Glasses Glue Golf Balls Hair Dryers Hang Gliders House Paint Ink Insecticides Life Jackets Lipstick Luggage Medical Equipment Medicines MP3 Players Pantyhose Patio Screens Perfumes Photographic Film Photographs Piano Keys Roller Blades Roofing Shampoo Shaving Cream Soft Contact Lenses Surfboards Telephones Tents Toothpaste Toys Umbrellas

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