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Oil Development in Coastal British Columbia CommunityCommunity EcosystemEcosystem.

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2 Oil Development in Coastal British Columbia CommunityCommunity EcosystemEcosystem


4 Community Economic growthEconomic growth Sport fish declineSport fish decline Ecotourism threatEcotourism threat


6 Some common product made from crude oil saccharine (artificial sweetener) roofing paper aspirin hair coloring heart valves crayons parachutes telephones bras transparent tape antiseptics purses panty hose deodorant air conditioners shower curtains shoes volleyballs electrician's tape floor wax lipstick sweaters

7 More products running shoes bubble gum car bodies tires house paint hair dryers guitar strings pens ammonia eyeglasses contacts life jackets insect repellent rubber bands computers gasoline fertilizers hair coloring movie film ice chests loudspeakers basketballs footballs combs/brushes linoleum fishing rods rubber boots water pipes diesel fuel kerosene heating oil asphalt motor oil jet fuel

8 More Products!!!!! vitamin capsules motorcycle helmets fishing lures petroleum jelly lip balm antihistamines golf balls dice insulation glycerin typewriter/ computer ribbons trash bags rubber cement ink of all types wax paper paint brushes hearing aids compact discs mops bandages artificial turf cameras glue shoe polish caulking cold cream umbrellas tape recorders stereos plywood

9 Get the point yet? Adhesives TV cabinets toilet seats car batteries candles refrigerator seals carpet cortisone vaporizers solvents nail polish denture balloons boats dresses shirts (non-cotton) perfumes toothpaste plastic forks tennis rackets hair curlers plastic cups electric blankets oil filters floor wax ping pong paddles cassette tapes dishwashing liquid water skis upholstery chewing gum thermos bottles plastic chairs transparencies

10 Exploration noiseExploration noise ExtractionExtraction Oil spillsOil spills Ecosystem







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