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-Stephanie Karen Munn Diamond Consumer Washington, USA

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2 -Stephanie Karen Munn Diamond Consumer Washington, USA
Ever since I have purchased my first Gemex certified ring, I have not bought any more diamond jewelry without it!   I am truly convinced that diamonds bought without a Gemex certificate isn't worth the other papers that diamond may have.  -Stephanie Karen Munn Diamond Consumer Washington, USA

3 Proven to Increase Diamond Sales & Margins
Bright Ideas for Beautiful Diamonds Proven to Increase Diamond Sales & Margins Focus on the romance of diamonds Increase Margin on every diamond sold Sell certified diamond beauty Easy for the consumer to understand Increase consumer confidence and trust

4 The Diamond ‘Cut’ Debate What consumers want in a diamond
GemEx Background Randy Wagner BSEE, MSEE, GemEx Founder, Diamond Consumer Kurt Schoeckert BSME, GemEx Founder, Diamond Consumer The Diamond ‘Cut’ Debate What consumers want in a diamond

5 The BrillianceScope® The global leader in diamond Brilliance, Fire & Sparkle Certification What is Light Performance Light Performance can’t be predicted, it must be measured Scientific, Objective and Independent Measurement!

6 The BrillianceScope GemEx retains ownership of all BrillianceScopes
Nearly 200 units installed around the world Over 2 million diamonds have been measured, and sold with GemEx Certificates Diamonds sold with GemEx in USA, UK, Europe, India, HK and China

7 The GemEx Certificate

8 Increasing Sales and Profits – GemEx’s Strong Track Record
GemEx pioneered the concept of measuring light and certifying a diamond’s brilliance, fire and sparkle More than 3,500 retail doors and their suppliers have increased diamond sales and margins Millions of diamonds have been measured and processed for GemEx Certificates Major Chain Programs utilizing GemEx The Leo Diamond Radiant Star Star 129 Tolkowsky And More

9 Increasing Sales and Profits – GemEx’s Strong Track Record
Over ten years of proven success in helping dramatically increase sales and profits. Three examples: GemEx Survey - $6200 vs. $9200 diamonds Retail Chain A 30% of Customers were willing to pay 25% more Retailer B 1st year: loose diamond sales doubled. Loose Diamond Sales for December 2005 were up 56% New diamond line with The GemEx Certificate was the major contributor to increase. Two ‘Very High’ ratings and one ‘High’ rating on The GemEx Certificate.

10 How does GemEx help Retailers sell diamonds?
GemEx Certificate GemEx BrillianceScope Viewer GemEx Live Report online and interactive GemEx Mobile GemEx Training

11 Selling Diamonds with GemEx
We have all been to restaurants or events with hundreds of diamonds in the room…One or two of those diamonds stand out…What makes those diamonds stand out? Superior Brilliance, Fire & Sparkle! Show your customers the Certificate and explain that each individual diamond is certified for its Light Performance

12 Selling Diamonds with GemEx
Use the Viewer to show the differences in diamond Light Performance What does your customer prefer? Choose a beautiful diamond using the Viewer and Certificate


14 Selling Diamonds with GemEx
GemEx Live Report How often do your customers want a 2nd opinion from family and friends before they buy? How do you convince a customer who is comparison shopping? What if your customer could show their diamond to someone else without leaving your store? When your customer is home at night, how exciting will it be when they can see your diamond online?

15 Selling Diamonds with GemEx
Use the internet to your advantage…put the diamond id on your business card along with your website link to Keep your connection with your customer Enter diamond ID’s and compare diamonds Compare to median diamond Compare to other diamonds customer interested in buying


17 GemEx Mobile How often do you see your customers using their phones when they walk in your store? Send them the Brilliance, Fire & Sparkle Certificate of the diamond they are interested in buying directly to their phone and enter their mobile phone number

18 Why GemEx Works Sell Brilliance, Fire and Sparkle
GemEx is not just a Certificate Selling the beauty of the diamond Fulfil the needs of your customer Customers pay for quality when they see it, understand it and trust it Enhancing relationships and showing them the WOW!

19 Presentation Tips Where have you been when you noticed a great diamond? There are many diamonds in the room at cocktail parties and restaurants Only one or two stand out What makes those diamonds stand out? The Brilliance, Fire and Sparkle of the diamond Our diamonds are certified for superior brilliance, fire and sparkle. Bullet points

20 Presentation Tips With our beautiful diamond, every diamond is certified for brilliance, fire and sparkle. You are guaranteed that you will be buying a beautiful diamond when you purchase and wear one of these diamonds.

21 Create an exciting ending

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