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2011 Town Hall Meetings Commissioner Darryl Glenn Commissioner District 1 E L P ASO C OUNTY C OLORADO.

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1 2011 Town Hall Meetings Commissioner Darryl Glenn Commissioner District 1 E L P ASO C OUNTY C OLORADO

2 2 Presentation Overview 1.District 1 Capital Improvement Projects 2.Military Economy & Outlook Fiscal Outlook 4.Citizen Engagement Survey 5.Redistricting and Realignment

3 District 1 Capital Improvement Projects Completed in 2011

4 Timberview Filing 2 Subdivision Acceptance Location: Bridle Creek Court and Lamplight Drive / Furrow Road intersection Description: Install a drainage system with inlet; establish and stabilize roadside ditches; replace culvert Funding Source: $52,243 / Subdivision Improvement Agreement Collateral (called by BoCC to finish drainage not done by developer) 4

5 Highway 105 Guardrail Installation Location: Highway 105 at Monument Academy Charter School Description: Installation of approximately 460 feet of guardrail along north side of road Funding Source: Materials on-hand / Road and Bridge 5

6 District 1 Capital Improvement Projects Under Construction in 2011

7 Hodgen Road Improvements Location: State Highway 83 to Black Forest Road Description: Safety Improvements – Improve vertical alignment; intersection site distance; add auxiliary lanes; reduce impact of drifting snow Funding source: $13.1M / PPRTA Capital 7

8 District 1 Capital Improvement Projects Planning / Design Stage in 2011

9 Black Forest Road / Burgess Road Intersection Location: Intersection of Black Forest Road and Burgess Road Description: Reconstruction – Improve the vertical alignments; add auxiliary lanes; improve drainage; upgrade traffic signal Funding: Estimated $1.85M (total project); $800,000 currently funded for utility relocation and Right of Way acquisitions from Road & Bridge Funds 9

10 County Line Road / Black Forest Road Location: County Line Road from Thunder to Black Forest Road; Black Forest Road from County Line to Walker Description: Safety Improvements – County Line / Black Forest intersection, drainage; add pavement Funding: Estimated $6.5M (total project); Currently approved $800,000 from Road and Bridge Funds for Right of Way Acquisition and Utility Relocation 10

11 County Line Road Improvements Location: I-25 to Furrow Road Description: Safety Improvements-add shoulders, improve drainage, reconfigure horizontal and vertical profile west of Furrow Road and realign the intersection at Furrow Road and provide turn lanes Funding: Est. cost – $7M-$7.5 M / PPRTA Capital 11

12 Baptist Rd (West) Improvements Location: I-25 to Mitchell Ave Description: Planning and alternative traffic flow analysis. Baptist Rd Widening Mitchell to I-25 and Baptist RR Xing. Evaluate appropriate improvements for the corridor, including construction of a grade separated RR crossing Funding: Study – (approx) $181K / PPRTA Capital Project – (approx) $11M / PPRTA Capital /BRRTA/Other 12

13 Highway 105 Improvements Location: I-25 to SH 83 Description: Examine capacity and safety issues for the corridor and recommend improvements to address the identified issues Funding: $300,000 / Road and Bridge (only study is funded) Project website: 13

14 Gleneagle Enhancement Location: Gleneagle from Jesse to Wuthering Heights Drive Description: Pedestrian safety improvements Funding: Est. $119,000 –$95,000 Federal Funds –$24,000 EPC Road and Bridge 14

15 Beacon Lite Road Improvements Location: County Line Road to Wakonda Way Description: Safety Improvements – Horizontal and vertical alignments County Line / Beacon Lite intersection and drainage Pave road Funding: Est. $2.8M TBD 15

16 District 1 Capital Improvement Other Project Updates

17 Doewood Gate Location: Doewood Drive from Ridgeview Circle to Chisholm Trail Description: Vacate a portion of Doewood Drive Remove gate Add emergency vehicle and maintenance access and turnaround at both points of termination. Status: Survey Complete, Meetings to be scheduled with Fire Dept and adjacent property owners Gate Location 17

18 Northgate Boulevard Improvements Location: Struthers Drive from Gleneagle to Northgate Boulevard Description: Shoulder and ditch erosion Built by Developer formed Struthers Road District Bonds No storm drain system As a result, regular reconstruction of the shoulder is required. Status: Shoulder/ditch line repaired to address the immediate safety hazard Ultimate solution requires curb and gutter and storm drain system. 18

19 Fox Run Regional Park Master Plan Calls for: –Restroom, Parking Lot and Trail Improvements –Construction of Off Leash Dog Park Public Input Process Spring of 2012 Construction in Summer of 2012 Funding: $100,000 from Regional Park Fees 19

20 Black Forest Regional Park Master Plan Updated in 2010 Identified: –Needed Parking, Well, Restroom and Trail Improvements –Required Upgrades to Signage –Required Initiating Mistletoe Mitigation Plan Funding: –$400,000 From Developer (Cathedral Pines) –$200,000 From GOCO Grant Scheduled Completion in Fall of

21 Pineries Open Space County Accepted 1070 Acres in 2007 Master Plan Completed in 2010 Requires: –Five Miles of Trails with Trailhead Parking and Restroom –Outdoor Classroom and Appropriate Signage Cost: Est. Phase One Projects - $460,000 Funding: Regional Park Fees and Grants (still needed) 21

22 Military Economy & Outlook

23 23 Ec onomic Impact of Military Installations Total Impact: $5.5B

24 Military Economy 24

25 Military Economy 25

26 Military Outlook Military is dealing with $450B in cuts over the next 10 years – painful but doable There is much concern about the doomsday scenario: –Super Committee allows sequestration to occur (i.e. it does not come up with $1.2T in cuts over the next ten years) –This automatically triggers a defense share for those cuts of about $500B more over ten years, beginning in FY13 –Such cuts would span across personnel, major programs, entitlements, etc. 26

27 Military Outlook On a positive note… –Army leadership is confident that the Combat Aviation Brigade is on track –The MILCON is planned and in the FY12 budgets –Received briefing from by MG Joe Anderson, the incoming Commanding General for the 4 th Infantry Division and Ft Carson 27

28 Veterans Cemetery Update El Paso County Kane Ranch is Preferred Site by the Veterans Administration Fountain Has Adequate Water for the Site But VA Funds Cannot be Used to Build the Required Pipeline Estimated at $1.2 Million Stakeholders Including El Paso County, El Pomar and Others Working on Solution Outlook is Positive 28

29 2012 Fiscal Outlook Understanding the Budget

30 Understanding the County Budget 2012 Budgeted Revenues $235.7M Less: Restricted Funding Sources ($100.1M) Less: Legally Restricted Uses ($ 48.9M) Revenues Within BoCC Discretion $ 86.7M Only 36% of the 2012 Budget is within BoCC discretion 30

31 Examples of Restricted Funding Enterprise Zone Contributions by Private Citizens to Non-Profits Fees Paid by Trash Haulers to Offset Disposal of Household Hazardous Waste Lotto Funds Restricted for Parks Developer Fees for Specific Transportation Needs *These cannot be used to offset jail inmate food and medical costs and other required services. 31

32 Use of Discretionary Revenue 32

33 Discretionary Revenue vs. Population Growth 33

34 Annual Cost Per Citizen 34

35 How Did We Offset the Decreasing Discretionary Revenue? 2006 – 2009 Historical Budget Reductions (in Millions) 35

36 2012 Fiscal Outlook Proactive Financial Strategies

37 Operational Sustainability In 2009, County achieved operational sustainability –Stopped using one-time funding sources to address on- going operational needs Projected budget shortfall for 2012 due to current market conditions and Property Tax Revenues –Established savings strategy Conservative Revenue Estimates Frozen Positions not filled Incorporated expenditure restrictions Proactive Financial Strategies Turning Point 37

38 Proactive Financial Strategies Historic Percentage Held In Reserves 38 Good Economic Times

39 Proactive Financial Strategies Breakdown of 39% Operational Reserve 39

40 2010 Strategic Moves Project With the increasing cost of failing infrastructure –Backlog of $385M County created the Strategic Moves project –Using only available restricted revenue sources –Utilizing One-time market opportunities –Addressed 52% of Critical Capital Needs ($199M) Currently working on a new critical capital needs master plan Proactive Financial Strategies 40

41 County Bond Rating Improved in 2010 Aa2 Countys strong credit characteristics...historically well- maintained financial operations with healthy fund balances... - Moodys Moodys expects that the Countys financial position will remain healthy, given conservative budgeting practices and consistently improving financial results Moodys Proactive Financial Strategies 41

42 County Bond Rating improved in 2010 El Paso Countys financial performance and reserve level position continue to be in our opinion, very strong.. - Standard & Poors Standard & Poors deems El Paso Countys management practices good under its Financial Management Assessment methodology Standard & Poors Proactive Financial Strategies 42

43 2012 Fiscal Outlook Current Financial Condition

44 From a Financial Perspective, we are doing everything we should and more! –Conservative in our spending –Fiscally responsible with taxpayers dollars –Living within our means –Addressed over 50% of our Major Capital Needs without any increase in taxpayer dollars –Proactively established an Operational Savings to weather the storm in Current Financial Condition 44

45 During the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression, we have actually been able to improve our financial situation But at what cost? Current Financial Condition 45

46 Current Financial Condition Operating Budgets: Are at the operational level they were in 1996: –No Across the Board operational increases since 1996 as: –Cost Drivers (Price Index) increased 38.7% –Service Drivers (Population) increased 30.1% 46

47 Personnel Budgets: eliminated 195 positions and froze 100 positions Federal Cost of Living (COLA) National Increases were 21.7% El Paso County only provided 5.0% High Turnover Rates –On average, employers have 5% turnover, El Paso County has 22% turnover –Industry studies show it costs an additional 49% of that positions salary each time a turnover occurs in training Current Financial Condition 47

48 Average Salaries (in thousands) Provided by Support Services - EBMS 48 This means County employees are paid on average 34% less than our competitors

49 Number of Full-Time Employees vs. Population Growth 49

50 Citizens Served Per Employee 50 This means on average, County Employees workload has increased 20%

51 2012 Fiscal Outlook In Summary El Paso County is a fiscally responsible, strong, sustainable organization However, the County still has $48.5M of Critical Needs both on-going and one-time Now that the County has built operational savings, the responsible and appropriate thing to do is to start addressing those Critical Needs 51

52 County Strategic Plan Citizen Engagement Survey

53 Citizen Engagement Survey Online public input survey Conducted in the summer ,300 respondents 53

54 Citizen Engagement Survey 54 Quality of Life Issues ExcellentGoodFairPoorNot Sure El Paso County as a place to live33%52%13%2%0% El Paso County as a place to raise children 30%48%14%3%5% Overall quality of life in El Paso County 27%55%15%3%0% El Paso County as a place to retire 28%43%17%5%7%

55 Citizen Engagement Survey 55 County Statements Strongly Agree AgreeDisagree Strongly Disagree Not Sure I receive good value for my County taxes 11%51%20%5%13% I understand how County funding is allocated and services I receive 8%40%27%7%18% I am pleased with the overall direction of the County 5%41%31%9%14% The County listens to its citizens5%33%29%11%22%

56 Citizen Engagement Survey 56 Funding / Efficiency Strongly Agree AgreeDisagree Strongly Disagree Not Sure I support the expansion of shared city / county services 44%39%6%5%6% I support a minor increase in my property taxes to enhance County services 28%24%23%20%5% I support a minor increase in sales tax to support enhanced County services 28%30%18%19%5%

57 Citizen Engagement Survey Top Five Community Issues 1.Employment Opportunities 2.Drugs / Alcohol Abuse 3.Quality of Road System 4.Crime 5.Child Abuse 57

58 Citizen Engagement Survey Top Five Most Used County Services 1.Visited a County Park 2.Utilized the County Website 3.Voted in El Paso County 4.Registered a Motor Vehicle 5.Visited a County Nature Center 58

59 Citizen Engagement Survey Top Five County Priorities* 1.Fire Protection Services 2.Road Maintenance 3.Crime Investigation Services 4.Emergency Management Services 5.Public Safety Efforts (*If additional funding is available) 59

60 Redistricting and Realignment Congressional Districts State Lawmakers Board of County Commissioners

61 Congressional Reapportionment The Colorado General Assembly Is to Draft a New Congressional District Map After the Census But They Couldnt Reach an Agreement Two Lawsuits Are Pending in Denver District Court The Court Will Determine a Map and a Ruling is Expected in December of

62 General Assembly Redistricting Appointed Bipartisan Panel Takes Public Comment and Drafts Initial map The Committee Seeks Public Comments On The Plan A Final Plan is Drafted After The Comments and is Submitted for Approval to the Colorado Supreme Court The Colorado Supreme Court Has Until December 14, 2011 to Rule 62

63 Redistricting Once redistricting and reapportionment are approved by the Courts new boundaries and precinct lines are drawn (in December) Total number of precincts will be reduced Fewer polling places and fewer election judges are needed as more citizens choose mail in ballots. 63

64 Redistricting Continued Clerk and Recorder plans to renumber precincts by School District Boundaries as follows: Colorado Springs D-11 –200s Academy District 20 –300s Lewis Palmer D-38 –400s Falcon D-49 –500s Eastern Plains School Districts –600s Harrison D-2 & Widefield D-3 –700s Cheyenne Mtn. D-12 and Manitou D-14 –800s Fountain-Fort Carson 8 and Hanover 28 –900s Special (e.g. overseas) 64

65 Impacts of Redistricting County Clerk Wayne Williams is currently named as a plaintiff in the Congressional Redistricting lawsuit We are fighting to keep El Paso whole –Our five military bases give us a valuable position on the Armed Services Committee We also hope because of our large population that we will have 8 State House Districts completely within the boundaries of El Paso County 65

66 County Commissioner Realignment Done every two years by the County Clerk Population Must Remain Balanced Open and Public Process With a 30 day Comment Period Relatively Minor Adjustments Were Made Approved Unanimously by the BoCC 66

67 Commissioner Darryl Glenn Phone:

68 Questions?

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