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Developing good organizational skills is a key ingredient for success in school and in life.

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3 Developing good organizational skills is a key ingredient for success in school and in life.

4 Here are some strategies that may help you develop good organizational skills: 1. Make checklists. 2. Organize homework assignments. 3. Keep a master calendar. 4. Manage your time wisely. 5. Set a designated study time, if possible.

5 6. Keep organized notebooks. 7. For on-line classes, check Blackboard daily. 8. Have a network of students to be in contact with regarding assignments. 9. E-mail professors. 10. Do not procrastinate assignments. Stay ahead of assignments and stay prepared.

6 Things that worked well for me Things to avoid Be sure you consult your program planning sheet for your certification area. Remember that not all classes are offered year-round. Advisors are good resources. Delandra Hampton, our certification analyst, is also a good go-to person.

7 What is the PPR Exam? Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities Tests your knowledge of teaching (pedagogy), and professional responsibilities Ex: How would you best teach the concept of matter to a group of second graders? What is the proper course of action to take if a child comes to school with bruises?

8 Study Materials for the PPR: *Preparation Materials on ETS Website (free) *TExES PPR (REA)- The Best Test Prep for the Texas Examinations for Educator Standards by Anderson, Harris, Jinkins, & Edmonson (less than $20) *, Barnes & Noble * ($55-65)

9 What is the Generalist Exam? Content Exam Tests your knowledge in the following content areas: * ELA and Reading * Mathematics * Social Studies * Science * Fine Arts, Health, and P.E. (Not on 4-8 exam) Ex: What forms of matter take the shape of their container?

10 Study Materials for the Generalist: *Pay attention in your reading and literacy classes! *Preparation Materials on ETS Website (free) *Old TAKS Tests (on TEA website- free) * ($55-65)-Flashcards, Practice Exams, Feedback *Best Teachers Test Preparation for the Generalist by Dr. Luis A. Rosado Ed.D. (less than $20) *, Barnes & Noble

11 Do not procrastinate!! Find good study materials and start preparing now PPR after Block 1 Generalist during Block 3, or immediately after Main thing is to take both before student teaching

12 Before taking the PPR or the Generalist, you need approval Go to UHVs Website: 1. Click on School of Ed and Human Development 2. Under Office of the Dean, Click on Forms 3. Under Undergraduate, Click on TExES Registration Approval Form for Undergraduates pproval_form.pdf

13 Information About Exams: *Registration- *Paper-based, or on computer (Get results quicker when you take test on computer-Ave. 7 days or less; paper-based can take several weeks) *Results for each TExES test are reported as a score in the range of 100-300, with a total test scaled score of 240 as the minimum passing score.

14 Important Tips : *Think of the perfect world-$, time doesnt matter *Student Centered Ex: Students working in collaborative groups

15 Advice: Do not wait to start preparing. It will only make you more anxious. Go with your gut- Dont second guess yourself and change answers. Read the questions carefully, eliminate the wrong answers, and then choose the best answer left out of the two. Take a short break if you need tothe tests are long and you have plenty of time. Arrive early at the test site, and be sure to dress in layers.

16 Good luck, and thank you for your time!!!

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