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Tips for Successfully Planning and Managing

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1 Tips for Successfully Planning and Managing
You’ve Been Accepted! what??? Tips for Successfully Planning and Managing Your Course Load at UHV Laura Callen, Karla Guevara, Kay Koronka, Renee Poulsen, Angela Reynolds

2 Making Sense of Course Requirements
When to take which courses What about the PPR and the Generalist? Important – Methods classes should be taken BEFORE taking the Generalist!

3 SEMESTER 1 INDS 3323 (Observation Hours) LITY 3352 (Observation Hours)
Child Development & Its Application to Learning INDS 3323 (Observation Hours) Literacy Development in the Elementary School LITY 3352 (Observation Hours) Instructional Design CUIN 3323 (Observation Hours) Professional Writing ENGL 3430

4 SEMESTER 2 FEDU 4310 MATH 3318 ANTH 3311 SCIE 3320
Human Learning and Its Application to Education FEDU 4310 Concepts of Math I MATH 3318 Anthropology of Diverse Populations ANTH 3311 Physical Science SCIE 3320

5 SEMESTER 3 MATH 3320 CUIN 3324 SPEC 3321 LITY 4362 Concepts in Math II
Classroom Management & Assessment for Learning CUIN 3324 Exceptional Children: An Introduction SPEC 3321 Workshop Approach to Reading & Writing Instruction LITY 4362

6 SEMESTER 4 CUIN 4324 CUIN 4322 CUIN 4316 (Observation Hours) LITY 3320
Teaching Elementary School Math CUIN 4324 Science for the Elementary School CUIN 4322 Effective Social Studies Instruction CUIN (Observation Hours) Foundations of Literacy Theories & Assessment LITY 3320

7 SUMMER/with other semesters
Social/Emotional Development & the Fine Arts ESED 4303 (Observation Hours) Components of Effective Literacy Instruction LITY 4365 (Teach 8 Lessons)

8 Student Teaching & Professional Seminar
Early School Education Student Teaching ESED 4303 ESED 4304 Early School Education Professional Seminar ESED 4307 Try not to take anything with Student Teaching! You will meet monthly and have assignments that require your time when you are not in the classroom. This is a very busy semester!

9 Getting the Most Out of Time Spent Outside of UHV
Subbing Observing Volunteering Tutoring Mentoring  Benefits: Increases your awareness of what teaching involves Gives you ideas for teaching Increases your options

10 Observing Subbing Volunteering/ Tutoring/ Mentoring
If possible, chose a wide variety of grades and subjects to observe. You might be surprised by what grade or subject you decide you might want to teach. Subbing Learn classroom basics, understand what it’s like to be in a classroom, and gain confidence. Meet teachers and administrators throughout the district. See which grade levels and subjects you enjoy. Looks great on your resume, too! Volunteering/ Tutoring/ Mentoring The more visible you are, the more likely people are to remember your name when job opportunities come up. It’s a great way to learn how to interact with students and the curriculum. This also looks great on your resume.

11 What Are You Doing This Summer?
Face-to-Face (f2f) In class with professor giving instruction on a weekly basis Online A class in which all communication and instruction in online Hybrid A combination of face-to-face and online communication and activities

12 Registering / Registration Dates
Always be aware of upcoming registration dates so that you can take the course you want before it fills up. Check for UHV calendar of dates and deadlines.

13 Librarian/Resources - an invaluable source of research information / (chose click here to register)- the Academic Center. Great for Professional Writing, Foundations of Literacy Theories and Instruction, and other classes that require you to write lengthy papers. At this site, you can have a peer tutor review and critique your paper before you submit it to your professor.

14 More Information... Where Should You Buy Your Textbooks?
UHV has a bookstore, but if you want to compare prices you can search for your book on and You can also borrow from fellow students!

15 Which Books Should You Keep?
Some textbooks have information that will be useful when you student teach/teach. Many are good resources to use when you study for the PPR and Generalist Exams and student teach.

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