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© 2010 NORTHLAKE ENGINEERING, INC A Committed Supplier to OEM Customers with Critical Electronic Systems for over 50 Years, and counting… Strong relationships.

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1 © 2010 NORTHLAKE ENGINEERING, INC A Committed Supplier to OEM Customers with Critical Electronic Systems for over 50 Years, and counting… Strong relationships with our clients and vendors are Northlakes most valuable assets. Our clients are considered industry leaders themselves. Northlake is, and will continue to remain, a committed supplier to all our customers.

2 © 2010 NORTHLAKE ENGINEERING, INC Exceeding Your Current Expectations A One-Stop Shop for Customer Support: Quality, Consistency, Engineering Excellence, Cost Containment, and Manufacturing Efficiency Experts in medical, instrumentation, aviation, and electric power industries Quality and dependability for over 50 years Financially secure, long-term stability, and continued growth Trusted strategic alliances in North America, Mexico and China for flexibility, reliability, and cost-containment Manufacturing flexibility for any level (component, board, and/or product) ISO 9001:2008 with in-house Standards & Certification (Registration) services Global Purchasing capabilities for cost-reductions and reliable sourcing

3 © 2010 NORTHLAKE ENGINEERING, INC A Strong Future for Our Clients is Built from Our Successful Past Proven Quality, Efficiency, and Cost-Reductions Broad range of capabilities Our quality products are integral to medical devices Demanding applications require stellar components Following client specifications or providing engineering solutions Global relationships in Mexico and China allow cost reductions Value Engineering to ensure ongoing cost reductions

4 © 2010 NORTHLAKE ENGINEERING, INC 50 Years of Progress & Continual Achievements History of Northlake Engineering, Inc. 1951 - Central Transformer Company, Chicago, Illinois, USA 1971 - Relocates to Antioch, IL; changes name to Northlake Engineering 1984 - William A. Hardt acquires company and expands operation 1985 - Fully integrated MRP manufacturing control system implemented 1986 - 1991 - Acquisition, expansion, and a move to Bristol, Wisconsin, USA 1996 - Commenced offshore manufacturing 1997 - Meeting new demands for PDU and Power Supplies in high-tech marketplaces 1998 - ISO 9002 Certification 2003 - ISO 9001:2000 Certification 2008 - Major upgrade of the Computer infrastructure with increased production area functionality 2010 and beyond - continue to develop and grow a wide range of value-added capabilities Future Advancements A profound respect for the past, and a clear vision for the future. A sincere commitment to meet customer needs and cost reduction. A continued focus on customers, products, market requirements, and continuous improvement 2010

5 © 2010 NORTHLAKE ENGINEERING, INC Quality Policy Statement The entire Northlake Engineering organization is committed to providing our customers with value satisfaction in the quality and reliability of our products and the services that we offer. Northlakes quality focus is directed at meeting our customers total requirements including legal and regulatory, plus the continual improvement of our quality management system. This Quality Policy provides the framework that supports the periodic review of our quality objectives, their continued relevance, and the establishment of new or modified objectives. William A. Hardt President

6 © 2010 NORTHLAKE ENGINEERING, INC Trusted Single-Source Flexibility One vendor to support multiple projects Experience in setting up and controlling projects Value added, sub-assembly, and power supply capabilities Project teams with highly skilled personnel in every department: Degreed electrical (all with a BS or MS in EE) Engineers Purchasing Management each with a minimum of 20 years of foreign & domestic procurement experience CAE and CAD design tools Standards & Certifications Department experienced in worldwide requirements Knowledgeable experience in agency submittals and relevant testing agencies including CE Design frequency range up to the megahertz levels Design power range to 100KVA Design experience with switch-mode topologies Proven high level knowledge base with power supplies & magnetics

7 © 2010 NORTHLAKE ENGINEERING, INC Strategic Alliances and Global Partners Cost-effective manufacturing options A company with an international customer base shipping product to Ireland, Germany, Malaysia, England, Israel, Mexico, Kuwait, Puerto Rico, France & Canada Member of U.S. China Chamber of Commerce Our capabilities and those of our global partners are limitless Centrally located to serve North America - and beyond Conveniently located with major transportation hubs nearby Within 2 hours of the major raw material suppliers required for transformer manufacturing Located within 1 hour of Underwriters Laboratories and other International Certification (Registration) Test Labs Every product begins and ends at our facility in Bristol, Wisconsin, USA

8 © 2010 NORTHLAKE ENGINEERING, INC Strong Internal Support to Meet Customer Needs Lead Product Coordinators with an Integrated Team Approach Well-planned approach ensures highest quality Includes design engineer to hands-on assembler Every team member understands your project specifications Dedicated People Average tenure of employees is over 15 years Committed to customer satisfaction Take pride in their work Can do" attitude in all employees Relationships built on honesty and integrity

9 © 2010 NORTHLAKE ENGINEERING, INC Manufacturing Quality, Efficiency, and Proven Expertise Large Manufacturing and Support Facility in Bristol, Wisconsin, USA Facility size: 30,000 square-feet (2,800 Square-meters) Firmly committed to expansion and facility upgrade State-of-the-art technology Design Versatility and Manufacturing Flexibility Design versatility can save you time and money Manufacturing flexibility for short- and long-run jobs On-time delivery and virtually no manufacturing restrictions Work-Cell Production Method Cross-training is key to efficient production method Skilled assemblers use team problem solving Results in greater manufacturing efficiency Experienced Personnel Committed to customer service and satisfaction Management through support staff takes team approach Highly skilled engineers customize products to meet your needs

10 © 2010 NORTHLAKE ENGINEERING, INC Commitment to Providing Flexible, Efficient Technical Solutions Custom Magnetics Miniaturization (HF designs up to the MHz range) Phase manipulation (i.e. Scott T designs) Planar technology Surface mount technology Low profile designs (i.e. planar, toroidal, 2 coil etc.) Switch-mode magnetics Single and three phase High voltage pulse and high frequency pulse Audible and electrical noise reduction and containment In-house agency certification program

11 © 2010 NORTHLAKE ENGINEERING, INC Value-Added Manufacturing & Technical Expertise Complete Power Supplies & Assemblies Final Product Assembly Power Distribution Units Power Supplies Power Conditioners Sub-Assemblies Agency Certification

12 © 2010 NORTHLAKE ENGINEERING, INC Focusing on Quality & Consistency ISO 9001:2008 Certification Quality and consistency have always been priorities at Northlake Engineering. Our commitment to these priorities is reflected by our ISO 9001:2008 certification. This certification assures consistency in manufacturing so that you receive the same quality-made part every time.

13 © 2010 NORTHLAKE ENGINEERING, INC Maintaining High Level Standards, Long-Term Adaptability & Industry Strength Continuous process improvement and equipment investment Addition to production capacity and capability Expansion of our global supplier relationships Improve price points, maintain lowest cost/highest quality Increase product offerings and Engineering expertise Commitment to the environment (ISO 14001, RoHS, etc.) Continuous Quality improvement 2010

14 © 2010 NORTHLAKE ENGINEERING, INC Custom Engineering & Value-Added Services At Northlake, we customize every solution with a customer service and engineering support team that reviews your requirements and designs the most appropriate, most cost- effective component for domestic and offshore production. Whether your end product weighs an ounce or 1,000 pounds, it carries the same weight with us.

15 © 2010 NORTHLAKE ENGINEERING, INC Our Key To Cost Minimization: Early Involvement in the Design Process Providing the opportunity to evaluate design options Enabling design for low cost production based on: »Materials and manufacturing efficiencies »Use of materials available to offshore manufacturing Allowing for design of both domestic and offshore production creating back up in the supply chain

16 © 2010 NORTHLAKE ENGINEERING, INC Northlakes Commitment to Customers To help Customers remain competitive through a company with leadership in magnetic and power supply related products and strength as a sole-source supplier for: Manufacturing Engineering Design Standards Certification Cost Reduction Global Procurement Shipments to support JIT requirements Quality Control (ISO 9001:2008 Certified) Resulting in savings of time and money for Our Customers

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