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Living in a big city or in the country

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1 Living in a big city or in the country

2 Both a city and a village have advantages and disadvantages.

3 Big city

4 One of the advantages of living in a city is that everything is close to home: shops and supermarkets, schools and hospitals and other facilities.

5 Besides, life in the city is more comfortable

6 There are more opportunities to find a good, well-paid job and make a successful career or it is easier to open a company

7 Moreover, if you are a city-dweller you have a better choice of schools and higher quality of education

8 There is a good selection of entertainments, for example, cinemas, theatres, discos, water parks, museums, galleries and sport facilities.

9 In addition, cities have better and more convenient infrastructure

10 On the other hand, living in the city has also disadvantages

11 The air in the cities is polluted with carbodioxide and sulphur generated by car fumes.

12 There is heavy traffic and it is difficult to find a parking place, especially in the centre.

13 Another point is that the cities are overpopulated
Another point is that the cities are overpopulated. Shops, streets and public transport are overcrowded.

14 People feel mental discomfort connected with living conditions

15 Country

16 disadvantages

17 First of all, there aren't many entertainments.

18 It is sometimes difficult to get to school, hospital or shops

19 In the country it is difficult to find a good job and it is a problem with a public transport.

20 People need to have their own cars if they want to get somewhere very quickly.

21 advantages

22 It is quieter and more peaceful, there is no traffic, no noise

23 People can relax, go to the forest, enjoy beautiful landscapes, the air is also much cleaner.

24 The life in the country is safer and not as expensive as the life in the city

25 When you want to save your health and to have a healthy family you must live in the country!!!

26 I prefer living in the country

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