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NYU Medical Center Information Technology (MCIT)

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1 NYU Medical Center Information Technology (MCIT)
Administrative Updates Meeting June

2 Agenda Medical Center IT Organization Project Overview Open discussion

3 Keynote: AMC’s Strategic Framework for Partnership Vision - what do we aspire to be?
NYUMC 2020 is among the small number of the world’s leading academic medical centers. As a fully integrated health science institution, we are committed to three equally valued and interdependent missions of patient care, education, and research. We demonstrate the highest quality of patient-centered care and safety outcomes. We innovate and demonstrate cutting-edge discovery and utilization of knowledge in education, basic science and clinical research, and patient care. To support the enterprise, we provide state-of-the-art, adaptable infrastructure and resources to ensure outstanding service and to sustain the health of the community we serve.

4 Where we are - Current IT Landscape
Where we are going - Future IT Landscape NIH K30 IT CDC IT HRSA IT RCR IT Library IT NYU Medical Center IT (MCIT) Univ IT SoM IT Hospital IT AES IBM IT Radiology IT Bellevue IT Lab IT DSS IT VA IT Food Svc IT

5 NYU Medical Center IT Questions
How are other Academic Medical Center IT departments structured How should a NYU Medical Center IT Department Organized What are the benefits How are services accessed , delivered, and costed What get’s measured to demonstrate that a Medical Center IT is better than Divisional/Department IT How does work get prioritized and allocated/approved given limited resources and assets What’s in the “Core” Medical Center IT services and who owns, sponsors, and governs them Is our culture ready to change and what are the changes

6 Functional NYU Medical Center IT Organization
Dr. Robert Glickman CEO & Dean NYU Medical Center School of Medicine Hospital Paul Conocenti Chief Information Officer Medical Center Core IT Systems and Services Medical Center Specialized Systems Collaborative IT Partners Network Engineering and Support Messaging ( , Secure Msging) Web Service (intra/internet, portals) Corporate Systems (HR,Fin, MM,RE) Radiology Outsourcing Governance of Data Centers & DR Directory Services (AD, LDAP, Novell In-house Application Development SoM Administrative Systems Lab IT Contract Services Metaframe Support System Integration (interfaces, objects, etc) SoM Research Systems Decision Support Help Desk Desktop Engineering Data Warehousing SoM Education Systems Food Service Desk Top Support Systems/Application Architecture Database Administration Patient Access System Research Tele-Communication Security Architecture & Development Clinical Informatics Patient Care System Library Systems Admin (SA) Security Policy & Audit Compliance Media Facilities Hospital Administrative & Ancillary Systems AES Security Admin IT DR & Business Continuity Planning FGP Systems NYU University Core IT Services are leveraged across all specialized areas of the Medical Center including our Collaborative Partners Change Mgmt Affiliates (Bellevue, VA, etc.) ……. Others

7 Core IT Services are leveraged across the Medical Center
Education Application Development Web Services Systems Architecture Education / Messaging Systems Integration NYU Medical Center Education Research Data Warehousing Database Admin Patient Care Server Admin Desktop Support Telephone Help Desk Network Data Center

8 NYU Medical Center IT Organization
Paul Conocenti Chief Information Officer Nancy Kaponyas Executive Assistant Hai Ngo Tom Jordan Nader Mherabi Luke Garvey Pravene Nath Security Policy & Audit Compliance Network Engineering and Support Web Services (intra/internet, portals) SoM Administrative Support Patient Care System Security Admin Help Desk Messaging & Directory Services SoM Clinical Trials Systems Stacey Andry IT DR & Business Continuity Planning Desk Top Support Metaframe Engineering & Support HR Systems Patient Access System Desktop Engineering System Admin & Architecture Financial Systems Wayne Boney Tele-Communication Database Administration Material Management Systems Mark Lipton IT Financial Control Media Facilities System Integration & Data Warehousing Real Estate Systems IT HR Control Clinical Informatics Custom Application Development Joe McDermott Joe Sanger Hospital Billing & Ancillary Systems Data Center Outsourcing Mgmt FGP Systems Radiology IT IT Contracting SoM Educational Systems Change Mgmt

9 MCIT Staffing Core IT Office
Key: Existing Hospital Positions Existing SoM Positions New Hospital Positions New SoM Positions Medical Center IT Office Hai. Ngo IT Security Wayne Boney IT Business Office Joe McDermott Data Center Managed Services T. Pezzoli Lynn Berenberg Contract Administration (1) Policy & Compliance(1) Financial Analyst (1) Performance Management (1) Change Management (1) IT Security IT Business Office IT DC Hospital – 1 Hospital – 1 Hospital – 3

10 MCIT Staffing Core Desktop, Network, and Telecom Infrastructure
Key: MCIT Staffing Core Desktop, Network, and Telecom Infrastructure Existing Hospital Positions Existing SoM Positions New Hospital Positions Tom Jordan Infrastructure Support New SoM Positions B. Martinez Admin Asst Director – Desktop Engineering (1) Jamie Lynch Senior Director Network Engineering and Operations Bruce Baulch Senior Director Telecom Manager Help Desk (1) Angela Heller Manager Desktop SOM (1) Manager Desktop Hospitals (1) Manager Desktop Research Yiwen Tan Lead Network Engineering Specialist(3) Clinical Rapid Response (12) 24x7 Tools(2) Help Desk Analysts (9) M-F 7 to 7 SOM Desktop Techs (6.6) M-F Engineers(4) Network Engineers (2) Help Desk Analysts (6) 24x7 Tisch\Rusk\VIP (5) Expenses(3) Charlie Bridgeman Lead Voice Engineering Non IT SoM Dept IT Staff (33) Lead Desktop Engineer (1) Operators (12) Clinical Cancer Center (3) Security Admin (3) Voice Engineers (1) Lead -Cable/Facilities(1) HJD (3) Desktop Packaging Engineers (2) Project Coordinators (2) One Park Remote Offices (3) Eric Ruiz Lead Network Security (1) SOM Desktop Engineers (2) Lead IMAC/asset management (1) Net Security Engineer (1) IMACs (3) Ricky Rengifo Lead Network Operations (1) Asset Mgmt (1) Non IT SoM Dept IT Staff (33) SOM Asset Mgmt(1) Sr Network Technician (1) Network Technicians (5) Help Desk\Desktop Networking EUC Engineering Hospital – 51 Hospital – 13 Hospital – 6 SOM – 1 SOM – 2

11 MCIT Staffing Core Systems, Architecture, Development & Technical Support
Existing Hospital Positions Existing SoM Positions New Hospital Positions Nader Mherabi Applications & Development New SoM Positions W. Milazzo Admin Asst (1) Jeff Berliner System Engineering (1) Yoshi Nagase Platform Services L. Browne DBA/Tech V Sayseng Interfaces/DW C. Petillo PACS/RIS E. Goldenberg Ancillary D. Hernberg Development M.Maneiro Web Services N. Yea Hospital Billing Joe Sanger DB Development J.Zhou KT Wang A Tumasian Robert Wang G. Kaminker R.DePasquale A.Ivenskiy E. Goldman V. Si Q.He C.Fessler B.Finkelstein L.Tarquino L.Simon A. Cote J.Hess J.Honikman E.Berliner H.Tang E.Orciulol S.Gottesman L.Hernandez A.Greenspan A. Kozlovsky M. Watt TBD Lead System Engineers (1) Lead Messaging Engineers (1) J.Almonte Y.Chernyak G.Ye C.Hall TBA H Reinhardt Orbit/OR Messaging Engineers (5) G. Augustine H. Carlson R. Shulman G. Tang A. Wong System Engineers (4) N.Noori 1 TBA S.Batallones A. Dar (1) Lead-Metaframe Engineers (1) B. Lennon S.Martinez Metaframe Engineers (4) H.Liu S.Remigio J.Chen TBA Lead Directory Engineers (1) R. Chin P. James C. Larson N. Ostrovsky Directory Engineers (2) Lead-B2B Single Sign-on (1) M.Tavitian Analyst (1) Lead Storage Engineers(1) R. Lehwohl Storage Engineers (1) TBA (Smilow) TBA System Engineers Messaging/Metaframe Hospital – 10 Hospital – 14

12 MCIT Staffing Corporate and Administrative Systems
Key: MCIT Staffing Corporate and Administrative Systems Existing Hospital Positions Existing SoM Positions New Hospital Positions Luke Garvey Corporate & Administrative Systems New SoM Positions Christine Elliott Admin Assistant Andrea Azzolina Som Administrative Support Andy Maliszewski HR & Financial Systems Jennifer Cocco CTMS/InfoEd/ Oracle Clinicals Maria Andrade, Business Systems Analyst  Al Giammarinaro Acustaff Rob Dolce HR/Peoplesoft Salome Celleri Financial/GEAC Brian Sands ePICS Material Management Program Analyst (2) Diana Garcia V. Ravula M. Zolotarevky D. Kulawik J. Chau GEAC Hospital – 2 Medical Center Core IT Services Data Center Network Desktop Servers & Database Architecture & Integration Custom Programming

13 R. Benejan, Assistant Director Medical Center Core IT Services
MCIT Staffing – Patient Care Systems Pravene Nath, MD Patient Care Systems Jane Margolies Administrative Assistant Antoinette Rienzi HIS Department Lisa Dolan Project Office Robert Reddy Omnicell Edward Lavelle Ambulatory EMR Eve Frankowski Administrative Assistant A. Richards (Casual/P/T) G. Perinchery K. Casper J. Torraco S. Varghese E. Collazo C. Yeung Clinical R. Ventura, Clinical Manager B. Domings V. Natividad J. Guiwo U. Albania E. Kagaoan D. Janovas Vacant, ED Clin. Analyst CPOE Pharmacy M. Lin Y. Yao Technical D. O’Driscol T. Wittekind P. Massimino B. Watkins Ancillary/ Interface R. Benejan, Assistant Director - N. Roberts Y. Ceballos J. Ziccarelli Profiles/ Security - V. Lam Training R. Medvedovskaya, Training Coordinator M. Jordan M. Andino Support J. Shelmet, User Support Manager O. Parada E. Saville R. Faussette Medical Center Core IT Services Data Center Network Desktop Servers & Database Architecture & Integration Custom Programming

14 Medical Center Core IT Services
MCIT Staffing – Patient Care Systems Stacey Andry Patient Access Systems Maryann Cox Patient Mgmt & Registration Coleen Henry Scheduling (PHS & Cerner) A. Siroka M. Cruz (Dept. 9848) C. Yang (Dept 9848) A. Bark Madeline Solis Vacant – system analyst Medical Center Core IT Services Data Center Network Desktop Servers & Database Architecture & Integration Custom Programming

15 Medical Center Core IT Services
MCIT Collaborative IT Partner Staffing – Radiology IT Joseph Sanger Radiology IT Nanda Kirpekar Radiology Information System Robert Moy Ricki Stern John Khosrofian Matthew Lisowski Quyen Ngo Michelle Oddman Andre Stevens Abdul Waheed David Yee Analyst TBD Medical Center Core IT Services Data Center Network Desktop Servers & Database Architecture & Integration Custom Programming

16 How Do We Manage Medical Center IT (MCIT) Services Management Structure & Controls
Recommended MCIT Management Structure Executive Management (AMC) Leadership and Advice Strategy/Plan Medical Center Information Management Steering Committee (TBD) Examples: ITOG ?? Approval and Coordination Recommendation Information Management Subcommittees & Task Forces Examples: ITOPS, HJD ITAC, Cancer Center IT (Hospital) Education & LCME Committees (Education) CROC & CTSA Committee (Research) Direction/ Initiatives Information Project Teams Examples: AES/MCIT/Library/Univ Collaboration (Education) ICIS, EPASS, Charge Capture (Hospital) TAG (Medical Center, Bellevue, Univ)) Peoplesoft HR/Payroll/Benefits (Medical Center)

17 Current Projects (Critical Few)
Medical Center Siemens proposal IBM restructure (, Mainframe, Data Center/DR, Staff In-Sourcing) Sinai OnsiteHealth separation ( ie Network, Juniper VPN with MAC support) Portal Framework Intranet redesign/rollout broadcast integration outlook consolidation proposal Secure Messaging enhancements and integration Wireless with guest internet access IT Core Management & Service Improvements MCIT Steering Committee structure Media facilities consolidation Project tracking implementation Change management vendor selection and implementation Single-signon & directory (password mgmt, contact info, etc) Organizational Structures Management System (including approvals, security, HR, financials, etc)

18 Current Projects (Critical Few)
School CTSA planning LCME planning Smilow Moves Research Systems strategic Plan/proposal ALEX Collaboration Project (with AES, MCIT, Library IT, Univ IT) CTMS Proposal Development and Rollout Interim Electronic Clinical Trials Ticketing & Enrollment enhancements Cancer Center clinical trial product selection and integration (CTMS & OC) Student portal Educational warehouse, reporting, and other educational projects (including E*Value to replace ResWeb) SoM financial dashboard and electronic journal processing

19 Current Projects (Critical Few)
Hospital ICIS CPOE & Documentation with Pharmacy EPASS rollout (HJD, O/P, Ancillary) Eagle/EPASS SSO Bridges Sieman Novious RIS OR System Implementation (OR replacement) Anestiology System Implementation Hemocare upgrade/replacement MiSys Lab upgrade/replacement Hemapathology (new Tamtron module) CAOS implementation (Cardio Vascular regulatory reporting) Case Management product selection (e.g. Canopy Mainframe GEAC Sinai Separation and outsourcing to Eclipsys Mainframe HIS and DSS outsoucing to Eclipsys Mainframe Eagle outsourcing to Siemens


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