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3 3 Memphis Light, Gas and Water Division (MLGW) Largest Three–Service Municipal Owned Utility Memphis, Tennessee Service Area  Shelby County Population  900,000 Employees  2,600 Customers  430,000

4 4 MLGW University Launched on November 2006 by Board Resolution Ribbon-cutting Ceremony MLGW University Facilities

5 5 Objective Share MLGW’s University’s model and strategies used in designing a successful learning organization

6 6 Designing the University Establish rationale for change Current “State of Learning” “Vision” of the future Establish a Steering Committee Individuals who support learning or had a vested interest in a strong learning organization Steering Committee define the * What* Why * Benefits* Risks * Resources

7 7 Training Departments Corporate Universities Focus Run classes based on popularity and demand Align learning opportunities with the strategic plan Technology To increase accessibility; reduce costUtilize technology strategically in order to support and reinforce learning Partnerships Outsource training to minimize full- time head count in the department Create outside partnerships to support organizational goals Leadership Training is viewed as an interruption to productivity Sr. management is actively involved in the learning process; sees a commitment to continuous learning as an enhancement to productivity Tools Build individual’s inventory of skillsFocused to solve real business issues and improve performance on the job Differences

8 8 Benefits Ensures alignment of learning and development with corporate goals/objectives Engages senior executives in the process Builds core workplace competencies Centralizes functions while allowing program flexibility to business units Positions the Learning Organization as a strategic business partner

9 9 Learning Principles Learning is an investment rather than expense There is a positive correlation between learning and performance A strong learning organization adds value to a company Successful companies are “committed” to continuous learning and knowledge management

10 10 Mission To provide learning experiences and organizational development services that support the delivery of utilities in a safe and efficient manner.

11 11 A “Best-in-Class” customer centric learning organization Vision

12 12 Scope The Corporate University will offer a comprehensive human resources development (HRD) curriculum to support organizational and individual performance goals with focus on the strategic plan.

13 13 MLGW University Core Functions Assessments and EvaluationsCourse Design/Development ProcessEducational Support ProgramsEmployee OrientationExecutive DevelopmentHuman Resources ScorecardKnowledge ManagementSafety/Technical TrainingStrategic Recruitment/HiringSuccession PlanningTuition Assistance ProgramWorkforce Planning/Development

14 14 VP of HR Board of Governance Chief Learning Officer Learning Council Schools of Learning Operational Committees MLGW University Governance  Curriculum Development Structure

15 15 BUSINESS UNIT SCHOOLS Construction and Maintenance Business and Finance General Studies Information Technology Engineering Operations Safety, Health and Security Leadership Development Customer Relationship Management Schools of Learning

16 16 College/ University PartnershipsSuppliersConsultantsSME’sInternal Adjunct TrainersCore Staff Staffing MLGW University Faculty

17 17

18 18 Build Strategic Alignment into your Structure The strategic plan forms the foundation for the structure Structure allows business units some control of their curriculum Structure allows for executive oversight

19 19 Broad Curriculum (Examples) Each school has a curriculum General Studies Ethics Benefits Company Products and Services Community Relations Diversity Leadership Development New Supervisors Development programs at all levels Executive On-Boarding

20 20 Broad Curriculum (Examples) Construction Technology and Operations Active Apprenticeship Programs Professional Certifications Job Readiness Training Training for Upward Mobility Customer Relationship Management Call Center Training Quality Customer Service Field Ambassador

21 21 Varied Instructional Strategies Instructor-led On-the-job training E-learning Blended learning Self-study Peer-to-peer (structured and unstructured)

22 22 Learning Environment Where do we train? Dedicated training facility Ten Operations and Customer Service Centers Outside training areas (simulations) On-the-Job Off site e-learning When do we train? 7:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. Monday - Saturday

23 23 Key Components of a Successful Learning Organization Shared Learning Principles Support and Involvement of Senior Leadership Involvement of Operational Departments and Business Units Alignment of Curriculum and Learning Experiences with the Jobs and Objectives of the Business Broad Curriculum, Varied Instructional Strategies and an Environment Conducive for Learning

24 24 Carolyn Turman Chief Learning Officer 901-372-5600 Francenia Johnson Assessment & Development Supervisor 901-372-5670

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