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Europe after 1945 Political history.

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1 Europe after 1945 Political history

2 European Union Countries
Austria Belgium Bulgaria Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland France Greece Spain Netherlands Ireland Lithuania Luxembourg Malta Germany Poland Portugal Romania Slovénia Sweden Slovakia Hungary Italy United Kingdom Latvia


4 7 May 1948 Fostered by the International Coordination of Movements for the Unification of Europe Committee, the Europe Congress meets in The Hague, The Netherlands. It is chaired by Winston Churchill and attended by 800 delegates.

5 Winston Churchill

6 9 March 1953 Paul-Henri Spaak, President of the ad hoc Assembly created on September 10, 1952, hands to G. Bidault, President of the ECSC Council, a draft treaty instituting a political European Community.

7 Paul Henri Spaak

8 19 March 1958 The session setting up the European Parliamentary Assembly is held in Strasbourg, France. Mr. Robert Schuman is elected President of the Assembly. This Assembly is to substitute the ECSC one. 13 May 1958 The deputies of the Parliamentary Assembly sit for the first time according to political groups rather than nationality.

9 Robert Schuman

10 15 December 1964 The Council instructs the Commission to submit proposals on the financing and to submit proposals on the conditions for implementing the transfer to Community budget of levies on agricultural products.

11 31 March 1966 The Commission lays before the Council its proposal concerning the financing of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), independent revenue for the Community and wider powers for the European Parliament.

12 21 March 1972 Franco Maria Malfatti, the President of the Commission, resigns and is replaced by Vice-President Sicco Mansholt. The Council adopts a resolution based on a general conspectus by the Commission of the conditions for achieving the first stage of economic and monetary union. 

13 Franco Maria Malfatti

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