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New Portégé M200 Tablet PC.

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1 New Portégé M200 Tablet PC

2 Wireless enabled for 802.11b/g
The New Portégé M200… Latest Technology: Centrino Mobile Technology Compliant – Pentium M Ghz CPU 12.1” SXGA+ (1400 x 1050) TFT High Speed 5400rpm 60GB HDD standard DDR333 Memory, 2GB Max Wireless enabled for b/g Powerful nVidia GeForce FX Go5200 Graphics

3 The New Portégé M200… High Performance Graphics: nVidia GeForce FX Go5200 Microsoft Direct X 9.0 Hardware Support Designed to offer cinematic quality effects Class leading video playback Software stability, reliability and compatibility 3D Mark 2001 Score – 5985 (16bit) 3D Mark 2003 Score – 935 (32bit)

4 The New Portégé M200… Unrivalled User Experience:
Cross Functional button Centre : Enter (short press) / Cross Menu (long press) 4 direction buttons : Same as 4 cursor keys 4 direction buttons are programmable. Tablet Pen buttons Quick access button (only usable with pen) ESC/Rotation button ESC (short press) Display rotation (long press) Windows Security Button Ctrl + Alt + Del Power-On button lock Power-on slide button To avoid unconscious power-on, we adopted a slide button.

5 The New Portégé M200… Unrivalled User Experience: Unique Tablet Pen Buttons 4 Tablet Pen buttons: These buttons are user programmable. Multi function buttons Assigned application can be added by user. (Default : MS Journal, OneNote, Outlook, Excel, Word, Power Point) To recognize which function is in active, system pops up active function. Default setting Default settings to help users. Pen button Standard function Sub function Pen button 1 OneNote launch Ctrl + C (Copy) Pen button 2 Presentation button Ctrl + X (Cut) Pen button 3 Shift lock/release Ctrl + V (Paste) Pen button 4 Ctrl lock/release Ctrl + Z (Undo)

6 The New Portégé M200… Unrivalled User Experience: Multi-Directional Navigator 4 multi-directional arrow keys Short press : Enter Long press : Open Cross Menu Vertical Menu Horizontal Menu Note TOSHIBA Shortcut Sound Mute Same as Fn+ESC Advanced Instant Security with Dual Axis Accelerometer Switch Power Saver Setting Same as Fn+F2 Switch LCD/CRT/Multi Monitor Same as Fn+F5 Control LCD brightness Same as Fn+F6/F7 LCD rotation Same spec as Nimbus CRT rotation New, only for Multi Monitor mode Zoom In/Out New, Same as Fn+1/2 Customize PC Cross Menu Setting TOSHIBA Pen button Setting Dual Axis Accelerometer Setting LCD Rotation Manager Setting TOSHIBA Power Saver ConfigFree HW Setup TOSHIBA Mobile Extension Setting Tablet and Pen Setting Launch Application Internet Explore Microsoft Journal

7 The New Portégé M200… Unrivalled User Experience: Toshiba’s Zooming Utility Enhanced 12” SXGA+ visibility To improve viewing Toshiba’s unique character zooming utility is used. The “TOSHIBA Zooming Utility” allows icons on the desktop to be increased/decreased in size. Fn+1/2. Supported application MS Internet Explorer MS Office applications (Word, Excel, Power Point, etc.) Windows Media Player Adobe Acrobat Reader Icons on the desktop User can select which application is enabled

8 Access code entry field
The New Portégé M200… Unrivalled User Experience: Biometric Signature logon User can logon by Signature Capture An algorithm developed exclusively by TOSHIBA is used to provide biometric signature logon security. The profile of the signature together with the pressure and fluidity of the signature is measured. In conjunction with other passwords used for access this provides an additional level of security for users. Signature logon can also be extended when coming out of Standby or when screen is turned off. User name Access code entry field

9 Dual Axis Accelerometer sensor
The New Portégé M200… Unrivalled User Experience: Dual Axis Accelerometer What is Dual Axis Accelerometer? Dual Axis Accelerometer is a sensor that recognizes X-Y Axis (Landscape or portrait). TOSHIBA utilizes this sensor for various unique functions. One-touch LCD rotation Dual Axis Accelerometer detects the Tablet PC movement and automatically decides the proper LCD rotation. In conjunction with TOSHIBA’s unique algorithm, users can rotate LCD by only pressing “rotation button”. Dual Axis Accelerometer sensor

10 The New Portégé M200… Unrivalled User Experience: Advanced Instant Security Advanced Instant Security Advanced Instant Security sends out an audible alarm when the Tablet PC is moved. Ideal when you are away from your desk for a short while. The alarm sounds when the Accelerometer sensor senses the Tablet PC is being moved. The alarm will sound, even if user turns off volume. But if the main battery is removed, alarm will be stopped. – So it’s “Instant Security”

11 The New Portégé M200… Unrivalled User Experience: Microsoft OneNote 2003 “OneNote 2003 combines the freedom and flexibility of using paper with efficiency and power of digital organisation tools”

12 The New Portégé M200… Unrivalled User Experience: Microsoft OneNote 2003 Top 5 Benefits: 1. Capture all your information in one place: Use OneNote to capture all your information 2. Organise notes the way you prefer: Move, rearrange, separate or combine notes the way you want 3. Finds the information you need quickly. Powerful search engine searches text and digital ink 4. No need to save data OneNote automatically saves your data without you having to manually save. 5. Ideal for Tablet PC Built in digital ink support provides powerful functionality

13 Wireless Devices Available
The New Portégé M200… Unrivalled User Experience: ConfigFree Software Toshiba’s unique wireless connectivity tool for Wireless LAN and Bluetooth GUI driven interface for easy set-up and configuration User Profiles stored for easy connectivity Diagnostic Doctor to assist with troubleshooting New Wireless Scanner – Allows Tablet PC to look for wireless devices Strength of Signal Wireless Devices Available

14 The New Portégé M200… Pen Technology: Digitizer Pen:
No batteries or magnets - Electromagnetic resonance for highly accurate digital ink input Pressure sensitive levels End tip for eraser function Button acts as ‘right-click’ Reserve Pen: For emergency usage Sits neatly next to the main battery Reserve Pen is housed next to a main battery

15 The New Portégé M200… Why Choose the Portégé M200 ?
No Compromise – Ultra Fast Performance Latest Centrino Mobile Technology with dedicated nVidia GeForce FX Go5200 graphics in conjunction with high speed hard drives and DDR Memory. Ingenious 2 in 1 Swivel Mechanism Change from normal PC mode to Tablet with one single easy action. Full size keyboard available on demand. SXGA+ TFT Display High resolution SXGA+ (1400 x 1050) TFT display for accurate digital ink input. Higher viewable area in applications. Superb User Experience. Array of buttons designed to provide ease of use in tablet mode. Ultra smooth screen overlay for easy digital ink input. Advanced docking solutions for flexible connectivity. Software Designed to ease your burden. A range of software designed to make life easier as well as more secure Three Year Warranty International warranty for peace of mind. Toshiba Global offering

16 The New Portégé M200… Microsoft EMEA Product Specification; CPU
Intel Pentium M GHz Processor 1MB Level II Cache HDD 60GB (5400RPM) MEMORY – 3 configurations 1 x 512MB, 2 x 512MB or 1 x 1GB Max (2048MB) (Portege M200 has 2 memory slots) SIZE AND WEIGHT 295 x 249 x 33/37 mm Weight 2.0kgs CHIPSET & GRAPHICS Intel 855PM Chipset nVidia GeForce FX Go5200 – 32MB VRAM COMMUNICATION 56K V.92 modem, 10/100 Ethernet LAN, Fast InfraRed, b/g WiFi, Bluetooth SOFTWARE Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition Sensiva Symbol Commander, Zooming Utility, Signature Logon, Configfree, Microsoft OneNote DOCKING Advanced Port Replicator III Tablet Multi Dock BATTERY Li-Ion battery, up to 4.0 hours battery life (Normal Mode) PORTS 1 x headphone,1 x RJ-11 1 x external microphone, 1 x Fast IrDa (FIR), 2 x USB 2.0, 1 x RJ-45, 1 x PC Card, 1 x SD Card 1 x DC-in, 1 x VGA, 2 x kensington lock Optical Device Optional via PC Card or USB 2.0 Optional with Multi Media Dock – Slim SelectBay SCREEN 12.1” TFT x Digitised

17 Portégé M200 Options

18 Docking Solutions: Advanced Port Replicator III
Part Number: PA3314E-1PRP Advanced Port Replicator (APR) III will support not only Portégé M200, but also existing Toshiba corporate notebooks. TECRA 9000/9100/M1/M2/S1 PORTÉGÉ 4000/4010/M100/M200 Satellite Pro 6000/6100/M10 Serial, 1394, DVI, PS/2 not supported with M200 1394 Line in/out DC-IN PS/2 USB RGB DVI Parallel Serial Modem/LAN Only supported on certain models Pen holder

19 Docking Solutions: Tablet Multi Dock
Part Number: PA3315E-1PRP Tablet PC usage scenarios As a sub LCD… As a desktop PC… As a memo pad…. Whilst docked Ports: 3 x USB 2.0 10/100 Ethernet VGA Kensington Lock Line Out Optional Slim SelectBayDevices: DVD-ROM, DVD-Multi, 2nd HDD

20 Tablet Multi Dock Select Bay Options
CD-R (24x), CD-RW (10x),CD-ROM (24x) DVD-ROM (8x) DVD-ROM DVD-R (read only) DVD-RW (read only) DVD-RAM (read only) CD-ROM CD-R (read/write) CD-RW (read/re-write) Slim SelectBay 60 GB HDD (PA3204U-1H60) Slim SelectBay 80 GB HDD (PA3222U-1H80) Need to purchase HDD Adapter Slim SelectBay DVD-ROM (PA3137E-2CD2) CD-R (16x), CD-RW (10x),CD-ROM (24x) DVD-ROM (8x), DVD-R (w2x,r8x), DVD-RW (w1x, r4x), DVD-RAM (w2x,r2x) Compatible Media DVD-RAM (read/write) DVD-RW (read/write) DVD-ROM DVD-R (read/write) CD-ROM CD-R (read/write) CD-RW (read/write) Slim SelectBay HDD Adapter (PA3134U-1ETC) for 60GB & 80GB Hard Disk Drives Slim SelectBay DVD Multi Drive (PA3231E-1DV1)

21 Digitizer Pen (PA3316U-2ETC)
Portege M200 Options Digitizer Pen (PA3316U-2ETC) Reserve Digitizer Pen (PA3317U-1ETC) Battery Charger (PA3091E-1CHG) (2 batteries supported) Additional Battery (PA3191U-3BRS)

22 Black Euro USB Keyboard
USB Options Scanning Speed 6 seconds per card Dimensions 110mm(W) x 70mm(D) x 30mm(H) Total weight: 120g Cable length: 1.2m USB Retractable Travel Mouse (PX1096E-1NAC) Mini USB Business Card Reader (PX1109E-1NMD) Black Euro USB Keyboard (PX1045B-1NAC) USB Floppy Disk Drive (PA3109U-1FDD)

23 USB Options USB 2.0 60GB HDD (PX1136E-1NST)
Performance CD-ROM read: max 24 x CD speed (3,600 KB/s) DVD-ROM read: max 8 x DVD speed (10,816 KB/s) CD-R Record: max 24 x speed (3,600 KB/s) CD-RW Rewrite: max 10 x speed (1,500 KB/s) Dimensions 146mm(L) x 145mm(W) x 24mm(H) Total weight: 440g USB GB HDD (PX1136E-1NST) USB 2.0 Combo Drive (PA3352E-1CD2) Interfaces: 4 x USB Port 1 x Printer Port 1 x PS2 Mouse 1 x PS2 Keyboard 1 x Serial Dimensions 122mm(W) x 64mm(D) x 27mm(H) Total weight: 110g Front Back USB 2.0 Port Replicator (PX1098E-1PRP)

24 Notebook Car / Truck / Airplane Charger Slim Microsaver Security Cord
Portege M200 Options Notebook Car / Truck / Airplane Charger (PX1116E-1NPO) Slim Microsaver Security Cord (PX1172E-1NAC) PC Card Mobile CD-RW/DVD-ROM (PX1055E-1NST) (Requires 16 bit cable to allow to boot from drive PX1056E-1NAC) PC Card Mobile CD-ROM (PX1052E-1NMD)

25 SD Memory Cards 64MB Secure Digital Memory Card (PX1063E-1NME)
Description: As small as a postage stamp, the Toshiba Secure Digital (SD) Memory Card is compact and portable as well as robust and reliable. With incredible storage capacity in a small form factor, the SD memory card has been adopted as the media of technology convergence. The SD memory card makes it easy to share files between devices, so you can stop worrying about cables, drivers and compatibility. The same card can be used in all devices that are SD compliant.

26 Protection with Style and Flexibility
Backpack Pro Protection with Style and Flexibility Main Features Black Backpack 6 Compartments, including: PC Documents Accessories Compatibility All notebooks up to 330 x 290 x 55 Dimensions PC Compartment mm 330 x 290 x 55 External mm 440 x 345 x 140 TP08TA-BPK Take your notebook wherever you go. Includes large storage compartments & tough materials for durability Dedicated padded compartment for your notebook Reflective strip for improved night time visibility Six separate compartments for files and accessories Heavy duty fabric for increased durability Generic Mobile phone holder No external Toshiba branding – Anti-theft measure

27 Superior quality, classic style
Ambassador Carry Case Superior quality, classic style Main Features Black leather case Compartments PC Documents Compatibility All notebooks up to 330 x 290 x 55 Dimensions PC Compartment mm 330 x 290 x 55 External mm 440 x 320 x 140 Weight Kg 2.7 TP09CC-LTH This stylish yet high capacity briefcase is carefully crafted from top grain leather. The Ambassador includes two document compartments plus storage pockets for all your cables and accessories. Two internal document compartments Rear zipped document compartment 2 half width deep pockets Pen & business or PC card holder Detachable, leather shoulder strap Storage for cables and adapter

28 Ultimate protection and security
Delegate II Carry Case Ultimate protection and security Main Features Black nylon ABS case Compartments PC Documents Printer Compatibility All notebooks 350 x 290 x 55 Dimensions PC Compartment mm 360 x 290 x 55 External mm 385 x 315 x 200 Weight Kg 2.2 TP09CC-ABS This robust case offers double protection against damage, featuring a rigid ABS shell and air-cell protection technology. Strong yet lightweight, the Delegate II has ample room for your portable printer, documents and accessories. Zipped folio compartment Space for portable printer CD and floppy disk pockets Further zipped accessory pocket Detachable, leather shoulder strap Storage for cables and adapter

29 Perfect partner for your Portégé PC
Portégé Carry Case Perfect partner for your Portégé PC Main Features Black leather case Compartments PC Documents Compatibility All notebooks up to 295x250x60 Dimensions PC Compartment mm 297 x 270 x 28 External mm 410 x 315 x 115 Weight Kg 2.5 TP09CC-PTG This quality leather case contains three document compartments for all your important papers plus space for power cables and adaptor. Two internal document compartments Rear zipped document compartment Business card holder Detachable, leather shoulder strap Storage for cables and adapter

30 Elegant notebook case for Ladies
Lady Leather Carry Case Elegant notebook case for Ladies Main Features Finest quality leather Compartments, including: Notebook Documents Accessories Seperate cable/psu pouch Makeup/mirror pocket Compatibility All notebooks up to 330 x 290 x 55 mm Dimensions PC Compartment mm 330 x 290 x 55 External mm 315 x 400 x 105 mm Weight Kg 1.3 Kg PX1129E-1NCA An elegant leather case for your Toshiba Notebook with a great mix of style and functionality Cushioned compartment for up to 15 inch notebooks Stylish long shoulder straps keeps the case close for greater security Luxurious leather design ensure this case always keeps its form Separate cable pouch to store power supply and leads Externally logo free as a theft deterrent Fully protected notebook case that looks like a handbag Everything is easily at hand, with compartments for Makeup, mobile phone, CD’s etc

31 Slim-line case for Toshiba Tablet PCs
Small Leather Tablet PC Case Slim-line case for Toshiba Tablet PCs Main Features High Quality Leather Slip Case Compartments, including: System A5 papers/small items Compatibility All systems up to 295 x 36.9 x 249 mm Dimensions PC Compartment mm 330 x 280 x 51 External mm x 4.44 x cm Weight Kg 0.7 Kg PX1168E-1NCA A highly effective slim-line case solution for Tablet PC and Portégé systems Dedicated compartment for Toshiba Tablet PC’s and Portégés Drop down handles for convenience Luxurious Leather finish Generic hand strap for using tablet PC on the move Slip pocket for smaller A5 items

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