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Copyright © 2004 Toshiba Corporation. All rights reserved. Please use the speaker notes in PowerPoint for additional information The Tecra M2 series. Enter.

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1 Copyright © 2004 Toshiba Corporation. All rights reserved. Please use the speaker notes in PowerPoint for additional information The Tecra M2 series. Enter the world of infinite mobility:

2 February 20042/Tecra M2 Sales Presentation2 Positioning The Tecra M2 series. Uncompromising mobility and performance for corporate professionals.

3 February 20043/Tecra M2 Sales Presentation3 Marketing objectives To position Toshiba as a mobile technology leader in the wireless mobile computing market To provide the best balance and combination of features, dimensions, weight and costs in an all-in- one corporate device To target large corporate and global enterprise professionals, SMB specialist user groups, mobile workers with an ultimate mobility notebook product To deliver groundbreaking mobility and wireless performance, exceptional graphics and support for an innovative docking solution.

4 February 20044/Tecra M2 Sales Presentation4 Long-term platform stability Enhanced usability Common accessibility Integrated connectivity The Tecra M2 concept Phenomenal mobility & productivity

5 February 20045/Tecra M2 Sales Presentation5 Target group definition Large Account customers –Corporate customers who demand stability, mobility and productivity for their mobile professionals –Highly mobile mainstream corporate notebook users Portégé R100 / Portégé M100 / Portégé M200 Ultra-Portable SMB CA/LA Satellite Pro A10 / Satellite Pro A40 Satellite Pro M10 / Satellite Pro M30 Tecra S1Tecra M2 B2B notebooks positioning High-EndMainstreamValue

6 February 20046/Tecra M2 Sales Presentation6 Why choose the Tecra M2 series? Superior mobile performance – includes the latest Intel ® Centrino mobile technology and more Stylishly thin and light – space-saving 2-spindle design combined with high-end features for ultimate mobility and functionality Unprecedented graphics – new-generation NVIDIA ® graphics chipset supports high- performance 3D graphics and presentations Extended battery life – new lithium-ion battery technology significantly boosts user independence and productivity Long-term platform stability – common software image and new Advanced Port Replicator III docking solution support, helps minimise TCO 1 2 3 4 5

7 February 20047/Tecra M2 Sales Presentation7 Superior mobile performance 1 Intel ® Centrino Mobile Technology: –Intel ® Pentium ® M processor (1.5 GHz, 400 MHz front side bus, 1 MB 2nd level cache) –Intel ® PRO/Wireless 2100 network connection –Intel ® 855PM chipset 40 GB hard disk drive 256 MB DDR (w/support for 333MHz) system memory, expandable to 2.048 MB The Tecra M2 provides the corporate and mobile executive with unprecedented mobility and performance:

8 February 20048/Tecra M2 Sales Presentation8 Wireless LAN area Bluetooth area will expand when Bluetooth icon is clicked Bluetooth area Unprecedented wireless connectivity Wireless –Wireless LAN 802.11b – wirelessly access and share information –Future 802.11a/b ready –Bluetooth upgradeable – for fast, secure wireless access and data sharing with other Bluetooth enabled devices –Fast InfraRed (FIR) – data synchronisation to other IR enabled devices ConfigFree software utility –Mobile users can easily create profiles for different connectivity types –This software allows simple control of wireless communication devices and the automatic detection of available network connections. –The Connectivity Doctor tool helps to identify, analyze and resolve network connectivity issues. N E W ! !

9 February 20049/Tecra M2 Sales Presentation9 Microsoft ® Office OneNote 2003 The Microsoft Office Note-Taking and Management Program Microsoft ® Office OneNote 2003 enables information workers to capture, organize, reuse, and share their notes more productively on laptops, desktops, or Tablet PCs: –Makes it easier to take notes and organize vital information. –Enables teams to manage, prioritize, and manipulate information more effectively. –Enables teams to maximize input from meetings and discussions by sharing information more effectively.

10 February 200410/Tecra M2 Sales Presentation10 Stylishly thin and light 2 Weighing just 2.26 kg (vs the 2.8 kg weight of its predecessor Tecra M1 series) Magnesium-alloy case 14.1 TFT optimized display Full-size keyboard Integrated V.90 modem Ethernet LAN (10/100 Ethernet LAN) Dual-pointing device for easy navigation Dedicated, user-programmable console button - launch applications at a single touch This slim 2-spindle notebook PC is ideal for mobile workers and is packed with all the features youd expect in a high-end notebook including:

11 February 200411/Tecra M2 Sales Presentation11 SD (Secure Digital) slot – share and exchange data between mobile devices such as MP3 players, digital cameras, PDAs and many more 2 x USB 2.0 – connect various USB accessories and devices via the USB 2.0 ports (data transfer up-to 480 Mbps) PC Card slots – supports 2 x Type II or 1 x Type III PC Cards Slim SelectBay – provides enhanced drive flexibility and maximum adaptability First-class expansion

12 February 200412/Tecra M2 Sales Presentation12 Slim SelectBay drive DVD-ROM drive DVD±R/±RW drive DVD-Multi drive (DVD-R/-RW, DVD-RAM) DVD-Super-Multi drive (DVD±R/±RW, DVD-RAM) Slim SelectBay HDD adapter Second battery pack The Slim SelectBay is a single drive bay that can accommodate a CD-RW/DVD-ROM combo drive or other optional modules such as:

13 February 200413/Tecra M2 Sales Presentation13 Unprecedented graphics 3 Enjoy high-precision video performance with 64 or 32 MB VRAM and DirectX 9.0 hardware support Best-in-class stereo speakers delivers high quality audio Dedicated presentation button makes presenting incredibly simple and hassle-free Connect the system to a large screen via the S-video out port Featuring the latest nVIDIA® GeForce FX Go5200 graphics chipset, with up to 64 MB DDR Video RAM

14 February 200414/Tecra M2 Sales Presentation14 up to 8 hoursup to 4 hoursup to 11 hours Extended battery life 4 For the ultimate mobile executive and road warrior, the Tecra M2 provides additional working life. –Up to 8 hours with an optional 12-cell lithium-ion battery pack –Up to 11,5 hours with an optional 12-cell lithium-ion battery pack and an optional 2nd battery packs via the Slim SelectBay module The Tecra M2 enhances user productivity by extending working life by up-to 4 hours (6- cell Lithium-ion battery):

15 February 200415/Tecra M2 Sales Presentation15 Platform stability 5 The smart choice for long term stability and cost savings, through upgrades, maintenance and new hardware evaluations Designed to meet the purchasing needs of corporate IT managers who want to standardise on a common platform and a stable software image Support for the new Advanced Port Replicator III docking solution, as well as various slim SelectBay modules, common to other Toshiba notebooks

16 February 200416/Tecra M2 Sales Presentation16 New Advanced Port Replicator III Backwards compatibility with all Tecra 9xxx, TE2xxx, Tecra M1, Tecra S1 and Portégé 4xxx and Portégé M100 notebooks Cross compatibility across all Enterprise Notebook & Tablet PC families The Advanced Port Replicator III features four positions for the Tecra M2, Tecra M1/Tecra S1, Portégé M200 and Portégé M100 form factor notebooks Main Features include: 4x USB 2.0, RGB / DVI, Paralell / Serial ports, IEEE 1394, Ethernet LAN port, PS/2 (KB & Mouse) port, Line in/out and AC Adapter RGBDVIParallelSerialModem/LAN 1394 PS/2USB DC-IN Line in/out

17 February 200417/Tecra M2 Sales Presentation17 Wide range of Toshiba accessories & options

18 January 200418/Tecra M2 Sales Presentation18 Toshiba Software & Solutions Toshiba has formed a strategic partnership with Element 5 to provide customers with an easy method of acquiring software solutions for their new Tecra M2 notebook device. Customers can select and purchase SW titles from a list of the industries leading software vendors. Toshiba provides the customer with the convenience and added-value of purchasing key applications and solutions at discounted rates.

19 February 200419/Tecra M2 Sales Presentation19 Tecra M2 - Product specifications TECHNOLOGY Intel® Centrino mobile technology including Intel® Pentium® M processor (1.5 GHz, 400 MHz Front Side Bus, 1 MB 2 nd level cache), Intel® PRO Wireless 2100 network connection and Intel® 855PM chipset HDD 40GB S.M.A.R.T. SIZE AND WEIGHT 314 x 259 x 31.5/34.9mm from 2.26 kg (with 6 cell) GRAPHICS NVIDIA GeForce FX Go5200 (32 MB DDR Video RAM) PORTS Parallel, RGB, 2 x USB 2.0, RJ-11, RJ-45, ext. microphone, headphone, FIR, 2 x PC Card, S- Video, SD slot RAM 256MB – 2,048 MB PC2700 DDR333 SDRAM DISPLAY 14.1 (XGA) TFT COMMUNICATION V.90 modem 10/100 Ethernet LAN, Wi-Fi 802.11b (Intel PRO/Wireless), Fast InfraRed (FIR) SOFTWARE Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional (UK), ConfigFree, Microsoft® Office OneNote 2003 (UK) DOCKING Advanced Port Replicator III, Common docking with Portégé Mx00, 40x0, Satellite Pro 6xxx, Satellite Pro M10, Tecra 9x00 and Tecra M1/S1 BATTERY 6-cell Li-Ion battery, up to 4 hrs battery life, up to 8 hours with optional 12-cell primary battery Up to 11,5 hours with 12-cell & Slim SelectBay battery SELECT BAY Standard: DVD-CDRW Optional: DVD-SuperMulti (DVD- RAM/DVD±R/RW/ DVD/CD-RW/CD), DVD- Multi (DVD-RAM/DVD-RW/DVD-R/DVD/CD- RW/CD-ROM), DVD, 2nd HDD, 2nd battery


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