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The Emerging Tensions. A Long Standing Partnership? a8_E a8_E.

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1 The Emerging Tensions

2 A Long Standing Partnership? a8_E a8_E

3 The EU Economic and political union between 27 member countries located in Europe. Committed to regional integration.

4 Trade Policies Protectionist in the EU. European Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). Subsidies to farmers, so prices undercut American farmers on the world market. Fortress Europe Power of farmers in Europe (France especially)

5 War on Terror Guantanamo Bay detention centre. EU Parliament has called for Gitmo to close. Council of Europe report in 2006 alleges 14 European countries colluded with the CIA in the detention of terror suspects (including several EU member states)

6 Public Opinion Increased hostile public opinion in Europe. Financial Times poll showed 36% of those surveyed described the US as the greatest threat to global security Hudson Review: Hating America Falling Out with Uncle Sam: eno.html eno.html

7 Legal Action

8 Policy Options for the EU 1.Policy of rearmament and military modernisation aiming at balancing the American military power. 2.Policy of increasing the strategic value of Europe for the US and therefore influence in American decision building. 3.Policy of appeasement and abandonment of an autonomous global political role of the EU.

9 Qs 1.What implications does this have for US foreign policy? 2.Does the EU pose a threat to US dominance? If yes, how so? If no, why not? 3.Why did the EU sue Microsoft? 4.Which option do you think is more likely for the EU to pursue in their foreign policy?

10 Monday and Tuesdays Class SAC Revision Bring in your cheat sheets for me to check if you are anxious Questions and Answers

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