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Benefits of the European Union Remember to open the box.

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1 Benefits of the European Union Remember to open the box

2 The concepts Why countries want to join the European Union? How countries benefit from joining the EU? The needs of countries are met through cooperation.

3 Why joining the EU benefits countries? Trade with other countries Able to move from 1 country to another (Polish people looking for work here) Single currency the ( Euro). Like America single currency same money used across borders. Britain has not agreed to join the Euro Provides aid for poorer areas around Europe The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) looks after farmers by giving them guaranteed prices for their produce. Watch the video about the EU EU consumers Video

4 How does the EU meet the economic needs of Scotland? Cairngorm railway given £2.7, provides employment for local people and a tourist attraction Employment opportunities. Scottish people can work in any EU countries Education opportunities. Scottish people can to be educated in any EU country Dundee has been given EU aid to build the Art centre, and the Ardler regeneration given £933,939 to help people in the area. Rosyth ferry to Zeebrugge, given £700,000 by the EU


6 Concepts What is NATO? Why NATO is needed or not? The effects of terrorism in the world today?

7 What exactly does NATO do? NATO, or the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation is a military organisation. Its members include the USA and Canada, as well as most of the countries of Western Europe, including the UK. NATO was originally set up in 1949 to counter-balance the power of the Soviet Union in Eastern Europe It is still the major military organisation in Europe but its role is now more as a world peace-keeper. NATO forces have been involved in ending conflicts and keeping the peace in places such as Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq NATO base is in Belgium

8 Keeping NATO- For and Against Expensive to maintain a huge military organisation The USA takes advantage of European countries, such as Britain, as a base for its armed forces The Soviet Union and Eastern Europe are no longer ruled by Communists and do not pose an immediate threat to our security. Countries like Iraq, Iran, Pakistan North Korea still cause for concern around the world Expensive taking NATO apart, it creates jobs and helps the economies of each country. NATO has kept the peace for 50 years so why change it FOR AGAINST

9 International terrorism and the effects on the world September 11 th attacks in New York Changed world attitudes Attacking western targets John Smeaton Bin Laden International response Coalition to attack- Afghanistan -defeat the Taliban-ongoing conflict Iraq- defeat Saddam- ethnic groups fighting on the streets for control- ongoing conflict British and American soldiers killed everyday, in Afghanistan and Iraq, concern if its success Attacks around the world continue to disrupt world peace George Bush Tony Blair London and Glasgow attacks

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