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Nickelodeon’s Splat.

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1 Nickelodeon’s Splat

2 Nickelodeon's Logos The splat logo was created by Corey McPherson Nash. This logo was released on October 8, 1984. However this was not Nickelodeon's first logo attempt. Nickelodeon was not always represented by the orange splat we’ve come to love.

3 The first logo the channel tried was Pinwheel.

4 1980 This was their second try…

5 Try number 3…



8 Splat’s Success During the next six months after the company's rebranding Nickelodeon became the dominating children's channel. Surpassing its competition including Disney and Cartoon Network. Nickelodeon remained the dominating children's television channel for 25 years of the splats logos use. And is still the top children’s channel in the U.S.

9 The bright orange splat was designed with balloon style lettering and untamed edges.
This vibrant logo was fun, exciting, and kid friendly. The logo’s shape looked alive. The slime style is fun and looks like it should be played with. The logo works well for its appeal to kids.

10 AND!

11 The splat could morph!

12 The splat logo was one of the first to break away from traditional logo boundaries.
Morphing into hundreds of variations the logo was flexible and creative

13 The Splat’s Wipe Out As Nickelodeon evolved it begin to expand its audiences and programing. The company added new specialized time slots such as Nick Jr. and Nick at Nite. The company decided that the splat could not cover all of the company’s needs and wanted a logo that could be universal throughout its programing.

14 this is the new logo…

15 Before After

16 Before After

17 Before

18 Superior Splat Looking at the differences from the splat logo theme, to the new ‘universal’ label, I think the splat logo was a better design for the company’s purposes. The splat logo worked universally for the company since it could morph. The splat logo is more appealing to kids and seeing as it is principally a children’s television channel the splat logo was most effective.

19 Before!

20 Now…

21 Here’s my vote The End

22 http://www. fastcompany

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