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Keeper’n me Richard Wagamese General fiction

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1 Keeper’n me Richard Wagamese General fiction
Streets of Toronto-white dog reserve 224 pages Brittany Ricketts

2 Richard Wagamese Born October 14th, 1995 near Minaki, Ontario
Was raised by foster families until adopted by a family in southern Ontario Now lives in Kamloops, BC Interested in skiing, hiking, photography and writing Written other novels such as -Dream Wheels Indian Horse One story, one song The next sure thing Won several awards such as A national newspaper award George Ryga award Globe and mails top 100 books of the year (2008) Canadian authors association awarded fiction

3 Characters Keeper Garnet Raven
Old Indian man living on the reserve of White dog Recovered alcoholic Tries to hide that he is Indian with different identities (Mexican, Asian and Black) He has an afro, wears bright colored shirts and strong smelling cologne at the begging of the novel Secondary characters are extended family of Garnet

4 Summary Garnet Raven is a native-American who was taken from his family at the age of three. He grew up in a series of foster homes and escaped at the first available opportunity. Although out on his own he finds himself adrift on the streets of Toronto. Garnet loses himself and ends up in jail. While there he receives a letter from his native family. Going back to his reserve of White Dog he decides to stay awhile, his life changes completely as he comes to discover who he really is. While on the reserve, Garnet is showed the ways of the Ojibway. (both ancient and modern)by Keeper, a friend of his grandfather, and last fount of history about his people's ways.

5 Likes Dislikes Relatable View into the first nations culture
The switch in perspective Quick to read Humorous The novel wasn’t want I expected it to be about Didn’t hold my attention Rating

6 Vocabulary Calamity-disaster The party was a complete calamity Autochthonous-Native The autochthonous people lived all over North-America Abide-Tolerate I could abide the children at first but it only got worse Snarky-Sarcastic, imprudent Her snarky attitude upset everyone Dour –stern, harsh He was always so dour with his daughter Profligate-wildly extravagant Many thought she was profligate with her talents

7 Theme The theme of the Novel is homecoming and finding ones self
Once Garnet found his sense of place and self he is able to live a much more fulfilling life Garnet finds who he really is and where he belongs when coming back home to White Dog. Lesson of the book is so never be ashamed of who you are

8 Review Keeper’n me was a quick and enjoyable read. Although it didn’t keep my attention with exciting events, it send a good message  Keeper'n Me reflects a positive view of Native life and culture as well as showing one's community and traditions.

9 Title change If I were to change the title of the book it would be to A sense of home The novel is all about finding yourself and finding where you really belong. For Garnet his place is back home on the reserve Although Keeper helps Garnet find himself, he isn’t the only person to help Garnet.

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