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省扬高中英语教研组 Water pollution Air pollution deforestation.

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2 省扬高中英语教研组

3 Water pollution

4 Air pollution

5 deforestation

6 desertification

7 Starvation and poverty

8 earth summit Introduction Body Conclusion Sample outline Introduce the Earth Summit to the readers. What we can do Para. 1 Para.2 Para.3 Para.4 Para.5 Para.6 Para.7 impor- tance Give more detailed information about the problems

9 When and where was the first Earth Summit held? next In 1972 in Stockholm,Swed en

10 Scanning: 1.What is the purpose of holding the conference? 2.Among the speakers,who stressed the need for equality and fairness in the world? 3.Is it possible for us to make a big difference? 4. Is the Earth Summit only about problems? 5.What does “sustainable development mean? 6.How will people be able to build a better society in harmony with nature and perhaps put an end to the death and suffering caused by the big three?

11 True or false questions: 1.One hundred representatives attended the first Earth Summit. 2.About 1.2 billion people on earth do not have access to clean drinking water. 3.Most of the people who die from air pollution are in cities,where there are more cars and factories. 4.Global development,all too often, means that all the countries have the same chance to develop. F T F F

12 5.Conferences like the Earth Summit help people understand that there exist serious problems and that it is too late to save the earth. 6.According to the visitor’s words we may know that she did not know that air conditioners cause a lot of pollution at first. 7.Air pollution is one of the most serious problems that we are facing. 8.Students are now learning more about “earth issues” in school. True or false F T T T

13 What are the “big three”? Besides “big three”,do you know any others? How can we have real global development ? Why are conferences like the Earth Summit important?

14 1.What are “big three”? water pollution poor sanitation air pollution

15 2.Besides the “big three”,do you know any other major problems facing the earth? 3.How can we have real global development ? Other problems include deforestation and desertification,AIDS,war,poverty,violence and so on. We should strengthen international cooperation. We must make sure that everyone is able to take part in the new world we create. Rich countries have a responsibility towards poor countries and must do whatever they can to help others.

16 4.Why are conferences like the Earth Summit important? Conferences like the Earth Summit help people understand that there exist serious problem and that there is still time to take action

17 The main idea of each paragraph: Parag 1: Parag 2: Parag 3: Parag 4: A brief introduction of the Earth Summit and one of the main themes of the summit What is the “big three”? Other problems mentioned,like poverty,war and violence The conference helps people understand that there exist serious problems and that there is still time to take action

18 Parag 5: Parag 6: Parag 7: Words by a visitor to the Summit Meetings like this can tell us what we can do to help. The Summit is also a place to find solutions for the future. And many experts think that education is the key to the future Main idea of each paragraph:

19 Discussion: 1.Is it important for us to hold the Earth Summit? If yes,why? 2.What can we do in order to save the earth?


21 Language points: 1 可持续发展 2 取得进步 3 继续做某事 4 据 …… 所说 5 世界上;到底 6 有 …… 的机会 sustainable development make much/ little progress continue doing/ to do according to on earth have access to 讲

22 7 对 …… 负责 8 尽力做 … 9 采取行动做 … 10 有影响, 起作用 have a responsibility for be responsible to sb. be responsible for sth. sb. do whatever sb. can to do take action to do make a difference

23 11 是 …… 的关键 12 和睦,融洽 13 结束 14 擦洗 ,去除, 消灭 15 有 …… 的机会 the key to sth./doing sth. in harmony with … put an end to wipe out There is a good chance that…

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