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Unit 9 (Saving the earth) Reading 2009.8.15 Leading in Look and think.

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2 Unit 9 (Saving the earth) Reading 2009.8.15

3 Leading in Look and think


5 Our earth is injured and she is being sent to hospital. What shall we do?


7 Fast reading Scan the text and answer the questions below. 1.What are the big three? 2.What other topics were mentioned by the representatives besides the big three? 3.Is the Earth Summit just about problems? Contaminated drinking water,poor sanitation and air pollution. Poverty,war and violence. No.In fact,it is a place to find solutions for the future.

8 We are facing thebig three: contaminated drinking water poor sanitation air pollution

9 Other problems we are facing: Poverty War Violence

10 Careful reading: Task1:Choose the best answer 1. Which statement is true according to the text? ____ A.Air pollution alone causes about three million deaths. B. Sustainable development was the only theme of the Earth Summit held in 2002. C.We can save our earth by earning much more money. D.If people receive better education,they can put an end to death. 2.From the Earth Summit meetings,we can conclude,If all of us make small___,we could make a big ___. A.steps;progress B.differences;change C.changes;difference D.efforts;achievement 3.The sustainable developmentdoesnt include___. A.wiping out poverty through education B.a better society in harmony with nature C.the need for equality and fairness in the world D.development of more cities and less towns C D A

11 Task2:Say true or false to the following 1. From the earth summit,we know that the earth is facing some serious problems. 2. As a result of several earth summits,little progress has been made to save the earth. 3. In rural areas people s deaths have nothing to do with air pollution, because these areas are far away from cities. 4. According to China s then Premier Zhu Rongji s speech,global development means that rich countries become richer while poor countries become poorer. 5. More and more workers and peasants learn earth issues.

12 Task3: Useful expressions Choose the best phrase to complete each sentence. take action in harmony with put an end to tak e part in 1. Today people often miss the simple but beautiful days when man lived _______________nature. 2. __________before it is too late.Leave a beautiful planet to the coming generations. 3.Many people __________the Earth Day activities which aimed to make people more aware of the need to protect our living environment. 4. Man must ____________war,or war will____________man. in harmony with Take action Put an end to put an end to take part in

13 Task 4: Difficult sentences 1. Among the speakers was Chinas then Premier Zhu Rongji, who stressed the need for equality and fairness in the world. 2. Without international cooperation developing countries cannot prosper, nor will sustainable development be possible. 3. Only by changing the way we live can we save the earth. 4. Had I known that air conditioners cause so much pollution, I would never have bought one. 5. Not until we know more will we be able to improve the situation. 6. A better understanding of the environment is necessary, as is the willingness to act.

14 Task 5: Consolidation Listen & fill in the blanks with proper words. The Earth Summit is a meeting held by the United Nations to discuss issues of ___________. The first Earth Summit was held in Stockholm, _______ in 1972. In 2002, the Earth Summit was held in Johannesburg, ___________, at which most speakers discussed the ________. Many speakers, including then Chinese Premier Zhu Rongji, spoke about _______, ____ and violence and noted that without international _________, sustainable development will not be possible. The Earth Summit is not just about ________.The message of it is also that there are many ________ we can find. Many people agree that ________ is the key to the future. environment Sweden South Africa big three poverty war cooperation problems solutions education

15 If you were a representative of China, what would you like to state at the Earth Summit ?

16 Closing of the World Summit on Sustainable Development

17 The earth is our home.Heal the world and make it a etter place.



20 1. Make up a poster to arouse people to stop polluting the environment. 1. Make up a poster to arouse people to stop polluting the environment. 2. Preview Grammar --- Inversion. 2. Preview Grammar --- Inversion.


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