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1 New Mexico MVD Reengineering Solution Implementation Certification February 24, 2010 Project Certification Committee.

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1 1 New Mexico MVD Reengineering Solution Implementation Certification February 24, 2010 Project Certification Committee

2 2 MVD Reengineering Description –Purchase COTS MVD Reengineering solution –Replace legacy MVD Driver and Vehicle and Distribution systems with new technology, improving efficiency, accuracy, and maintainability Justification –Implement modern solution for system that is 30+ years old, resides on mainframe platform, and is increasingly hard to maintain

3 3 Current Processes Capture driver and vehicle transactions through MVD 2.0 application (written in classic ASP, 9 years old, difficult to interface with new technology) Upload transactions through nightly batch update to mainframe MVD batch system for processing Replicate data from mainframe down to SQL Server databases to be ready for next business day Difficult to interface between legacy applications and new technology

4 4 Initiation Phase Results Hired contractor to assist with requirements analysis and RFP development RFP issued, evaluation completed, vendor tentatively selected Significant data cleansing completed in preparation for migration to new system –Fixed ~30,000 License records –Fixed ~25,000 Non-driver & ~20,000 Driver records –Fixed 90% of date-related issues (avoid rejections by AAMVA) –Converted 80% of hazardous material and commercial vehicle flags (3million records, 300k remaining) –Fixed ~80,000 address records

5 5 Planning Phase Results Hire Project Managers –Contract for Business Project Manager (Mary Kurkjian) executed and actively involved –Contract for IT Project Manger (Loretta Silva) in process (moving over from POS) Negotiate and finalize implementation contract –Contract negotiations with vendor nearly completed –Finalizing hardware/software requirements Completed Implementation Certification documents IV&V contract in process –Finalizing vendor selection and contract –Expect to have executed by 4/1/10 start date

6 6 Implementation Phase Deliverables Purchase & configure hardware and software Complete contract negotiations and execute contract Implement COmprehensive Motor-vehicle Enabling Technology (COMET) Solution –Driver Application Solution –Vehicle Application Solution –Interfaces

7 7 Project Timeline

8 8 Estimated Project Budget Hardware$ 366k COMET Software$ 2,600k Other Software$ 826k Design, Develop, Implement Services$14,782k for Driver/Vehicle system (excludes maintenance) Prof services (PM, IV&V, Contract developers) $ 3,595k Total (including GRT)$22,169k Budget is still being finalized; and should be considered confidential until contract is executed.

9 9 Appropriations Part of DRIVE MVD – Complicated funding model o Developed detailed model of sources and uses; cash flow Previously certified $400k for Initiation Previously certified $300k for Planning Appropriations: Laws of 2008: Chapter 3, Section 7, Item 5: $4,120,000 Laws of 2009: Chapter 124, Section 7, Item 3: $8,042,500 Laws of 2010: Proposed HB2, Section 7, Item 3: $8,300,000 Cash balances and revenues projected - (speculative) Federal Motor Carrier Safety Admin CDL Program: $372,900 Department of Homeland Security: $500,000 and $833,717 (2 grants) Requesting $21,469,117 for Implementation

10 10 DoIT System Impact TRD plans to house all production servers at DoIT Data Center Architecture Configuration –Architecture – Proposed solution provides an architecture that is reliable, flexible, maintainable, and reduces cost of ownership. –Standards-Based- Proposed solution adheres to national standards for data exchange, security, and interfaces. –Enhanced Functionality and Services -Enables the agency to provide client agencies with increased MVD access and functionality. Web-based browser access and interfaces based on web services facilitate access to both people and systems Minimal expected network impact – all MVD transactions are already using the web-based MVD 2.0 application

11 11 Security Strategy Application security Enterprise security standards Role-based security at application, screen, function and field levels Uses data encryption as needed to augment security Continue recent security improvements: Hardening servers, desktop and laptop computers Separating TRD network into a series of subnets Other actions based on NMT security assessment Authentication - managed via integration with Active Directory Failover and Disaster Recovery incorporated into architecture design Security designed into Web Services Will incorporate in TRD Disaster Recovery Plan

12 12 Conclusion Implement current technology suitable for administering: –1.7 million clients –2.2 million vehicles –$330 million annual revenue Eliminate obsolete and inefficient legacy system that cannot easily accommodate growth and legislative mandates Eliminate difficulty in finding experienced, proficient mainframe developers Improve service, security, quality, safety, and efficiency of business processes while enabling a productive and efficient environment for TRD customers and employees

13 13 MVD Reengineering Questions?

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