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Infrastructure Study and Assessment (INSA) and State Portal Upgrade N.C. Office of Information Technology Services Infrastructure Study and Assessment.

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1 Infrastructure Study and Assessment (INSA) and State Portal Upgrade N.C. Office of Information Technology Services Infrastructure Study and Assessment (INSA) and State Portal Upgrade IT Oversight Committee August 25, 2010

2 2 Outline Direction from Governor INSA Program, goals and sequence Proposed phases Agency/ITS contributions Communication plan Portal initiative Project governance Scope and sequence 2

3 3 Direction from Governor Governor Beverly Perdue notified Executive Branch agencies of IT initiatives in a memo July 21, 2010 Goals Improve service, increase transparency, improve efficiency and reduce costs Two major initiatives: Assessment of IT infrastructure, services, and costs in ITS and all Cabinet agencies (INSA) Upgrade states web portal 3

4 4 INSA Program Rapid development in IT, citizens demands and gloomy state budget forecast are driving change IT must deliver more value to taxpayers through better services at lower cost How? Reduce duplication Improve utilization of resources (people, data centers and etc.) Implement industry best practices Building on lessons learned from other states Win approval and support from the top Assess the need with hard, objective data Apples-to-apples comparisons -- measure Total Cost of Ownership Carefully craft any contracts Get every one on board 4

5 5 Executive Branch Agencies within Scope Department of Administration Department of Commerce Department of Correction Department of Crime Control and Public Safety Department of Cultural Resources Department of Environment and Natural Resources Department of Health and Human Services Department of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Department of Revenue Department of Transportation Office of Information Technology Services Office of the State Chief Information Officer Office of State Personnel Employment Security Commission State Board of Education Office of State Budget and Management

6 6 INSA project goals Determine best approach to continue consolidation of IT infrastructure Internal service providers? External service providers? Combination?

7 7 INSA sequence Request for Qualified Vendors (RFQV) Issued July 21, 2010 Opened August 9, 2010 Three vendors pre-qualified Restricted to assessment. Cannot participate in any subsequent contracts for service delivery Request for proposals being drafted Conduct detailed financial analysis with a comparison to industry Compare technical service delivery to industry standards Compare operational process effectiveness to industry best practices Assessment data will be evaluated by State CIOs office, Budget Office and others, as appropriate Develop a business case for next steps 7

8 8 Proposed phases Independent (3 rd party) assessment High-level design (organization, operational model) Agency CIOsFinance (OSBM, OSC Agency CFOs), HR (OSP, Agency HR), Agency CIOs RFQV/ Assessment RFP Business Case RFP(s) posted Evaluation Negotiation Contract awards Governors Directive 8

9 9 Agency collaboration Formal INSA Program kick-off Formal communication plan Internal (ITS) External (Governors Office, agencies) Meetings with agency heads Agency representatives involved in all phases, including drafting/assessment of RFP. Agencies asked to provide financial, human, and technical resources as required Regular updates State CIOs web page: FAQs – email address for questions INSA_PROGRAM_QUESTIONS@NC.GOV Regular updates, including status reports, posted on State CIO web page ITS staff meetings, agency CIO meetings 9

10 10 Portal initiative Goals Make it easier for citizens and businesses to obtain information and transact business with state government Mirror store front approach whereby citizens can access State data, information seamlessly and transparently Operating efficiencies No major upgrade since 2001, when NC was best of breed NC currently ranks 35 th for state portals in one survey

11 11 Portal project governance Agency for Public Telecommunications (APT) is business owner of the portal ITS providing technical guidance and support Executive Steering Committee Department of Administration, Office of State CIO, Office of State Budget and Management, Governors Office Considers strategic issues, policy and legal questions Portal Advisory Committee Broad representation from state agencies Participate in ITng assessment meetings Discuss issues/impacts on agency operations, make recommendations to Steering Committee, propose portal enhancements on an ongoing basis

12 12 Portal scope and sequence Assessment ITng conducting three-month assessment of applications that would benefit from the web portal oITng (Institute for Next Generation IT Systems) is a university/government/industry research organization in the College of Engineering at NC State Request for Proposals Release RFP in early November to establish a partnership with a private provider Goal is operational portal by July 1, 2011

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