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The Manchester Method: Overview of an Educational innovation.

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1 The Manchester Method: Overview of an Educational innovation

2 Operating within a social network And this, the way I speak. What name would be applied to it? Prose It's prose? Decidedly Well, what do you know about that! These forty years now, I've been speaking in prose without knowing it! How grateful am I to you for teaching me that!

3 The Manchester Method A business education approach developed at Manchester Business School since the 1970s particularly within its MBA programs Learning is supported through projects of increasing reality and complexity The approach involves a community of practice Claimed outcomes include leadership development and contributions to management scholarship

4 Conceptual grounding Situated learning theories (Vygotsky, Revans) Systems theories (Beer; Mumford) Psycho-dynamics of groups (Tavistock) New leadership models (post-charismatic, distributive, social constructivist) (Emerging) social network concepts

5 Interpretation by MBA Class of 2007 Work Teams Student Development BrathayIB Special Interest Clubs and Societies Live Projects Student Skills Acquisition Project1Project 2

6 Complexity of challenges (MBA 2007) Active responsibility and ownership of learning Introductory project International Business Project 2 MBA Trajectory (2007 )

7 Example from The MBA (Introductory Project)

8 A typical introductory exercise The elevator pitch. This is the challenge of communicating a new business idea in the time it takes to go up a few floors in an elevator (or lift!). “You have around 60 seconds to sell your idea to someone who should be convinced by the time the lift doors open. Your idea will be assessed by impact of your 60-second pitches at a gathering of financiers and entrepreneurs next week”

9 Manchester Method: A systems model of the community of learning

10 I I S II I I T MBA Cohort T L(t) L(i) S L(s) L(un) L(bn) L(t) L (MBA Cohort) Business Network University Network I I Key: Individuals (I); Teams (T); Sponsor (S); Learning (L) I

11 Defining features of the approach The Manchester Method achieves a cascading of incremental innovations. These occur beyond the project teams within a ‘community of practice’ Projects with an over-arching moral desirability (e.g. sustainability) support development of ethical leadership norms

12 Examples of Projects and Sponsors International Business assignments (20 each year) UNIDO Sustainability project Association of Chief Police Officers (Integration of communication centres) Global Academy of Sport, (Manchester United FC) The University of Manchester outreach mission (Business School Incubator)

13 Contributions to management knowledge (1970s-2000s) Organizational development and change (John Morris, Enid Mumford, Tom Lupton) Management cybernetics (Stafford Beer) Action learning applications (Reg Revans) R&D Management (Alan Pearson) Creativity and Leadership (Tudor Rickards, Susan Moger)

14 And the social networking? Emerging and situated learning Network activation processes Social Nettiquet principles Potential for renewal and development at individual, team, organizational and cultural levels Benign links among teaching, learning, researching, and co-existing

15 To go more deeply Systematic-Tom-Lupton/dp/0566025264 Systematic-Tom-Lupton/dp/0566025264 s30.htm s30.htm Leaders-Tudor-Rickards/dp/0566080516 Leaders-Tudor-Rickards/dp/0566080516 art23-drinkwater.pdf art23-drinkwater.pdf

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