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Leadership Frames West Virginia Institute for 21 st Century Leadership November 2007.

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1 Leadership Frames West Virginia Institute for 21 st Century Leadership November 2007

2 This Morning Leadership experts Dr. Heinen and Dr. Murphy Leadership frames Distributive Leadership Transformational Leadership My role: Introduce the frames

3 The more complex society gets, the more sophisticated leadership becomes. Complexity means change, but specifically it means rapidly occurring, unpredictable, non-linear change Leading for Change, Fullan (2001)

4 Why Study Leadership? Principal as lead learner Personal growth Improve and reflect on our professional practice Adapt or perish A professional responsibility

5 My Favorites: Who Hopkins Collins Fullan Harris Leithwood Metcalfe The list goes on… What Educational Administration Quarterly The Economist Harvard Business Review Education Week Segments of many books Topic specific articles Who are your favorites?

6 Children succeed when great minds dont think alike Edwards 2007

7 Where Do Ideas Come From?

8 Expanding the Innovation Horizon: The Global CEO Study, 2006

9 Transformational Leadership

10 Creating the conditions for second order change to occur in a collaborative setting by allowing individuals and groups of individuals to challenge the status quo and develop new ways of meeting challenges and solving complex problems, with sustainable results. Edwards 2007

11 What Jerry Said Yesterday… Transformational leadership with flexible strategies by all in usually necessary to achieve lasting, second-order change (building capacity)

12 Distributive Leadership

13 Distributive Leadership Defined The active formation and facilitation of leadership activity and connection at different points within and across the school. Distributive leadership is not restricted to any particular pattern and cannot be prescribed in advance but emerges within the organization to solve problems and take action. Harris 2006

14 Distributive leadership Harnessing the leadership potential within the organization The focus is on leadership activity at the school level rather than at the level of the individual leader Concept of the self managing school Leadership as an organizational resource that is maximized through the interactions between individuals and teams Implies sustained boundary interaction Leadership practice is a set of complex interactions between and across individuals Distributive leadership is not about delegating more

15 Examples in Practice Examples of Transformational and Distributive Leadership in practice Michael Wortman Principal Lincoln High School Lincoln, Nebraska SLC 9-12 Janet Valeri Principal Amherst Street Elementary School Nashua, New Hampshire School wide data teams and data talks Lee Carelli Principal Pine Grove Middle School East Syracuse, New York Leadership team and faculty teams

16 The Power of Understanding and Applying Multiple Frames

17 Understanding and Applying a Variety of Leadership Practices Keep in mind: Leaders dont select a frame and apply it but rather are knowledgeable about multiple leadership practices/theories and apply them as appropriate to your situation Its Tuesday so I will be transformational

18 Advance the ball…

19 First and Second Order Change 1 st order Incremental 2 nd order Significant departure form the norm Deep change affecting values, beliefs and assumptions Slow, evolving process over time Addressing complex problems requiring new, thoughtful and often creative comprehensive solutions Double loop learning where new strategies are needed to solve problems Become institutionalized in the culture of the organization

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