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Empowering Marketing Strategies Social Media Revolution Are You In Or Out?

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1 Empowering Marketing Strategies Social Media Revolution Are You In Or Out?

2 Empowering Marketing Strategies Marketing Strategy for ROI Marketing Strategy ResearchPositioning Online Execution Offline Execution Metrics What do your customers need? How are you unique? Website, SEO, social media, blogging, etc. Direct mail, Advertising, traditional PR, etc. What are the calculated results of your efforts? CONVERGENCE

3 Empowering Marketing Strategies Marketing Rules Have Changed It Was Pushing message to client One way message Business generated content Interrupt client-direct immediate action Hard to measure results Guarding information It Is Pulling client to the message Interactive conversation User generated content xxx Engage, build relationship xxx Real time metrics Sharing information

4 Empowering Marketing Strategies Shifting Power To find something comparable, you have to go back 500 years to the printing press, the birth of mass media… Technology is shifting power away from the editors, the publishers, the establishment, the media elite. Now its the people who are taking control. - Rupert Murdoch

5 Empowering Marketing Strategies Changes in the Marketplace Economy…looking for efficiencies Globalization…leads to interdependence Conversations…generate exposure, sales Competition…becomes collaboration People use technologies to get things that they need from each other, rather than from institutions.

6 Empowering Marketing Strategies Social Media Revolution QjYhv8 QjYhv8

7 Empowering Marketing Strategies Developing a Social Media Strategy

8 Empowering Marketing Strategies How Can Social Media Be Used Marketing and attracting new customers Public relations (brand recognition, crisis management, engaging with journalists) Creating customer relationships Ongoing customer service Market Research and Listening tool Integration with offline networking efforts

9 Empowering Marketing Strategies Vast Social Media Landscape

10 Empowering Marketing Strategies Links Are Social Media Currency Social media allows you to place links and drive traffic to your website, blog or landing page. Links build search engine and consumer clout Use as many channels as you can manage

11 Empowering Marketing Strategies Start With The Basics 800 million videos 2 nd Largest search engine Show your product/service Visually connect 75 million users Extension of marketing or PR Knowledge gathering & dissemination Internal collaboration 400 million users Get found by clients/prospects Build a community and engage Advertise your company 65 million users Increase Google ranking Make business connections New: Advertise your company

12 Empowering Marketing Strategies Blogs – Establish Expertise Post new blogs 1 to 3 times a week minimum Original articles or tips Press releases or campaigns Comment to news and blogs Encourage contributions Be Unique: Let your personality and company values show Utilize publishing sites: Digg, Technorati, BizSugar, YouTube 1 Create content 2 Post to social media sites 3 Distribute to publishing sites 4 Visit social media sites often to respond and engage

13 Empowering Marketing Strategies Simplify To Amplify Update over 40 social networks at once for free Facebook Twitter Tumblr LinkedIn Ning My Space Delicious Vox Posterous Yahoo Profiles Tagged Meme Plaxo Pulse Bebo Blogger Jaiku FriendFeed Brightkite Diigo Friendster Yammer ShoutEm Street Mavens Photobucket hi5 Xanga Multiply Flickr StatusNet GTalk Status and more Simplify Twitter management Auto-Reply Welcome Message to your New Twitter Followers Schedule and publish blogs and posts Set up searches for new Followers Basic Free plan. Professional Plan $29.95/mo – features too many to count!

14 Empowering Marketing Strategies What Are The Results? Generated Exposure 81% Increased my Website Traffic 61% Increased Search Engine Rankings 52% Generated Qualified Leads 48% Reduced Marketing Expenses 45% Helped Me Close New Business 35% *Source is Social Media Industry Report 2009 by Michael Stelzner

15 Empowering Marketing Strategies Lead Generation Companies who have acquired a customer from social media and blogs *Source is Social Media Industry Report 2009 by Michael Stelzner

16 Empowering Marketing Strategies Scared of Social Media? Myth Criticism will damage our brand xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx We'll lose control of our message xxxxx xxxxxxxx Scared of giving away corporate secrets Social media is really cheap, or free Reality Thank them for letting you know what to change They are already talking about you - message control is an illusion Create a social media policy Social media requires time and knowledge. Integrate it into your marketing strategy

17 Empowering Marketing Strategies Can You Afford To Be Out? count/ count/

18 Empowering Marketing Strategies MPower Philosophy Online Services We scientifically approach your online marketing initiatives and enable integration with your traditional marketing campaigns to ensure ROI. Our online strategies include: Websites, SEO, Social Media, Blogging

19 Empowering Marketing Strategies MPower Philosophy is a marketing consultancy specializing in insightful and strategic marketing solutions that empower organizations to focus and grow. We partner with you to uncover and understand the root cause of your challenges and develop an innovative, comprehensive and strategic approach to marketing centered on your customer. We offer the right combination of marketing assessment, research insight, strategic marketing plan, and marketing execution to empower you to achieve your business and marketing goals. Marilyn Oliva, President MPower Philosophy, LLC Phone: 954-629-1335 Email:

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