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Your Managers New Agent Development System Choose, train, coach, and retain the best new agents.

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1 Your Managers New Agent Development System Choose, train, coach, and retain the best new agents

2 Major Broker Challenges Today New agents dont produce fast enough* Low retention Selection process difficult Broker wastes time/money coaching/training non- producers Recruiting magnets not strong Not enough profit! *Did you know: The majority of new agents expect a sale in 30 days! Do you have a system to deliver?

3 The Solution 1.Selects committed winners every time 2. Provides complete structure to get them to work fast 3. Trains and coaches them/ holds them accountable for their success Bottom line: More $$$ in your pocket Less time invested, great recruiting tool! complete, interacting system that: Follow a complete, interacting system that:

4 What is Carla Crosss Managers New Agent Development System? A 3-month complete system to hire and train the right agentsA 3-month complete system to hire and train the right agents Integrates productivityIntegrates the steps to choose, orientate, coach, and train the new agent to assure productivity fastand long-term retention structure and guidanceProvides structure and guidance to brokers so they hire and keep the very best people available to them proven systems – noUses proven systems – no re-inventing the wheel

5 New Agent Development System integrated systemOne integrated system to guide the manager from selecting, to orientating, to training, to coaching Saves time,Saves time, assures quality control, protects your culture and values NADS Select Winners Winners Orientate OrientateClearly Coach/Train to $$$$$

6 In the 5-Step Program 1. Blueprint for Selecting Winners eBook 2. Orientation/Operations eBooks 3. Up and Running Introduction a class 4. Group Coaching to Up and Running in 30 Days 5. High Accountability Training: Advantage 2.0 1 Select Them 2 Orientate Them 3 Introduce coaching 4 Coach Them 5 Train Them

7 Overview: How it Works 1 Select Them 2 Orientate Them 3 Start Them Working/Class Use Blueprint for Selecting Winners E-book Use Orientation checklists/Operations Manual E-books Up and Running in 30 Days Introduction Class Digital delivery course Prior to Hiring Week 1

8 Overview: How it Works (cont). 4 Coach them To their start-up plans/hold them accountable 5 Train them Hold them accountable Use Up and Running in 30 Days and Managers: Putting Up and Running to Work Hard Copies/CDs Use Advantage 2.0 Hard copies/CDs Week 2 and until Advantage 2.0 starts Coach in small group weekly Week 4-12 In 3 months, youll have a productive, team player!

9 Step by Step Step One ~ Select Your Blueprint for Selecting Winners E-Book A step by step interviewing tool, with the scientifically proven strategies to choose the right people for you Stops the selection errors that plague brokers and cost them time and money!

10 Step by Step Step Two ~ Orientate Your Operations Manual and Orientation Checklists E-Books A prototype operations manual for you to customize (in Word) Orientation checklists to assure agent is ready to go to work Stops agent reluctance to start lead generating; stops nuisance broker questions; saves broker time!

11 Progress: Step by Step Progress: Step by Step Youve selected them. Youve gotten the housekeeping out of the way with your Orientation/Operations process. Now, theyre ready to go to work. Put them to work with a game plan that by week two. Important: Dont let them sit around for one minute! Theyll get bad work habits.Important: Dont let them sit around for one minute! Theyll get bad work habits.

12 Step by Step Step Three ~ Introduce their Game Plan Up and Running Introductory Class Digital Delivery Digital Delivery Full student and facilitator guides Introduce the concepts of agents start-up plan with this 2-hour class Makes it easy for you! Start coaching agents in a group to their start-up game plan, Up and Running in 30 Days Purchasers of Managers: Putting Up and Running to Work receive this digital delivery course free

13 Step by Step Step Four ~ Coach Up and Running in 30 Days Purchase one for each agent Managers: Putting Up and Running to Work (managers coaching toolpurchase only one) Start them in their game plan to productivity week 2 in the business Up and Running (agents) are discounted in quantity.

14 Step by Step Step Five ~ Train Them Step Five ~ Train Them Advantage 2.0* Complete training/coaching/accountability 8 week program 3-4 hours a day once a week Included: Training to critical sales skills; facilitator guide and coaching Assignments to package themselves like mega-agents Plan of action/agents are accountable to make $$$$ Agents come out of the program with sales and listings plus highly competent presentation skills and presentation packages See the licensing program for this course at *Like Up and Running on steroids. Use when youre hiring 2 or more agents a month.

15 What the New Agent Development System will do for you………. Makes you money! –Guides you in choosing the right people –Provides a complete, integrated system from the first day you interview them to 90 days into their careers –Stops agent confusion, inaction, misunderstandings –Gets your new agents sales fast; keeps them in the business and in your office –Saves you time and energy expended on failed agents –Provides the best recruiting tool you can have

16 Read What Users Say…. My management team and peer coaches have been using Carlas Up and Running in 30 Days along with this coaching guide to greatly improve our new agents productivity. Weve been using it only a few months, and I can already see a dramatic increase in our bottom line. Along with Advantage 2.0, we now have a complete New Agent Development System. Gideon Epistola, owner, John L. Scott Real Estate Tacoma, WA Hi Carla, I started using Advantage 2.0 on July 16 (first session) with 10 newer agents. As of today, the group has 15 new listings and 12 sales. Wow! What a difference the right program makes. This program is awesome. It gives not only the facilitator but the agents a systematic system to follow that starts with the best foundation, how to build a business and what to do. Thanks for making it available to us and I look forward to coaching it to all our new and not so new agents. Thanks for all your help and I'll keep you posted on our progress. John Gomes, CRB, Sales Manager, Calcagni Associates North Haven, Conn. All my associates agree that they have improved and feel more confident since we started our Advantage sessions in October. We are on a roll and you are so right, they are learning from each other and from practicing. Christie Anderson, Broker, Northern New Mexico Real Estate, Inc.

17 Act Now and Grow your Profits How to order: –Go to Now is the time to choose, train, and coach your team to win in any market. Remember, your agents are your sustainable competitive advantage!

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