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Debunking Myths About FSBOs Shawn Lynam Rockstar Interview with Bob Cenk 1.

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1 Debunking Myths About FSBOs Shawn Lynam Rockstar Interview with Bob Cenk 1

2 FSBOs Believe In Myths!! I'll net more money I'll reduce the amount of traffic through my home I’ll sell faster, since I'll have control over the process I can handle the paperwork requirements I can show my home and highlight its great features 2

3 Are These Myths, Or Reality? FSBOs won't pay Buyer Commission FSBOs won't consider using an Agent FSBOs are difficult to convert into Listings FSBOs are really Savvy Businesspeople who know exactly what they're doing 3

4 Reality Most agents steer clear of FSBOs Their wants and needs are not well-understood FSBOs hate the initial barrage of phone calls They learn to expect poor follow-up Unless they agree to list, FSBOs are ignored Few agents show FSBO properties to their buyers FSBOs can be a lot of work Most FSBOs sign with agents out of desperation, not desire 4

5 It's Simple… Develop a relationship with them Before they get frustrated! 5

6 FSBO Program Process Flow 1.Identify FSBOs and Select Targets 2.Capture Contact Information 3.Call the FSBO to Schedule an Appointment to View the Home OR Drop a Brochure Box Off at the Home 4.Present the Brochure Box and/or the Marketing Tool Kit 5.Start the Buyer-in-Waiting Program 6.Install a Yard Sign and Assign a Property ID Number 7.Activate the Hotline and Check it Weekly 6

7 7

8 I Sold CC’s Home In 5 Weeks! (Once he had enough of trying to do it on his own!!!) Sale Price$ 265,000 Upfront Fees$ 995 Additional Commission$ 345 Commission$ 7,950 Total Commission$ 9,290 Now he's a reformed FSBO, and my kids have a really nice trampoline!!! 8

9 I Started Teaching My Friends… “This stacks the odds in Your favor! This is a Very easy process. NO HARD SELLING!” Shawn and his team went from 2-3 Listings a month to 15 Listings a month! 9

10 … And Then My Coaching Clients! 10

11 Get Started Now Pick your target area and price range Identify FSBOs using one or more sources Market to your target Go for the relationship, not the listing Give them something they want, for free Bring your buyers Stay in touch regularly Be ready with your offer when they are ready to list 11

12 Making It Work Set specific goals Start small and work up from there Keep your investment modest until you gain momentum Be persistent Continue to learn and share ideas Copy as much of my FSBO Program as you want 12

13 Special Bonuses! The FSBO Club Facebook Group Free FSBO eBook Free 30-Minute Coaching Session to Discuss FSBO Strategy with Bob 13

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