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Floris de Bree, Policy maker DO Users Council Key registers.

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1 Floris de Bree, Policy maker DO Users Council Key registers

2 TNO DINO, 08 October 20082 Netherlands – Programme Andere Overheid Framework of key registers BRO as key register

3 TNO DINO, 08 October 20083 Netherlands – Programme Andere Overheid

4 TNO DINO, 08 October 20084 Motivations for change of approach Economic growth is declining Population is aging > baby-boomers are becoming pensioners Negative side-effects of local autonomy after 80’s: island automation More than 1600 government organisations with registers at local, regional, provincial and national level

5 TNO DINO, 08 October 20085 Programme Andere Overheid 65% of government services on internet One-stop shop: no ‘wrong counter’ for business and citizen One-time data delivery from the individual citizen and businesses Government obliged to re-use this data Digital identity, electronic signature Administrative burden reduced by 25% Better internal organisation of the government Better prevention and reduction of fraud

6 TNO DINO, 08 October 20086 Key registers (basisregistraties) Key registers is a project within programme Andere Overheid Reduce current 30,000 different systems containing governmental information Focusing on re-use of data Stimulate use of logical relationships between key registers Increase efficiency Increase effectiveness

7 TNO DINO, 08 October 20087 Framework of key registers

8 TNO DINO, 08 October 20088 Key registers GBA – information about persons - municipalities NHR – information about companies – Kamer van Koophandel BAG – information about buildings and addresses – municipalities BRK – information about parcels – Kadaster BRT – small scale topography – Kadaster GBKN – large scale topography – Kadaster BRO – underground topography – DINO and Alterra

9 TNO DINO, 08 October 20089 U 9 Map Parcel Building Address Person Location underground

10 TNO DINO, 08 October 200810 Dienst voor het Kadaster en de openbare registers Toestandsdatum 8-6-2008 Kadastraal object Kadastrale aanduiding: ZWOLLE B 5587 Grootte: 3 a 6 ca Locatie: H. Roland Holststraat 11 8023 CG Zwolle Gerechtigde 1/2 Eigendom De heer Otto Larens Geboren op 11-02-1959 te oldebroek H. Roland Holstraat 11 8023 CG Zwolle 1/2 Eigendom O. Larens vastgoed BV H. Roland Holstraat 11 8023 CG Zwolle Address and Building BAG Person GBA Address and Building BAG Address and Building BAG Company NHR

11 TNO DINO, 08 October 200811 BGR (gebouwen) BBR (bedrijven) BRA (adressen) GBA (personen) BRK (percelen) BBG (geografie) Nummer- aanduiding Openbare ruimte Pand Staan plaats Verblijfs object Ligplaats Recht hebber Recht Perceel (Groot) Geo- object Inge- zetene Woon adres (Locatie) Onder- neming Instelling Eigenaar Bestuur- der Vestiging BSN BIN AON INA Woon plaats woont op met activiteiten op in heeft op in bij Rechts persoon FIN aanduiding met FIN BGR (buildings) NHR (companies and foudations) BRA (addresses) GBA (persons) BRK BRT (geography) Openbare ruimte Pandunit Staan plaats position Verblijfs object usage space Ligplaatslocation Perceel (Groot) Geo- object BSN BIN AON INA Woon plaats Living on with activities in in has on in at FIN name with FIN inhabitant living address person in charge owner branche legal person foundation company rights parcel number munici- pality public space small scale geographic information owner of rights (parcels)

12 TNO DINO, 08 October 200812 Framework of key registers

13 TNO DINO, 08 October 200813 DINO information Environmental quality Infrastructures LNV VROM Archeology OCW Energy policy V&W EZ Spatial planning Water management Nature conservation Agriculture BZK Safety and security Ground pollution

14 TNO DINO, 08 October 200814 Contents of key register BRO Spatial unitsExplorationsRights of useInfrastructure -boringen -sonderingen -peilbuizen -… -bodemtypen -laagpakketten -grondwaterlichamen -… -wateronttrekking -WKO -Olie en Gas -Zoutwinning -- …. -wateronttrekking -WKO -Olie en Gas -Zoutwinning -- ….

15 TNO DINO, 08 October 200815 Adresses (BRA) en buildings (BGR) Cadaster (BRK) en topography (BRT) Large scale base map (GBKN) Cables and wires digging activities (grondroerdersregeling) Registration of cables Key register underground (BRO) Geology en Soil Environmental Quality Archeology Infrastructures

16 TNO DINO, 08 October 200816 Person Company Parcel Address Building Topography Explorations Rights of use Infrastructures underground Above ground Spatial unit Formation Availability

17 TNO DINO, 08 October 200817 Current situation Ministries agree, advice body of ministry of VROM agree Initiate the legal phase for the domain “geology and soil stratification” and the domain “infrastructures” and “rights of use” (takes approximately 2 years). At the same time cost benefit analyses will be initiated for the domains “environmental quality” and “archeology” Preparations are carried out to improve reliability and performance

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