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China Project 2012 ChongQing. Practical information Itinerary Baggage To Do.

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1 China Project 2012 ChongQing

2 Practical information Itinerary Baggage To Do

3 Itinerary (Sun 25) Meet @ GroepT 6 o’clock AM Daylight saving time=> zat 24-zon 25 +1u! So 5u becomes 6u => earlier !!! Your baggage filled with gifts (not for you sorry)

4 Itinerary GroepT-Parijs Parijs-Shanghai Airport Shanghai –Shanghai (magalev 400+km/h, baggage on bus to hotel) Shanghai-Hotel (metro)

5 Practical Upon arrival you will be given your Chinese sim-card, for your safety copy the numbers of your guides and some people you know into you mobile phone. The numbers can be found in the red book

6 Metro Operating time: Line 2: 6u30- 21u Some lines differ, always check you can come back! Taxis cost more, and may not understand you Do not be afraid to take the metro if you have some spare time, go and explore!

7 Itinerary (arrival day, mon 26) Check in Lunch Main street Boatride

8 Itinerary (Tue 27, 2 nd day Shanghai) Walk: old town… French concession

9 Itinerary (wo28, 3 rd day) Bao steel Shanghai World Financial Center

10 Day 4 Morning: options… 13u30 Shocks laboratory Flight to ChongQing 21u-12u Bus ChongQing -university

11 Day 5 (Fri 30 th ) Day 6, Day 7, Day8 (Mon 2 nd ) ChongQing: The Real China Don’t get lost in the maze!

12 Day 9 (Tue 3 rd April) Leave at midday Long busride Cruse check in Evening visit at temple

13 Day 9 (Tue 3 rd April) Sleep in boat

14 Day 10 (Wed 4 th ) White emperor city Gorgeous gorges Evening entertainment on boat Sleep at boat

15 Day 11 (Thu 5 th ) 3 Gorges dam Bus to Wuhan Nighttrain to Bejing

16 Beijing Extremely dry air so drink water regularly (not a lot, just often to avoid soar throat) Temperatures vary a lot 25 can change into 5 in one day

17 Day 12 (Fri 6 th ) Bus to hotel TianAnMen Forbidden City WangFuJing Food street

18 Day 13 (Sat 7 th ) Birds nest Temple of heaven Acrobats Theater

19 Day 14 (Sun 8 th ) Great wall

20 Day 15 (Mon 9 th ) Summer palace

21 Day 16 (Tue 10 th ) Options (zoo…)

22 Day 17 (Wed 11 th ) Options (silk street=> swim at happy magic water cube, …) 16u bus to airport 19u-21u30 Bejing-Shanghai 24u Shanghai-Parijs 6u20

23 Day 18 (Thu 12 th ) Parijs 6u20 12u Arrival GroepT

24 Carry on Baggage 5kg and a volume limit of 20x40x55cm. Free Baggage allowance 20kg for economy class three edges sum <158cm

25 Baggage (ChinaProject>practical>link baggage) Pen, GSM/charger, travel documents Student card! (don’t have one? Get one!) Passport! Snacks, No liquids (will get confiscated at airport because liquids can explode!) Emergency clothes (1set), medication Entertainment

26 Big Baggage Check website! Clothes for all weather types + anti-sunburn Raincoat nice clothes (company visit) Walking shoes (a lot of km, more than 1 pair) Towel and sheets are available (maybe a spare towel) Toilet paper (useful in public toilets, take in your backpack after flight) Toilet stuff (shampoo etc…) Take a bag you can easily transport (back pack or trolly on wheels) ear plugs, swim gear

27 Big Baggage Check website! Toothbrush…

28 Contact with mummy and daddy Computers are not recommended: heavy, vulnerable, but many still take them Many cybercafés One sms a day does not cost that much No news is good news

29 The online-diary You may be asked to write for the online diary. Mummy and daddy can check that!

30 Big Baggage Check website! you will probably take some souvenirs (probable more than keychains or a flag so make sure you have enough free space) Save space and take shorts, not too many jumpers,… you can always buy cheap clothes

31 Medication Immodium Motilium Touristil Dafalgan, Aspirine… Cough sweets! (labello) Anti-Blisters +good shoes (2+ pair) Divide important personal medication and put it in a friends bag, incase yours gets lost by the airport.

32 Wallet Copy of passport (you will receive one from us) Leave your real passport safe in your big bag. Student card Minimum amount of money

33 Voltage

34 Behaviour Enjoy yourselves! Do things you can only do in China… Only use chopsticks Get a foot massage Eat things you have never eaten, Don’t eat at McDonnalds Get you hair cut (yes also possible in Belgium but… you will see) Take in the culture, be cursious, go crazy, attend a Chinese wedding (after asking politely), have an Elvis Presley costume made Be respectful

35 Behaviour Be on time! 50people… Dress properly for a company visit (no costume is neccesary) It is expected of you to come to all activities Drinking is allowed but make sure you don’t have a kater at a company visit… you will make us ridiculous and also we travel by bus and the roads may not be that great… It’s not a pretty sight

36 Party Let us know if you are going and where you are going (or trying to go), should a problem arise call Alex or Max immediately. Always have the address of the hotel with you. You will find address cards with Chinese and English text at the reception of the hotel. They are also written in the red booklet. Always have a minimum amount of money with you to be able to pay a taxi trip (min. 50 RMB) Beware of jet lag! You may feel awake enough to party but getting op at 8 actually means getting up at 2 in the morning! Every year students become sick from sleep deprivation… Take ear-buds, the volumes can be insane

37 Money Import and export of the Renminbi is ILLEGAL (maximum) How to get money: Visa works, but you need to know your code! Excanging Euros Unlock Maestro at your bank 1 yuan = 10 jiǎo (cent) 10 yuan = 1.20 € 1 € = 8.265

38 Money Money can be changed at the airport and in bank offices Do not change too much money at once Save your money at a safe place Do not leave your money visible in your room – also for valuable stuff You need your real passport for changing money Changing money on street = lower rate but absolutly fake money, unless you can see them take it out of an ATM, but even then… make sure they stand away from the machine when the money comes out, and even then you never know…


40 Questions? ?

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