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ASIAN PROJECT 2006 Infosession 3. Travel schedule Practical things Task +/- 1 hour Take some notes Slides in English.

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1 ASIAN PROJECT 2006 Infosession 3

2 Travel schedule Practical things Task +/- 1 hour Take some notes Slides in English

3 Travel schedule: departure Saturday 25/03 06u00: come together at Groep T –T-shirts, booklet, tickets, name cards, passport –Load suitcases 07u00: by bus to Paris CDG –Bring some sandwiches 13u40: take-off –MU554 –Arrival on Sunday 07u35 local time –Summer time in Belgium!

4 Travel schedule: Shanghai Sunday 26/03: arrival in Shanghai –Exchange money in airport Keep the receipt! –Transrapid + metro to hotel Return flight tickets to us! –Nanjingdonglu (shopping) –Bund (boulevard along river) Monday 27/03: –Jin Mao tower –Company visit: Alcatel –Boat trip, skyline view

5 Travel schedule: Shanghai Tuesday 28/03: –Museum old arts –Walk through old Shanghai Wednesday 29/03: –Company visit: Philips

6 Travel schedule: Suzhou Thursday 30/03: –Bus to Suzhou –Welcome tour –Dinner Friday 31/03 –Campus tour –Company park + company visit –City tour Suzhou –Night-boat to Hangzhou

7 Travel schedule: Hangzhou Saturday 01/04: –Welcome –Campus tour ZJUT Sunday 02/04: –West lake –Lunch at tea plantation –Ling Yin temple –Hefang shopping street

8 Travel schedule: Beijing Monday 03/04: –Hu Xueyuan residence –Company visit: computer assembly Tuesday 04/04: –Free morning –ZJUT farewell dinner –Night-train to Beijing

9 Travel schedule: Beijing Wednesday 05/04: –BJT welcome –Campus tour Thursday 06/04: –Company visit: Barco –Summer Palace

10 Travel schedule: Beijing Friday 07/04: –Company visit: Shougang steel factory –Computer shopping –Wan Sheng acrobacy show Saturday 08/04: –Chinese Wall –Silk market (fake!) –Wangfujing and foodstreet

11 Travel schedule: Beijing Sunday 09/04: –Tian’anmen square –Forbidden city –Temple of Heaven Monday 10/04: –Free morning –Flight Beijing-Shanghai –Flight Shanghai-Paris

12 Travel schedule: return Tuesday 11/04: –06u20 landing at Paris CDG –Bus to Leuven –Around 12:00 at Groep T : “reisschema”

13 Travel schedule Each day at the hotel by coordinator Local schedule can be different from this schedule!

14 Infosession 3 Travel schedule Practical things Task

15 General Respect (“kowtow”) –Cultural differences –Thousands of years Open mind –Culture shock –Forget your prejudices

16 Behave in China You can have fun You can have drinks At a cultural visit, you’re sober, awake and on time! At a company visit, you’re sober, awake and on time! Drunk in public: NOT OK!

17 Going out Min 50RMB for taxi Address of hotel –Booklet! –Name card Let us know!

18 Emergency numbers General emergency number: Johan Mannaerts 0086 136 912 605 53 24h/24h All teachers + coordinators have a mobile phone number These numbers will be made public on the first day –Take notice of these numbers (booklet)!!

19 Something happens Let us know! Pay for the damage Never leave an ill student behind!

20 First aid and insurance First aid kit Provide yourself : –Medication –Allergy pills –Pills against sore throat! –Water!!

21 Bird flu “Avian influenza A”, “H5N1” Transmitted by air, not by eating

22 Climate +/- like Belgium in april: –Can be hot during day –Mostly quite cold in the evening Very dry (polluted!) air in the big cities –Drink often –Take pills against a sore throat

23 Passport & ticket Departure: keep them safe! Arrival in Shanghai: return ticket Leave passport on your room (in suitcase!) Take a copy with you on the streets

24 Money Don’t exchange too much at once Exchange on the streets = better rate but SURELY FAKE MONEY!! ATMs available Keep your money and valuable stuff on a safe place –Lock your suitcase! –Never leave your money openly in your room

25 Prices in China Taxi : 20 - 40 RMB Chinese meal: 20 - 50 RMB McDonalds and other fastfood = European prices Breakfast sometimes included

26 Geld

27 Chinese guides Chinese guides don’t pay Ask them as many questions as you can

28 Transport in China Cheap taxi and metro Bus is very crowded Don’t go on your own –Cheaper in taxi

29 Communication in China Chinese SIM : 60 RMB Prepaid : 100 RMB (10 RMB = +/- 1 euro) Internet bars –Mail en messenger –Skype

30 Communication in China Message to the parents: –only use in emergency –Don’t post too personal messages on the forum Write something on the forum –

31 Rooms You broke that cup? Pay! You took that towel? Pay! You sleep in an other room? Let us know!

32 Photos Dates are all set the same on the same time. No need for another 10.000 photos... Power socket

33 Luggage 5kg 20×40×55cm 20kg

34 What you SHOULD pack Decent clothing for company visits Decent shoes for walking Pills against sore throat and other medication A backpack is always handy The Asianproject booklet

35 What you should NOT pack Sharp things Laptop Sheets, towels, … (GSM)

36 Infosession 3 Travel schedule Practical things Task

37 Prepare company visits Report on company visits Keep the diary up to date

38 Services Travel report + photo journal : –Funny experiences, anecdotes,... –diary, layout, printing, distributing,... Maintain group money Translate for non-Flemish students (Groep T and local students) Prepare touristic visits

39 AsianProject 2006 25/03 - 11/04

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