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Important Travel Reminders. Agenda Missing items/forms from students 1. Departure, flight and luggage 2. Must Haves and Must Dos 3. Travel Etiquette Reminders.

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1 Important Travel Reminders

2 Agenda Missing items/forms from students 1. Departure, flight and luggage 2. Must Haves and Must Dos 3. Travel Etiquette Reminders 4. Updates & technology 5. Behavior guidelines for your safety 6. Miscellaneous

3 Departure Friday, April 11– bus pick up at GVHS Students should arrange to be at school by 3:30 We will be departing for France via London from JFK Airport in NY Return Saturday, April 19 to Philly

4 Travelers Carry Their Own Luggage One suitcase (pack less than you think you need!) One carry on

5 Checked luggage Attach luggage tag and GV ribbon Maximum dimensions : 158 cm. total (62" including height & width and depth) We recommend no larger than 26" x 18" x 11 because of bus storage-space limitations Maximum weight = 23 kg. (50 lbs.)

6 Carry-on bag Maximum size = 22 " x 16 x 8 Maximum weight = 8 kg. (17 lbs.) Keep essentials and valuables in your carry–on bag

7 Just In Case: Students may want to exchange an outfit with a friend to pack in each others suitcases in case their luggage is lost.

8 Carry-on Toiletries Toiletries in bottles of 3oz. or less and placed in one quart size plastic bag

9 Must Haves and Must Dos

10 Keep your passport with you at all times Carry the hotel card with name, address & phone number of each hotel NEVER give our hotel info. to somebody you meet!

11 Start out with 100 Always have euros for a cab ride in an emergency (e.g. youre lost or very late) Keep in mind what our bus looks like

12 Must Dos Before You Leave Notify your bank/credit card company if you will be using debit or credit cards in France Test any debit, credit, prepaid cards and passwords to be sure that all is in order Dont keep the pin number written on or attached to your bank card!

13 Money suggestions Debit or credit card to withdraw cash from ATMs Prepaid Visa card 1 back up credit card We do not recommend travelers checks

14 Just in case In the chance your childs money card does not work or is lost, you may want to pair up with another parent and put money in the friends account in a emergency.

15 Must Dos in France Always travel in a group of at least 3 Look out for each other Include others in small group, free time activities

16 Travel Etiquette Reminders

17 Always be punctual

18 Respect your fellow travelers, tour director, bus driver and chaperones. Always be ready to lend a helping hand.

19 Quiet during tours, in museums, in hotels etc. Excellent behavior on the plane/train rides is a must!

20 In the hotel If you want your 20 deposit back, be sure to take very good care of everything in your room. Pay attention in the bathroom – dont let water get all over the floor. Dont take anything from the hotel that isnt yours. Remember – we are not the only guests!

21 Be patient when we have to wait for things Have things with you to do to stay busy and happy!

22 Greetings in stores Always say hello and good-bye to the store workers - Bonjour/Au revoir : Madame Monsieur Mademoiselle Mesdames Messieurs

23 FOOD Never criticize the food during dinner. Be open to trying new things. Always have a few snacks in your bag or backpack

24 Technology

25 Devices Phones Contact your provider; set up for international use; turn off roaming for data Remember – costs add up very fast Be careful of too much texting – can be very expensive! Students can buy a télécarte for pay phones Remember 6 hour time difference if you call us. Internet Available in some hotels – may not be free Available in many cafés, at McDo., etc. Adapter plugs Be sure you can plug in your devices See ppt. on Mme O.s teacher page

26 Staying in touch Visit our blog to follow our adventures!

27 Behavior Guidelines

28 Remember you represent your family, your school and your country – be a good ambassador! School conduct rules apply No drinking alcohol, using drugs or sexual activity Breathalyzer will be available if needed Breaking laws in a foreign country is a very serious issue

29 Hotel Guidelines Nightly bed check – do not leave your room afterwards until morning Never leave the hotel without the group or specific permission Do not use the hotel phone for long distance calls (we dont have time at check-out to settle individual bills) Do not use the hotel mini-bar if available

30 Miscellaneous Think about keeping a journal and a list of new vocabulary that you learn WC – Public restrooms often have a small fee (.50 centimes) Always use the WC when there is one available – who knows when well stop again!

31 In Restaurants The tip is included – but you may leave a small amount extra (round up to the next euro) une formule or un menu represent a full meal at a set price and can be a good deal (remember, the menu is la carte) For free water to drink with a meal, ask for une carafe deau Shopping Stores are often closed at night Some stores close from 12:00 to 2:00 PM Dont buy a whole lot of heavy souvenirs that will weigh down your suitcase Know how much you should be paying – pay attention to the total and to your change

32 Typical Day 7:30-8:45Start your day with breakfast in your hotel. Be prompt! (usually a buffet, the same each day) 9:00-12:00Enjoy a morning activity such as city sightseeing. 12:00-1:00Lunch on your own. You and your friends may want to ask our tour director about some local specialties or grab a quick sandwich, croque monsieur or crêpe and picnic in a park. Be aware that eating in a restaurant can be slow in France. 1:00-6:00More sight seeing or traveling 6:30-7:30 Time for dinner – as a group in Prométours chosen restaurant (everyone eats the same thing) 7:30-10:00An evening activity such as a boat ride, evening walk or a chance to relax, rest up after a busy day and catch up with friends 11:00 or so Bed check

33 Bon Voyage!

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