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Holistic Pediatrics Randall Neustaedter OMD

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1 Holistic Pediatrics Randall Neustaedter OMD


3 Holistic Pediatrics A philosophical and practical approach to pediatric care that focuses on the principles of health and wellness. Dedicated to integrative treatment using natural methods to stimulate healing, treat illness, and recover balance.

4 Children’s Health Care Needs
Regular pediatric visits Primary care Holistic acute care Holistic constitutional care

5 Deficiencies of conventional care
Inadequate nutritional counseling Inadequate vaccine informed consent Attention to environmental toxins Ineffective treatment for acute illness Toxicity of drug regimens for chronic disease

6 Effective conventional care
Trauma care Diagnostic expertise Interventions in life-threatening illness Maintenance drug regimens (hormones) Surgical conditions Familiarity with rare syndromes

7 Principles of Well-Child Care
Developmental assessment Nutritional assessment Screening tests and exams Physical exam Diagnosis Anticipatory guidance

8 Holistic Well-Child Care
Temperament assessment Goodness of fit, parenting style Need for constitutional treatment Learning style and enrichment

9 Maternal Supplements Omega 3 fats (500+ mg DHA) Vitamin D Probiotics

10 Omega-3 Sources

11 Holistic Acute Care URI, sore throats (strep), otitis
Bronchitis, pneumonia GI viral illness Antibiotic avoidance

12 Treatment of Chronic Disease
Immune disorders Atopy: Eczema – Asthma Food allergy Recurrent otitis and URI Functional disorders Attention and behavior Migraines Reflux – Colitis - IBS

13 Holistic Treatment Methods
Acute care management Homeopathy Herbs Acupuncture Constitutional Care Chinese medicine Chiropractic/Osteopathy


15 Birth to Twelve Months Well Child Care


17 First Week Establish breastfeeding Maternal supplements
Sleeping arrangements Mattresses Jaundice

18 Sleeping Choices Bed sharing Co-sleeper
Bassinet/Crib in the parent’s room Nursery

19 Mattress Wrapping Use thick, clear (not colored) polyethylene sheeting, available in the paint section of your local hardware store.  The thickness of the polyethylene must be at least 125 microns, or 5 mil.  Not PVC. Place the polyethylene over the top of the mattress and down the ends and sides, and then secure it firmly beneath the mattress with strong adhesive or duct tape. Not airtight on the underside. On top of the polyethylene place a fleecy pure cotton blanket and tuck this in securely.  Then make the bed using  sheets and pure wool or pure cotton blanket/s.


21 Week Two Weight gain Regulation Vitamin D Attachment parenting Holding
Breastfeeding on demand Co-sleeping

22 Vitamin D 400 IU Vitamin D3 per day
Sun exposure 30 minutes per day fully clothed without a hat 30-60 minutes per wk in a diaper Cod liver oil 1 tsp/50 lbs body wt 1 tsp cod liver oil = 1,000 IU D


24 One to Two Months Vaccine decisions Fluoride Digestive problems
Environmental toxins Bath time products

25 Toxins to Avoid Pesticides Plastic toys Plastic containers/bottles
Use glass and stainless steel Air fresheners Petrochemicals in cleaning products, soaps, and shampoo Teflon Microwaves


27 Vaccine Decisions DTaP Hib Pneumococcus (PCV) Hepatitis B Polio (IPV)
Flu Chickenpox (Var) MMR

28 Vaccine Choices Hepatitis B at birth Informed choice Delaying vaccines

29 Vaccine Ingredients Formaldehyde Antifreeze (propylene gycol) Aluminum
Mercury (thimerosal) Animal viruses

30 Adverse Effects Chronic reactions Acute reactions
Immune suppression (allergies, infections) Autoimmune disease (diabetes, arthritis) Acute reactions Allergic, anaphylactic Toxic (seizures, encephalitis, autism)

31 Immune System Cell Mediated System—TH1
First line defense against outside world Protects against intracellular organisms, such as viruses, fungi, protozoa & parasites, cancer cells, allergies & transplant rejection Does not produce antibodies; produces cytokines

32 Immune System Humoral System—TH2
Second line defense against outside world Produces antibodies from stimulation of B-lymphocytes Plays strong role in allergies (IgG, IgE) Th1/Th2 balance = “immunostasis”

33 Vaccines and Immune Function
Vaccines induce Th2 humoral specific antibodies and Th2 dominance Antibodies block viruses from entering cells Viruses are internalized in the cell and antibodies cannot enter the cell Producing chronic ongoing infections in cells Th2 dominance produces allergies, asthma, chronic colds, otitis, chronic inflammation, and cancer Parris Kidd, PhD, Th1/Th2 balance: the hypothesis, its limitations, and implications for health and disease, Alternative Medicine Review, August 2003 v8 i3 p223 (24)

34 Asthma Incidence 15 % of children

35 Asthma incidence in children


37 Vaccines and Asthma Study of 1,177 vaccinated and unvaccinated children in NVIC families. Children with no FH of asthma and no antibiotics were 11 times less likely to report asthma if unvaccinated. Children with a family history were half as likely to have asthma if unvaccinated. (No potential confounders altered the results.) Enriquez R, et al. The relationship between vaccine refusal and self-report of atopic disease in children. Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology 2005 (April); 115 (4):

38 Immune Supplements Omega-3 fats either through breast milk or fish oil as a supplement Vitamin D 1,000 – 2,000 IU Probiotics Bifidobacteria L rhamnosus, L reuteri Prebiotics Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) or arabinogalactans Adaptogens – mushrooms, astragalus


40 Four Months Solid food introduction (5-6 months)
Rolling over, reaching out Relationships

41 Introducing Solids 5-6 months 7-9 months
Cooked fruits (applesauce, prunes) Veges (carrots, yams, broccoli) organic only Bananas 7-9 months Soup Egg yolks (organic) Avocados, squash, peas, peaches

42 Introducing Solids 10-12 months 12 months
Yogurt (whole milk, organic), butter Poultry Blueberries, papaya, mango 12 months Oats, wheat, rice Spinach, strawberries Whole egg, cheese Tahini, honey, melons, corn, oranges,


44 Six Months Sitting, crawling, safety Role of acute illness
Sunscreens (zinc oxide) Teething

45 Sunscreens Oxybenzone, methoxycinnamate, and salicylates recovered from plasma and urine (1% of applied dose) MOC kills mouse cells Titanium dioxide absorbs 70% of UV light and generates free radicals TiO2 causes DNA damage in human cells Uncoated ZnO and all TiO2 is are photoreactive Dimethicone coated micronized zinc oxide is photostable (does not absorb UV and does not generate hydroxyl radicals

46 Zinc Oxide Sunscreens


48 Nine Months Mobility and safety Anemia Motor skills Anxieties


50 Toddlers Developmental Assessment Temperament Five Phases
Multiple intelligences Independence and tantrums Anxieties and language Daycare, preschool and illness

51 Temperament Activity Rhythmicity (Regularity) Approach/Withdrawal
Adaptability Intensity Mood Persistence/attention Distractibility Threshold/sensitivity

52 Goodness of Fit Temperament Types
Easy – rhythmic, approachable, adaptable, mild, positive Difficult – arrythmic, withdraws, slow to adapt, intense, negative STWU – withdraws, slow to adapt, mild, negative

53 Multiple Intelligences
Linguistic Logical-mathematical Spatial Bodily-Kinesthetic Musical Interpersonal Intrapersonal Naturalist Howard Gardner Thomas Armstrong


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