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Counselling as a Profession Budapest, 17 May 2011 Dr. Szilágyi Klára.

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1 Counselling as a Profession Budapest, 17 May 2011 Dr. Szilágyi Klára

2 Work as a Value Over the series of changes in the last century, work was conceived as a value that meant an aim to follow for the entire community and became one of the key elements of establishing one’s existence.

3 Changes in the perception of the contents of work Work as a constraint Work as a means of subsistence Work as a source of joy, an opportunity for self- realization

4 Characteristics of Career Counselling Interdisciplinary approach practice Complex theoretical bases Social acceptability Scientific grounds Regulated activity Qualification requirements

5 Conditions for the development of counselling Individual responsibility for planning and organising one’s career. Content components: Up-to-date information Recognising the importance of self-definition Counselling functions as a bridge between achieving social needs and individual interests.

6 Individual counselling – The Hungarian model Determining the client’s needs Clarification Analysis Synthesis Agreement

7 Group Work Set-up of structured group work Creating atmosphere Setting goals Processing knowledge Personal gains Preparing the next session

8 Main types of counselling 1. Information provision 2. Orientation 3. Decision preparation counselling 4. Career counselling 5. Career correction counselling 6. Self-definition support counselling 7. Career-based and career-knowledge based counselling 8. Placement counselling 9. Realization counselling 10. Rehabilitation counselling

9 Recommended types of knowledge processing exercises Collection Ranking Finishing sentences Analysing videos Representation Perception-based games Role-playing games Creating charts and systems Grouping Concept clarification, definition Comparison Pairing Association game Workplace visit Situational games

10 Information Programme from 2000


12 Internet-based programmes - 2010

13 Internet-based programmes

14 Counsellor Training Process 1992 – employment counsellor training in Gödöllő Bologna Process Andragogy – employment counsellor specialization (BA) (Gödöllő) Human resource counsellor specialization (MA) – (Pécs, Győr, Debrecen, Gödöllő) PhD – pedagogy: counsellor (Budapest)

15 Complex Contents Presentation Basic sciences Economics, Psychology, Pedagogy, Law, Sociology Differentiated knowledge Information technologies, Counselling theories, Counselling methodology, Labour-market knowledge Special knowledge Individual counselling, Group counselling, Conflict management, Problem solving techniques, Learning techniques, Exploration of values

16 Thank you for your attention! Thank you for your attention! Szent István Egyetem Gödöllő

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