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Understanding Design Through Design Support Tools DRN2005 Bauke de Vries, Henri Achten, Jos van Leeuwen.

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1 Understanding Design Through Design Support Tools DRN2005 Bauke de Vries, Henri Achten, Jos van Leeuwen

2 Content Developments of DS group Results in 2000-2005 Design support: Interfaces Decision support: Bayesian networks JANUS Retrospective and Prospective

3 CAAD research Development of innovative design systems From explorative: How can we improve design support? To deductive: How well does the system perform?

4 Research Programme Past: VR-DIS (Virtual Reality – Design Information System) Present: DDSS (Design and Decision Support Systems)

5 DS - Staff Bauke de Vries (professor) Jos van Leeuwen (associate professor) Henri Achten (assistant professor) Aant van der Zee (assistant professor) Jan Dijkstra (assistant professor) John Carp: retirement Lab. Staff: Joran Jessurun, Sjoerd Buma

6 Finished PhD projects Amy Tan (2003) The Reliability and Validity of Interactive Virtual Reality Computer Experiments Nicole Segers (2004) Computational Representations of Words and Associations in Architectural Design Maciej Orzechowski (2004) Measuring Housing Preferences using Virtual Reality and Bayesian Belief Networks

7 Running PhD projects Jan Dijkstra (2006) Simulation of Pedestrian Flow in Urban Environments Aant van der Zee (2006) Computer-Aided Evolutionary Architectural Design Vincent Tabak (2007) User Simulation of Space Utilisation Jakob Beetz (2007) Multi-Agent Systems for Collaborative Design Nischal Deshpande (2007) Co-located, Multi- Disciplinary, Collaborative Design Space Chengyu Sun (2009) Evaluation System of the Evacuation Efficiency for the underground space designs in Shanghai

8 Related PhD projects Dima Aliakseyeu (2003) A Computer Support Tool for the Early Stages of Architectural Design Slava Pranovich (2004) Structural Sketcher: A Tool for Supporting Architects in Early Design Maxim Ivashkov (2004) ACCEL: A Tool for Supporting Concept Generation in the Early Design Phase. Shauna Mallory-Hill (2004) Supporting Strategic Design of Workplace Environments with Case-Based Reasoning

9 DS research Design support: Interfaces Decision support: Bayesian networks

10 Design support: Interfaces Design system classification: 1.Specificity to the architectural domain 2.Versatility of provided support

11 Design system classification ISSSS

12 Idea Space System (ISS): Digital graphics and annotations


14 ISS Findings 1.Word graphs are actually applied 2.Word graphs contribute to overcoming periods of inactivity 3.Architects are not equally engaged in verbal design

15 Structural Sketcher (SS): Designing with graphics units and Relations between them

16 SS: Kite manipulator

17 SS Findings 1.SS performs better than other software, but worse than pen & paper 2.A significant reduction of user actions compared to other software 3.Need for ‘doodling’

18 Decision Support: Bayesian Networks (BN) BN is a formalism for performing reasoning using partial beliefs under conditions of uncertainty Case: Measuring housing preferences

19 BN Housing preferences

20 Design experiment


22 BN findings 1.Differences between the BN predictions and real-life selections decreased 2.Increase of the number of accepted suggestions provided by the BN

23 Joint Architectural Network for Urban Synergy (JANUS) Public-Private collaboration Focus on what should be communicated instead of how Participants: Architects, Contractors, Principal, Governmental institutes

24 Projects Digital Dormer Digital code checking Inline building permits..

25 Retrospective and Prospective DS = between CS – SS Experimental results are often not glamorous Designers are incapable of specifying their own needs

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