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CompactLogix L4x Platform. For Internal Use Only 2 L4x Positioning Price / Feature Position: High End CompactLogix L4x controllers will be priced between.

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1 CompactLogix L4x Platform

2 For Internal Use Only 2 L4x Positioning Price / Feature Position: High End CompactLogix L4x controllers will be priced between a L35E and L61 Pico MicroLogix 1200/1500 ControlLogix CompactLogix L3x Component System Linked CompactLogix L4x MicroLogix 1000

3 For Internal Use Only 3 L43 for Motion Applications 2 modules 1768 2 Mb memory L43 4 physical + 2 aux feedback + 6 Virtual axis SERCOS & EtherNet/IP Supports All 38 Logix Motion Instructions Designed with the OEM in mind 128 controller connections Up to 16 modules, 3 banks 1769 Selectable RPI for each I/O module Bridging to DeviceNet via 1769-SDN Seamless bridging across NetLinx networks No battery required Up to 8 modules in local rack

4 For Internal Use Only 4 No Battery Required 1769-L4x controllers DO NOT require a battery Stored energy from the Power Supply maintains controller power long enough to back up program to flash The program is stored to internal flash and NOT to the external CompactFlash

5 For Internal Use Only 5 New I/O Features Module selectable RPI –Ability to set each 1769 module to a different RPI –Deliver specific module data faster without over taxing the entire system –Customize I/O data delivery to better meet your application –Set RPI speeds down to 1 Millisecond

6 For Internal Use Only 6 1768-M04SE Motion Overview Motion Features Axis Support –4 Real (Servo) Axis –2 Auxiliary Feedback Axis –6 Virtual Axis SERCOS Motion optimized communications Axis Update in.5ms Same performance as ControlLogix Motion Supports all 38 Logix Motion commands Connect to Kinetix SERCOS drive systems –Kinetix 6000, Ultra3000, 8720MC, and 1394 –The L43 system – A True Integrated Motion Solution

7 For Internal Use Only 7 1768-ENBT Overview EtherNet/IP Features: Same powerful features and capabilities as ControlLogix ENBT 128 CIP connections 64 TCP connections 5000 packets/second Email capability Seamless bridging & routing Control any I/O platform, drive, HMI or controller that uses EtherNet/IP Note: Can Not use as an I/O adapter Brings modular EtherNet/IP capabilities to L4x Family

8 For Internal Use Only 8 CompactLogix L43 System Overview CompactLogix L43 System A configurable system consisting of –2Mb Controller (1768-L43) –Motion Module (1768-M04SE) –Ethernet Module (1768-ENBT) –Power Supply (1768-PA3) –Combination of any local 1769 I/O Max 8 on local rack Up to 16 modules and 3 racks Configure the system to meet the applications requirements –Motion system solution might consist of the L43 with the ENBT & MO4SE modules –Non-motion system solution might have the L43 & two (2) ENBT modules The L43 Motion system completely supports the Logix Integrated Motion Architecture including all 38 Logix Motion Instructions. –The ONLY difference between ControlLogix Motion and CompactLogix L43 motion is the number of AXIS L43 supports applications with up to 4 axes SIL Safety, Redundancy and Kinematics are not currently supported

9 For Internal Use Only 9 Some Typical Applications Vertical Form Fill and Seal Smart Belt Rotary Knife Cartoner

10 For Internal Use Only 10 Vertical Form Fill and Seal Typical standard VFFS will consist of one or two axis on the film roll, one axis on the feed servo axis and one on the crimp servo axis = total 4 axis High performance and specialty VFFS machines requiring higher axis counts would be better served with ControlLogix Motion

11 For Internal Use Only 11 Smart Belt Speed, accuracy and product characteristics usually determine how many correction belts are used Typical non-high speed smart belts will utilize 2 to 4 belts. A perfect fit for the CompactLogix Motion Solution In feed belts can use VF Drives to further minimize the number of servo axis

12 For Internal Use Only 12 Rotary Knife CompactLogix 2 Aux Feedback support provides the ability to easily input web material speeds Supported Logix CAM profile provides smooth speed transitions and exact speed synchronization when the knife contacts the material. Typical applications requires 1 motor axis and 1 encoder Feedback Axis, perfect fit for CompactLogix

13 For Internal Use Only 13 Cartoner Absolute feedback enables the cartoner to maintain position, eliminates expensive and time- consuming homing routines. Synchronization of multiple axes through gearing and camming. Generate virtual axes to use as references for synchronizing real axes.

14 For Internal Use Only 14 CompactLogix 1768 Module List Price US List Price 1768-L43 $3625 1768-PA3 $425 1768-ENBT $1025 1768-M04SE $700

15 For Internal Use Only 15 Frequently Asked Questions Does the new L43 controllers require a Battery? NO!!! The L43 uses internal flash to store the program during shutdown. Energy stored in the power supply provides the few seconds of hold time required to store the entire RAM image on to onboard Flash. This is onboard flash and is NOT the front accessible CompactFlash. The CompactFlash card is still optional and continues to function identical to CompactLogix L3x operation.

16 For Internal Use Only 16 Frequently Asked Questions What is this new 1768 Bus and how does it compare to the 1769 bus? The L43 controller still uses the 1769 bus for Digital, Analog, and Specialty I/O. In addition, the L43 controller will support a new high performance bus -1768. This new 1768 bus provides the performance to support Integrated SERCOS Motion and multiple NetLinx Networks. The L43 controllers support bridging from one bus to the other, so data can still seamlessly pass between the two buses

17 For Internal Use Only 17 Frequently Asked Questions What products will be initially released? The following products will be available at initial release, April 2006 - 1768-L43 Controller - 1768-ENBTEtherNet/IP Module - 1768-M04SE4 Axis SERCOS Module - 1768-PA3AC Power Supply Supported in RSLogix 5000 V15

18 For Internal Use Only 18 Frequently Asked Questions What other L4x products will follow? The ControlNet Module will be released with v16 release The DC Power Supply will be released July timeframe Since the existing 1769-SDN will work with the new L4x controllers, there are NO plans to create a new Devicenet Module for the 1768 Bus

19 For Internal Use Only 19 Frequently Asked Questions How is the L4x positioned relative to other CompactLogix Controllers? The L4x is positioned at the top end of the CompactLogix Family. The new L4x will bring improved performance, added memory and network capacity, modularity, and Integrated SERCOS Motion to the CompactLogix Family. These improved capabilities will result in a price premium over the other L3x CompactLogix Controllers.

20 For Internal Use Only 20 Frequently Asked Questions How is the L4x positioned relative to ControlLogix Controllers? The L4x rackless design and reduced functionality will result in a price savings over the more advanced ControlLogix System. The 1768-L45 Controller is positioned below the ControlLogix 1769-L61 controller The new L4x controllers will support less memory, less module expansion, and less Motion Axis than a ControlLogix system. ControlLogix is the exclusive platform for Redundancy, SIL2/SIL3 Safety, RIUP, Advanced I/O Diagnostics, and multiple Controllers per chassis.

21 For Internal Use Only 21 Frequently Asked Questions What are the target applications for the L4x? The CompactLogix L4x is a very powerful modular controller and is positioned at customers that value a system linked, architecture solution. –Applications that require 4 or less Axis of integrated motion –Applications that require a combination of NetLinx Networks –Cost sensitive applications which do not require the advanced features, or increased capacity of ControlLogix. –OEM and end user installations that require less cabinet real estate

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