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Peterson, Logren & Kilbury, P.A. AHRA Conference (Employment Law Seminar) Brent Kleffman.

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1 Peterson, Logren & Kilbury, P.A. AHRA Conference (Employment Law Seminar) Brent Kleffman

2 Peterson, Logren & Kilbury, P.A. THE NURSE 57 year old nurse. Positive performance evaluations over two years Ongoing personality, attitude and insubordination issues with supervisors Multiple verbal instances of discipline and counseling. None documented. Employee later terminated in writing for incident labeled HIPAA Violation

3 Peterson, Logren & Kilbury, P.A. THE ADMIN Administrative assistant Diagnosed with severe depression Over next 2 years supervisor met with her 4 times to discuss performance issues. Each documented with list of performance that needs to be achieved. In last letter reiterates the areas of concern and said Failure to achieve immediate and sustained improvement will result in future discipline up to and including termination. 5 days later requests FMLA and its granted. While Plaintiff on FMLA leave, the supervisor finds a number of unprocessed invoices that were supposed to be sent out before she left Plaintiff terminated for this deficiency the day she gets back from leave.

4 Peterson, Logren & Kilbury, P.A. THE LIEUTENANT Lieutenant in Army Reserve Manager of a sales division and no prior documented performance issues. Goes on military leave for 7 months His replacement (the COO) finds he was poorly organized, rarely met with sales team, did not properly schedule service calls, gave excessive overtime and used cell phone for personal use Documented all observations in an Performance Log Upon his return from war, he is demoted to sales representative, moved into a cubicle and reduced his salary He gives 2 weeks notice and is terminated immediately.

5 Peterson, Logren & Kilbury, P.A. THE CABINET MAKER Man in his 50s with degenerative disc disease in cervical spine Has done cabinet making (general labor) for 20 years Has ongoing pain in neck and upper shoulders. Needs regular chiropractic and massage treatment to stay functional. Doesnt want to pay for it Files a Gillette injury work comp claim Does not have work restrictions and continues to work for employer

6 Peterson, Logren & Kilbury, P.A. THE HOSPITAL STAFFER Diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Employer aware of that diagnosis. For 8 years worked under supervisor who let her work from home when she needed to. During 8 years met or exceeded performance expectations. New supervisor took over and in the first week said no to plaintiff working from home. Said she needed to take sick day if she stayed home. Said on-site attendance during regular hours essential function of job. Plaintiffs performance suffered and was fired.

7 Peterson, Logren & Kilbury, P.A. THE STORE CLERK Plaintiff was a grocery store clerk who had throat cancer. She needed to be able to constantly drink water for treatment. As a result she frequently had to urinate. Store policy prohibited beverages at checkout stand and from leaving check out stand without permission. For one year store manager let her have water and made sure that he or another co-worker covered checkout whenever plaintiff asked to use restroom. New manager started at store. New manager not aware of plaintiffs condition or prior accommodation. One shift, shortly thereafter, plaintiff asked to use bathroom, but manager said noshe had to wait until no customers. Customers were lined up at checkout. 10 min. later plaintiff asked manager again over intercom and manager said noeveryone is busy. Plaintiff urinated on herself.

8 Peterson, Logren & Kilbury, P.A. THE TRAVEL AGENT Black female joins travel agency in southern U.S. Travel agency co-workers and supervisors primarily Hispanic and speak Spanish All become friends on Facebook. Co-workers primarily write in Spanish. Refer to plaintiff as cocolo. In a picture of plaintiff, supervisor writesgood thing you smiled or I wouldnt be able to see you. Company allowed employees to use Facebook during company time. Plaintiff reports hostile work environment to HR. Company investigates, reviews harassment policy with people involved, and blocks access to Facebook for all office computers.

9 Peterson, Logren & Kilbury, P.A. THE RADIOLOGY TECH Young female radiology technician in small rural hospital Supervisor would rub her arms and back Was friends on Facebook with most co-workers, including HR asst. at hospital Never reported touching to HR director or administration During work hours, posted statements on Facebook from phone saying things about supervisor like he needs to keep his creepy hands to himself,so gross, and just an all around d-bag Plaintiff later files sexual harassment lawsuit.

10 Peterson, Logren & Kilbury, P.A. THE TWITTERER (or other social media) Employee writes my boss/company/product sucks! Compare to Employee writes my boss/company/product is making my working conditions unbearable! Compare to Co-employees writes I agree. We need to do something!

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