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Work Related Injuries Training Module. Hi ! My name is Bill Moore. I want to talk briefly with you today concerning work related injuries.

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1 Work Related Injuries Training Module

2 Hi ! My name is Bill Moore. I want to talk briefly with you today concerning work related injuries.

3 When we are finished with the training you should know….. What a recordable incident is What to do if you are injured at work

4 What classifies an injury as RECORDABLE ? A partial listing would include the following: Stitches Removal of an embedded object from the eye Prescription drugs Positive X-rays Admission to the hospital (The list is actually about 30 type written pages long !! But this is a good sample.)

5 What should I do ? Here is a list of 9 things to remember if you have been injured on the job….

6 1) Report the incident to your Team Leader regardless of how insignificant you feel it may be. Our Team Leaders are trained to handle emergencies.

7 2) If necessary, the Team Leader will refer you to the Occupational Health Nurse for evaluation and treatment.

8 3) Most injuries can be handled on site but you will be referred to the company physician as needed. All work related injuries that require this kind of attention must be addressed by the company physician.

9 4) After evaluation and treatment by the company physician, the employee must return to work with the paperwork from the Dr. If, for medical reasons, the employee is unable to return to work immediately, the employee must notify the Occupational Health Nurse

10 5) The employee is required to obtain a return to work form from the physician and present it to the Team Leader or Nurse upon returning to work.

11 6) A work related injury form will be filled out on each injured employee prior to that employee returning to work.

12 7) If any restrictions are recommended, the employee is responsible for following these restrictions both on and off the job. Failure to do so could result in disciplinary action.

13 8) Be sure to notify your Team Leader and the Nurse of any medical appointments that you have.

14 9) Anyone that requires medical treatment by an outside facility for a work related injury is required to pass a drug screen prior to returning to work.

15 One More Thing Before seeking outside medical treatment, you must contact your team leader, supervisor, safety supervisor, or occupational health nurse who will direct you to the proper medical center. If you seek medical treatment on your own for a work related injury, there is a chance that your claim will not be accepted and you will be responsible for payment of any medical expenses incurred.

16 Thats about all there is to it ! Lets take a quick quiz to show off your new knowledge.

17 1) I should report all injuries no matter how insignificant they may seem. True False

18 2) If I am working in a department other than production I should not report a work related injury ? True False

19 I must see a company doctor if I have a work related injury that requires off site medical treatment. True False

20 4) Examples of an OSHA recordable incident would be: a. Removal of a piece of metal from an eye b. A positive x-ray c. Stitches or sutures d. Prescription medication e. All of the above

21 5) If I am, on a 10 lb. Lifting restriction and my Team Leader asks me to dump 35 lb. totes of rice into the Hema, I should do what my Team Leader asks without question True False

22 6) A Work Related Injury form: a. Is a form that is filled out after all work related injuries b. Must be filled out prior to an employee returning to work following an injury that requires off site medical treatment c. Is filled out only if an employee sustains a recordable injury

23 7) If I have lifting restrictions from a work related injury, I do not have to follow those restrictions off the job. True False

24 8.If I strain my back while lifting something at work, I should: (mark all that apply) a. Tell my team leader immediately b. Go to my personal physician c. Go home and lie on the couch until it feels better d. Work until the end of the shift and then tell my team leader

25 9.If I do not immediately report a work related injury to my team leader, supervisor, occupational health nurse, or safety supervisor, a. I could be written up for it b. A workers compensation claim filed due to that injury could be denied c. I could be held responsible for any medical expenses incurred due to that injury d. All the above

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