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Most common types of leave: ●Sick Leave ●Maternity Leave ●Extended Medical Leave ●Leave Without Pay ●Jury Duty ●Military Leave.

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2 Most common types of leave: ●Sick Leave ●Maternity Leave ●Extended Medical Leave ●Leave Without Pay ●Jury Duty ●Military Leave

3 Where can I find the Leave Policies, forms, and applications? All leave policies, forms, and applications can be found on the LPSS website at Enter “Leave Forms” in the search bar.

4 Sick Leave Policy - How many sick days do I receive each year?  Employees are granted sick days, personal days, and/or annual leave days based on policies set forth by the Lafayette Parish School Board.  The Lafayette Parish School Board shall grant all twelve-month employees twelve (12) days’ absence per year. All other employees shall receive ten (10) days of sick leave per school year in accordance with the following schedule. See the complete Sick Leave Policy GBRIB.

5 Less than 3 years = 12 Days Annually (1 day for each month worked) 3-10 years = 15 Days Annually (1.25 for each month worked) 10 or More Years = 18 Days Annually (1.5 for each month worked) 12 Month Employees

6 9, 10, & 11 Month Employees Hired in 1 st month of school 10 days Hired in 2 nd month of school 9 days Hired in 3 rd month of school 8 days The number of days of sick leave shall continue to be prorated for an employee who begins work up until the eighth month of the school year. At this point only three days of sick leave shall be allowed.

7 Sick Leave Policy When should I apply for leave and how do I apply? Will you be absent for 6 or more days? Complete application *LPSS Request for Medical Leave & Medical Report Form Turn completed and signed forms into Human Resources (HR). *Keep copies for your records. HR and Risk Management will process and send notification to you and your principal. Upon return to work submit your doctors release statement to your school and HR. See the complete Sick Leave Policy GBRIB. NO You do not need to apply for sick leave, but your absence must be approved by your supervisor and/or H.R. and entered in EARSS. YES



10 Sick Leave Policy How is my pay calculated while I am on sick leave? 100% 65% 0% How many current or accumulated sick days do I have available? When using current or accumulated sick days, you are paid your full salary and docked any standard and elective deductions. How many Extended Medical Leave days do I have available and am I eligible? Extended Medical Leave is a 90 day benefit – Paid at 65% and docked 35% per day and any standard and elective deductions. FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act) Unpaid leave – 12 weeks maximum, docked 100% of salary per day. See Insurance and HR regarding payroll deductions while on FMLA. There are many factors that determine how your pay is calculated while you are on leave.

11 Sick Leave Policy What is maternity leave and when should I apply? Maternity leave is really just sick leave with more specific guidelines.  6 weeks of PAID Recovery for a regular delivery  8 weeks of PAID Recovery for a C-Section  Up to 30 days of Extended Medical Leave can be used for the PAID Leave  12 Weeks of FMLA to run concurrently with paid leave Maternity leave starts the day you enter the hospital to give birth to your child. Any time taken off prior to birth is regular sick leave. Employees should apply for maternity leave during their 6 th month of pregnancy.

12 Sick Leave Policy How do I apply for “Maternity” Leave? Risk Management and HR will finalize leave application based on the date of birth and will notify principal and employee of return to work date and distribution of days. Complete application at 6 month of Pregnancy: LPSS Request for Leave & Medical Report Form and submit to the Human Resources Department. When baby is born, employee notifies HR by phone or .

13 Sick Leave Policy How is my pay calculated for maternity leave? Maternity leave begins the day that you enter the hospital to have the baby. From this date, as per LPSS policy you will have 6 weeks of PAID leave for a regular delivery or 8 weeks for a C-section.* *This leave is PAID leave by using your sick days, accumulated days, or extended medical leave to cover this time off. See the complete Sick Leave policy GBRIB *You may choose to take the optional FMLA (Leave without pay) which also begins when your maternity leave begins. See the complete FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act)  When processing your application, Risk Management will verify your amount of sick days, accumulated days, and FMLA eligibility.  If you exhaust your sick and accumulated days you are allowed to use only 30 days of the Extended Medical Leave benefit to help cover the remainder of your PAID leave.  Once, you have exhausted any leave benefits, you will be on Leave Without Pay.

14 Sick Leave Policy What other policies should I know about?  Extended Sick Leave consists of 90 days of leave at 65% pay granted to an employee on the date of hire or when the leave was first put into effect by state law if the employee was already hired at that time. Every six years, the extended sick leave balance is re-set to 90 days. See the complete Extended Medical Leave Policy GBRIB.  Leave Without Pay is leave for periods not exceeding one (1) year to any full-time employee who requests such leave in writing at least twenty (20) days prior to the effective date of the leave, whenever possible. Review complete policy for information. Leave without pay for medical illness or injury shall be granted only after all paid time off sources are exhausted, including Sick Leave Bank days. See the complete policy GBRIJ. See also information regarding FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act)  Sick Leave Bank is available for employees who have exhausted all other leave. To be eligible you must be employed with LPSS for 36 months, you must have at least 31 Accumulated Sick Days, and you must join the bank by donating at least one day. To be a recipient of days from the Sick bank you must also meet eligibility requirements. See the complete Sick Bank policy GBRIBA.

15 Jury Duty and Supoenas What do I do if I am called for Jury Duty? Military Leave Any regular employee of the Lafayette Parish School Board who is serving in the military service or in the armed forces of the United States shall be granted a leave of absence for the period dating from his/her induction, enlistment, enrollment, or call to service in conformance with the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA). Information regarding policy on Reserve, National Guard, or similar duty can be found in the complete Military Leave policy GBRID. *You are not docked any sick or personal days for Jury Duty. Submit a copy of your summons to HR within 5 days of receipt. Enter your Jury Duty absence in the EARSS system. After you have served Jury Duty, send a copy of your check to HR.

16 Who do I contact if I have questions regarding leave? If you have any questions regarding leave, it is best to visit the website first at and review the policies and applications. For further questions, see the contact information LPSS Human Resources Department 113 Chaplin Drive Lafayette, LA or P.O. Drawer 2158 Lafayette, LA Ramona Bernard, Director Risk Management/Insurance Mandy Turner, Secretary Human Resources Department Procedures to apply for Leave: o Notify your supervisor that you need to apply for leave. o Visit the website for informaiton on policies, FAQ’s, and the application. o Review all of the policies and complete the LPSS Request for Medical Leave. Have your physician complete the Medical Report Form. o Turn both pages into Human Resources within 15 days of first date of absence. Once this is turned in, if you have any questions contact Mandy Turner or Ramona Bernard by or phone (listed above) to make an appointment. o Enter your absences in EARSS system and stay in constant contact with you supervisor regarding your plans to return to work. You will receive notice regarding the status of your leave from Ramona Bernard in Risk Management.

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