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1 Helping Companies Connect Smarter

2 Agenda I.GHI Corporate Background II.What is SEM? III.Why Should I Care About SEM? IV.How Will SEM Benefit Me? V.Who Is Already Benefiting From SEM? VI.SEM Experience / Success Stories VII.SEM Engagement Methodology VIII.Organic SEM: Start Position TM & Finish Line TM IX.PPC: Paid Placement X.Q & A

3 Helping Companies Connect Smarter

4 Helping more than 5,000 clients Connect Smarter with their markets through a customized combination of Internet, marketing, and telecom services. Helping Companies Connect Smarter

5 GHI Internet Services is an interactive media firm specializing in website design, Internet marketing, and ASP solutions serving more than 650 clients worldwide GHI Marketing Services is a senior management advisory firm GHI Telecom Services is a telecommunications expense management firm providing voice, data, and IP services saving $18,000,000 for 4,200 clients GHI International Services is a distribution and outsourcing firm headquartered in West Africa providing international sales organizations distribution rights to GHI products and services Subsidiaries Helping Companies Connect Smarter

6 Automation Technologies Consulting is a software consulting firm specializing in object and component- based development for F100 companies in Northeast Ohio Managed Enterprises Helping Companies Connect Smarter

7 $5M in sales 5,200 customers in 34 states and 7 countries 70+ products & services 250+ Partners & Google: Multi-channel strategy Web Design and Internet Marketing Preferred Vendor for NOACC, Northern Ohio Area Chamber of Commerce, representing 120+ chambers and 125,000 commercial members Headquartered in Medina, Ohio with International office in West Africa At A Glance Helping Companies Connect Smarter

8 GHI: By the numbers… 5,200 clients worldwide 60+ Internet products 10+ Telecom products 6 Marketing services 12 Staff + 5 Interns 60+ Web Partners 200+ Telecom Partners 8 web properties 2 offices GHI: Recognition & Awards… 2006 Cascade Capital Business Growth Award: 5 years growth > 100% 2006 Team NEO Success Award: Top 58 Firms for profitability 2005 Distinguished Marketing & Sales Award 2005 Small Business of the Year, Medina County 2005 Team NEO Success Award: Top 42 Firms for growth 2005 Crains Whos Who in Technology 2005 Weatherhead 100: 15 th fastest growing company in NEOH 2004 Weatherhead 100: 8 th fastest growing company in NEOH 2004 Entrepreneur of the Year, Medina County, Honorable Mention 2003 Crains Top 25 Web Design Firms 2002 Top 30 Largest Qwest Telecom Brokers, Nationwide Specifics Helping Companies Connect Smarter

9 Strategy Branding Web Design Web Maintenance Content Management Web Hosting e-Commerce Blogging Web Analytics Long Distance Voice Data Communications Wide Area Networks Frame Relay Virtual Private Networks High Speed Internet Voice Over IP (VoIP) GHI Capabilities Opt-in Email Marketing Search Engine Marketing Conversion Optimization Landing Page Design SEM Content Banner Advertising Podcasting Vodcasting Internet Radio Helping Companies Connect Smarter

10 Internet Marketing Services The best way to find new customers… is to simply let them find you!

11 SEM Experience / Success Stories The best way to find customers… is to simply let them find you! Success Stories… Tire retailer grew web site traffic 600%; orders into call center grew 300% Online furniture store grew revenues 900% within 24 months Logistics firm attributed 70% growth to internet sales Non-profit increased unique visitors from 600,000 to 3.2M Major clothing retailer landed at the top of the Search Engine results pages in less than 2 months Manufacturing client increased sales leads by 1000% Distributor client achieved $250,000 in new sales within 2 months By the numbers… First Client 1997: Early Adopter Over 250 SEM Engagements 150 Search Engine Marketing Clients Worldwide, including Singapore, UK, Ireland, West Africa, and China Largest Competitive Web Firms in town Outsource 100% of their SEO Projects 60+ SEM International Partners & growing SEM represents 50% Internet Revenues 7 Staff Members dedicated to SEM

12 SEM Partial Client List The best way to find customers… is to simply let them find you! Advanced Urology Associates Advantage Contacts AJ Marketing Albums, Inc. American Coffee Services ANS Corp Ashland University AtomicBox Logistics Atromick Auburn Environmental Automation Tech Ayrshire Bacons Information Bridges Bus Consultancy Brilliant Learning Centers Calfee Callos Companies Carnegie Insurance Services Caster Connection Catan Fashions Charter One Bank CIDMA Conrads Tire Connie Glaser Copperloy Coral Company Cramer Real Estate Cube Coach DAAC Delahaye Dolphin Electric Dorothy Leeds Dr. Robert Rosenstein Dynatech Ellin LaVar Textures Encompix Freedom Chapel Fulcrum Consulting FurnitureWholesalers Gerspacher Real Estate GolfersPainRelief Grafix Plastics Great Lakes Computer Guardian Industries IQ Digital Imbert Corp Interlake Stamping Johnny Applestix Lydia Learn Marshall Goldsmith Partners Martindale Electric National City Bank NCLB Tutors OHDELA Ohio Pool Pat Geary PDELA PB&G RCG Consulting Rocky Outdoor Gear Sally Helgesen Simma Lieberman Southport Services Speith, Bell Stylmark Styx Valley Vinyl Susan Roane Taft Law Tape Rental Library Technico Technology4biz Tenth Floor The Cruise Co The Place Tiger General Trust Title Turning Technologies Waters Edge Apartments Watteredge Westminster Academy Memphis White Hat Management White Hat OnCampus Zinck's Inn Zion Industries

13 What Is SEM? Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is an empirical, data-driven internet marketing process that helps companies position their web properties on Page One of Google, Yahoo, MSN, and AOL … out in front of their competition, for specific keywords and phrases, that proactively searching buyers / researchers have already typed into the major search engines for the sole purpose of finding companies, products, and services to solve their many needs. The best way to find new customers… is to simply let them find you!

14 Why Should I Care About SEM? The market is shifting from a Nation of Sellers to a Nation of Buyers Significant sales channel with unmatched ROI than many traditional sales channels / methodologiesunmatchedROI Make the fastest growing companies in the world work for you, all day long, for less than one FTEs healthcare costs It works; its cheap; its a 24 hour brand machine working for you all day long, worldwide But dont believe me….lets look at the FACTS The best way to find new customers… is to simply let them find you!

15 Search Engine Facts It Took… 37 years for radio to reach 50 million users 34 years for the telephone to gain 50 million customers 13 years for television to have 50 million viewers. It took the Internet less than 5 years to reach that same mark. Now, with an estimated 1.25 billion users online, there is a huge marketing potential for businesses to market and sell their products and services via the World Wide Web. Time to Market is shrinking….Market Opportunity is growing. Website optimization and search engine placement is targetable, trackable, flexible and interactive. The best way to find new customers… is to simply let them find you!

16 Search Engine Facts Did you know… Six out of seven sales resulting from search engines originated in the organic search listings 84% of Internet users (107 million Americans) start at a search engine 80% of all first-time visitors to your web site are the direct result of search engine queries The approximate cost of acquiring a new customer through search is about $8.50, versus $50 for online display ads and $70 per customer via direct mail. The Internet is now the #2 source for consumers to learn about new products and services. Over 500 million searches are performed every day on the Internet worldwide Over 5 billion searches are performed per month in the U.S. (55% growth over last year at this time) High-growth e-commerce sites get 19% of their overall traffic from SEO and 32% from paid search ads. 45% of the people who bought online found the website via a search engine 68% of online shoppers distrust an unprofessional web site People who spend five or more hours per week online average an astounding 71% of their time searching for information The average web site gets 73% more overall traffic within six months of being optimized 180 million searches performed during primetime vs 3 million on TV … where are the eyeballs. Total Internet spending in 2005 was $143 billion up from $117 billion in 2004 (22% increase, which still represents less than 1% of retail sales) U.S. Internet access penetration is 64% of households The best way to find new customers… is to simply let them find you!

17 Search Engine Facts Search engine optimization services ranked #1 promotional strategy used by e-commerce web sites. -ActivMedia Research, 2005 97% of Fortune 100 companies has some type of site architecture problem that might give them problems being found by search engines. -iProspect 85% of qualified internet traffic is generated through search engines. 75% of searchers never look further than page 1. -Georgia Institute of Technology Users looking for products are far more likely to type the product name into a search engine's search box (28%) than browse shopping "channels" (5%) or click on ads (4%). -Jupiter Media Metrix & NPD, March 2006 Web users report searching the Internet (57%) and looking for product information (46%) more often in an average day than any other activity except email. -Statistical Research Inc. February 2005 The best way to find new customers… is to simply let them find you!

18 Search Engine Marketing We are no longer a nation of sellers…We have become a nation of buyers. Hunters have become the hunted … The best way to find new customers… is to simply let them find you!

19 How Will SEM Benefit Me? Increase sales leads; over time will increase revenues; payback period is typically less than 3 months with ROI numbers exceeding 10,000% Raise brand awareness Get positioned above your competitors on the most- visited web sites Attract new markets for your products and services Learn how your markets think The best way to find new customers… is to simply let them find you!

20 SEO ROI Calculator* Number of Searches Average Dollar Value Cost Per Month Revenue Per Month ROI 5,000$1,000 $50,0005,000% The best way to find new customers… is to simply let them find you! * Calculations based upon a 10% click through rate and a 10% rate of closure on new business.

21 10 Things Every Business Owner Should Ask About Their Web Site Do we know how many customers are searching for your products and services each month? Do we have actual page content on your site? Do we have Title Tags using effective keywords; do you know what keywords searchers are actually using in your markets; do you know what keywords your competition want to be found on? Do we know how many site visitors you get per month? Do we know how many search engine visitors you get per month; do you know what keywords customers are using to find you? Do we use META Description tags? Do we have any links coming to your site? Are we listed in the Yahoo directory and in the Open Directory Project? Is each page in our site linked to every other page? Do we have a site map?

22 SEM Engagement Methodology The best way to find customers… is to let them find you!

23 Organic SEM: Start Position & Finish Line The best way to find customers… is to let them find you! PLANNING STAGE: 2 WEEKS Phase:StrategySearch Term SelectionCurrent Site Analysis Description: Who are you? Why does anyone care? Who are those who care? How do you reach those who care? How do you find more who might care? What are your business objectives? What return is expected from your web properties? What keywords and phrases do you think describe your business? What does the market already know about those terms? What does the market say are the terms they use to find your products / services? Where does your existing site rank in comparison to your views and the views of the marketplace? Where do your competitors rank? Why? What is the plan for securing higher rankings for your site(s)? Deliverable:Target Market Report Search Term Analysis and Recommendations Report / Final Search Term Report Baseline Report

24 Organic SEM: Start Position & Finish Line The best way to find customers… is to let them find you! EXECUTION STAGE: 1-4 WEEKS Phase:Code and Content Development Description: GHI will provide web site code development to optimize each web site page for Search Engine indexing and rank. GHI may also provide content, navigation system, and site architecture consulting as required. Deliverable:Action Items Report

25 Organic SEM: Start Position & Finish Line The best way to find customers… is to let them find you! MAINTENANCE STAGE: MONTHLY Phase:Code DevelopmentContent DevelopmentInbound Link Development Description: GHI maintains the code on your web site to adhere to Search Engine ranking specifications and best practices. Click here for monthly maintenance action items list.Click here for monthly maintenance action items list. GHI helps you develop robust content that is both valuable to end users and impacts your Search Engine rank. Click here for monthly maintenance action items list.Click here for monthly maintenance action items list. GHI helps identify, approach, and secure effective link partners, increasing site value and content. This provides another critical element for the criteria engines use to improve site ranking. Click here for monthly maintenance action items list.Click here for monthly maintenance action items list. Deliverable:Quarterly Status Report Reporting: Quarterly Maintenance Reports will provide action items, site information, and ranking statistics, which track the rankings of your web properties in the major Search Engines. GHI will collaborate quarterly to discuss SEO Plan progress, engine dynamics and trends, changing product lines, and company needs adjusting our SEO Plan as needed.

26 Organic SEM: Start Position & Finish Line The best way to find customers… is to let them find you! FINISH LINE CONVERSION STAGE: MONTHLY Phase:AnalysisLanding Page DevelopmentContent Development Description: GHI analyzes your web site log files to determine where your traffic originates, how visitors arrive at your site, where they come from, and how they navigate through your site. We also analyze existing landing pages to determine their effectiveness and their role in future conversion campaigns. GHI creates new pages within your web properties for Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, email or offline marketing campaigns. GHI optimizes your new and existing landing pages for optimal search engine rank, and continue to build new content into your web site to increase the number of potential landing pages that can exist from our SEO efforts. Deliverable:Site Traffic AnalysisAction Items Report

27 PPC: Paid Placement Compliment to Natural SEM –PPC becoming increasingly important component as more SEs attempt to create additional revenue channels More visibility / prominence Positions above Natural placements Immediate placement Real time tracking & reporting Negative: Costly in relation to SEM and prices keep increasing The best way to find customers… is to let them find you!

28 PPC: Keys to Success Test keywords, engines, and copy to maximize performance Optimize placements real-time and establish campaign rules – maximum position, time of day targeting, etc. What keywords are just generating visits and what keywords are generating actual requests/leads? Are there any traffic-generating keywords in the current list that are being missed? Is it always necessary to secure top placement in Yahoo? Are you generating similar ROI at lower position or through natural SEO placements that are not pay-per-click based? The best way to find customers… is to let them find you!

29 Maintenance Stage Action Items Title tag development META Description/Keywords tag development ALT attribute development Page header content Page content recommendations and development Specific page development Inbound / outbound linking strategies Inbound link development Internet partnership development Submitted and listed in DMOZ, Jayde, and other relevant major directories Submitted and listed in relevant industry directories Internal linking structure improvements META revisit tag development The best way to find customers… is to let them find you! Dynamic page re-development Site map development Micro-site development Search term analysis and recommendations Competitive analysis Pay per click ad development Pay per click landing page analysis Pay per click budgeting and budget optimization Traffic pattern analysis Site statistics Landing page management/development Business intelligence identifying navigational behavior Site ranking reporting Site traffic reporting Site sales data collection and processing

30 Q & A Helping Companies Connect Smarter

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