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...for priesthood leaders and Young Men Leaders Best Practices that will reduce the risk of accidents, losses and litigation...

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1 ...for priesthood leaders and Young Men Leaders Best Practices that will reduce the risk of accidents, losses and litigation...

2 Approximately 420,000 boys (and 180,000 leaders) registered to LDS wards and branches across the U.S. See, 2011 Boy Scouts of America Local Council Index, using December 31, 2011, membership data Most units meet weekly Many units camp once a month

3 2002: Two scouts killed in auto accidents 2002: 16-year-old paralyzed while diving 2004: Scout killed in ATV/snowmobile wreck 2004: Three scouts die in separate falls 2004: Scout lost while returning to camp 2005: Priest killed in zip line accident 2005: Teacher killed on rafting trip 2005: Advisor killed in rappelling accident 2010: Scout Corey Buxton fell to his death 2011: Scout killed by lighting at the Scofield Scout Camp 2011: Teenage boy drowned during a 2011 boating outing at Quail Creek State Park. Deseret News Headline Mother sues Mormon Church, youth leader in son's drowning death.

4 Training (Part of 4 Ts – Training, Tenure, Testimony and Time) Fast Start program Youth Protection (every 2 years) Basic leader training Woodbadge Tenure of leaders (10 years, but goal is no less than 5 years) Weigh benefit of activity v. risk

5 Short tenure if they dont enjoy the work and are not wiling to put in the time necessary, and long tenure if they love the young men and want to serve then with all of their hearts and souls. Vaughn Featherstone

6 Identify training expectations when calling leaders. See, Handbook 2, 19.2 Stake YM presidencies provide training for ward and branch leaders. See, Handbook 2, 15.4.1 Set expectation of training for all Young Men and Scouting leaders. Is BSA training voluntary? What BSA training is required? (Review LDS Scout Leader Training updated March 26, 2012) Education and Training

7 Required for all scout functions and activities Never go alone Cancel??? – last resort! Two-deep Leadership (at least two leaders for each activity)

8 Church leaders -Review membership records for annotations PRIOR to extending any call involving youth and/or scouts Contact previous ecclesiastical leaders Review BSA protocol Initial registration signed by COR & CC Questions??? -- Contact the Help Line: (800) 240-1911 Individual Screening/Background Checks

9 Required to access BSA liability insurance coverage Safety/Preparedness check Tour permits needed for overnight camps or activities outside local council area Check with local council for specific guidelines No tour permit? No tour! Tour Permits

10 Q. Why should I complete a tour and activity plan? A. The tour and activity plan is a planning tool for best practices to be prepared for safe and fun adventure. Completing the plan may not address all possible challenges, but it can help ensure that appropriate planning has been conducted, that qualified and trained leadership is in place, and that the right equipment is available for the adventure. In addition, the plan helps to organize safe and appropriate transportation to and from an event, and defines driver qualifications and minimum limits of insurance coverage for drivers and vehicles used to transport participants. Please complete and submit this plan at least 21 days in advance (check with your local council) to ensure your council has enough time to review the plan and assist as necessary. See,

11 Q. When do I need to complete a tour and activity plan? A. Trips of 500 miles or more; or Trips outside of council borders (exception: not to your council-owned property). Also: Trips to Florida Sea Base, Northern Tier, Philmont Scout Ranch, Summit Bechtel Reserve (you will be asked to present a copy of your tour and activity plan upon arrival), national Scout jamboree, National Order of the Arrow Conference, or a regionally sponsored event; or When conducting any of the following activities outside of council or district events: Aquatics activities (swimming, boating, floating, scuba, etc.) Climbing and rappelling Orientation flights (process flying plan) Shooting sports Any activities involving motorized vehicles as part of the program (snowmobiles, boating, etc.); or At a council's request (Contact your local council for additional guidelines or regulations concerning tour and activity plans; many have set guidelines for events or activities within council boundaries such as for Cub Scout overnight camping.) See,

12 Parental knowledge and permission Permission/informed consent forms Ecclesiastical oversight Ask – When? Where? Who? How? Why? Planning with a purpose Adult Involvement

13 Notify stake president/bishop of accident or injury Contact Risk Management at 1-866-LDS-RISK Ecclesiastical leaders should be aware of possible secondary benefits through Church Activity Insurance Reporting Protocol in case of an Injury or Accident

14 Church Handbook of Instructions, Book 2, Section 10 BSA Guide to Safe Scouting, The Sweet 16 of BSA Safety & Other Little Philmont Materials Use inspiration and common sense Know Safety Resources

15 Click on Serving in the Church Select Aaronic Priesthood/Young Men Select Scouting Resource Websites Type desired publication in Search field Fast Start Program (new leader training) Guide to Safe Scouting (guidelines for activities) Youth Protection (abuse information) Keys to Safe Driving (driving information) Climb On Safely (climbing activity guidelines)

16 Encourage use of official BSA camps, when available Ensure BSA standards and certification Understand safety, insurance, and indemnity issues Use BSA Summer Camps

17 Reduces risk of loss or injury Promotes safety mentality among leaders and scouts Reduces risk of litigation Exposure to leaders Exposure to Church Exposure to BSA Preserves sacred resources of the Church Allows for Priesthood Purpose to be fulfilled Advance Preparation

18 Prior to approving a scout activity, ask: Are youth and adults properly registered? Parental permission and health forms used? Familiar with Guide to Safe Scouting and committed to following the guidelines? Has a tour and activity plan been obtained? Have leaders planned for emergencies and provided advance safety orientation? Anything else?

19 Please, observe and teach habits of safety and well-being... safeguard those in your charge. As surely as this is the Lords work, so the adversary will do all that he can to injure and destroy. Brethren, you are the guardians of those sent to work under your direction. You must be aware of the hazards they face. You must do all you can, and you must observe these same practices yourselves to reduce injury. -- President Gordon B. Hinkley Mission Presidents Seminar, 27 June 1997

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