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Scouting in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints David Carlsen Assistant Council Commissioner for LDS Units 706-556-8004.

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1 Scouting in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints David Carlsen Assistant Council Commissioner for LDS Units 706-556-8004

2 2 The Church’s Commitment to Scouting

3 3 First organization in the United States to sponsor Scouting Scouting is seen as the laboratory in which young men can practice the values they learn about in Church Sponsorship will continue as long as Scouting upholds the high standards it espouses today

4 4 The Church’s Commitment to Scouting “My appreciation for the Scouting program is deep. Scouting molds character.... I think it's a marvelous organization” -Thomas S. Monson, First Presidency “I love the Scouting movement. The promise of the Scout Oath and the twelve points of the Scout Law point young men along the path of being prepared for the 21st century. They provide a solid and powerful magnetic force toward development of a well-rounded and noteworthy character that counts. If every boy in America knew and observed the Scout Oath, we would do away with most of the jails and prisons in this country. If each of us would live up to those few words, 'On my honor, I will do my best,' whether it be in school, whether it be in our social life, whether it be in our business or professional life, if I will do my very best, success and happiness will be mine” - Gordon B. Hinckley, President

5 5 Church Organization Primer Local Unit = Ward or Branch 8-10 Wards or Branches = Stake Geographical Boundaries Lay leadership--no paid ministry Two leadership or priesthood levels  First level (Aaronic)  Learning and practicing leadership  Mostly young men and new male members  Second level (Melchizedek)  Practicing and teaching leadership  Older and more experienced men

6 6 Scouting Challenges in the Church Lay Leadership  All active members have a position--everyone is busy in the Church Tenure  Worthy men are in high demand for many leadership positions  Average tenure of a Scout leader is 6 months! Training  Busy schedule leaves training as a lower priority Church Programs  Scouting is so tightly integrated, some members see it as just another Church meeting

7 7 Aaronic Priesthood Organization Deacons Quorum  Young men 12 & 13 years old  Youth are quorum leaders Teachers Quorum  Young men 14 & 15 years old  Youth are quorum leaders Priests Quorum  Young men 16, 17 & 18 years old  Bishop is quorum leader with youth assistants Adult advisors for each quorum

8 8 The LDS Church & Scouting Scouting adopted in 1913 as part of the activity program for Aaronic Priesthood quorums and later for younger boys Scouting can complement the purposes of the Aaronic Priesthood Scouting can help boys and young men love and serve the Savior and honor their parents The Scout unit should become an extension of the home and the quorum, and should function as part of the Church’s activity program

9 9 The Ideal Ward or Branch Scouting Organization Boys 8-10 = Cub Scouts 11-yr-olds & Deacons = Boy Scouts Teachers = Varsity Scouts Priests = Venturers Strong committees for each unit

10 10 Typical Ward Scouting Organization in the Southeast Cub Scout Den, joined with other Ward Dens to form a Pack Boy Scout Troop (1-2 Patrols) Venturer Crew (small) One committee for all three units

11 11 Church Policy for Scouting - Organization - Group membership based on age  Cubs - 8 yrs  Webelos - 10 yrs  Eleven-Year-Old Scouts - 11 yrs  Boy Scouts - 12 yrs  Varsity & Venturers - 14 yrs No sponsored Tiger Cub Dens No Co-Ed Venturer Crews or Explorer Posts Church membership is not required for participation

12 12 Church Policy for Scouting - Finances - Church Funding  Facilities, incl. meeting place & equipment storage  Awards, supplies, etc.  Chartering and registration  Partial summer camp fee  Some unit equipment Personal Funding & Fund Raisers  Remainder of summer camp fee & unit equipment Personal Funding  Uniforms, books & personal equipment

13 13 Church Policy for Scouting - Finances - Dues are not collected Fund raisers permitted for one major activity per year and some equipment Door-to-door selling not permitted Sales of commercial products not permitted Trails End popcorn sales allowed Scouting funds managed by local Church financial clerks

14 14 Church Policy for Scouting - Camping - Overnight camping not approved for Cubs & Webelos Three one-night camps per year for 11- year-olds Sunday camping or travel to camps on Sunday not approved

15 15 Church Policy for Scouting - Adult Leadership - Scout leaders are chosen by Church leaders Scout leaders must be worthy to serve, but need not be members of the Church Leaders must abide by Church standards when with the Troop

16 16 Aaronic Priesthood Duty to God Award Helps young men achieve the goals of the Aaronic Priesthood Fully integrated with Scouting Many Scouting requirements can fill goals and requirements of the Duty to God certificates Eagle service project may count for both the Eagle Scout Award and the Duty to God service project

17 17 A Measure of Scouting’s Effectiveness “Don’t let the technical outweigh the moral. Field efficiency, backwoodsmanship, camping, hiking, good works, Jamboree comradeship are all means, not the end. The end is character--character with a purpose.” (Lord Baden-Powell, as quoted in Footsteps of the Founder, ed. Mario Sica [Milano: Editrice Ancora Milano, 1984], p. 125)

18 Backups

19 19 Purposes of the Aaronic Priesthood Become converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ and live its teachings. Serve faithfully in priesthood callings, and fulfill the responsibilities of priesthood offices. Give meaningful service. Prepare and live worthily to receive the Melchizedek Priesthood and temple ordinances.

20 20 Purposes of the Aaronic Priesthood (cont’d) Prepare to serve an honorable full-time mission. Obtain as much education as possible. Prepare to become a worthy husband and father. Give proper respect to women, girls, and children.

21 21 Sunday Camping and Travel “Keeping the Sabbath day holy is a commandment of the Lord and the practice of the Church. The Church does not approve of hiking and camping trips on Sunday. Scouts and other youth groups should not travel to or from camps or youth conferences on Sunday. Plans for outings should ensure that Aaronic priesthood brethren and other members can attend to their regular church assignments.” Scouting [in the LDS Church], p. 5

22 22 Overnight Activities for Mixed Groups Overnight activities for mixed groups of youth are not approved. On overnight activities, male and female leaders must have separate sleeping facilities. Married couples may share the same quarters if appropriate facilities are available. Church Handbook of Instructions, Book 2, p. 278

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