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Event Procedures and Trip Forms Palo Alto Service Unit 601.

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1 Event Procedures and Trip Forms Palo Alto Service Unit 601

2 What is an event? Definition: an event is created to meet a specific need determined by the SU Team. It provides girls with an opportunity to participate in Girl Scout program beyond that available through the troop/group experience. Any Girl Scout meeting that is open to more than two troops is considered an event. Criteria: events and activities are considered Girl Scout program; the GS Promise and the following four program goals should be considered: –1. Developing self-potential –2. Developing values –3. Relating to others –4. Contributing to society Any Girl Scout meeting that is open to 3 or more troops is considered an event and the event forms must be completed. They are on the PA website.

3 Event procedures Check list found on PA website under “leaders” Contact Program Support Manager Event training course – one adult must have taken this course Announcement & Flyers Finances – create a budget, event needs to be self-funding Insurance – do you need it? Check the web site. 411 Form to Council – This form is no longer needed. First Aid – must have dedicated current FA on site and complete first aid log if there is an incident Post event paperwork – submit within 15 days of event –Event Information & Resources Form –Event Financial Report –First Aid Log

4 Flyer requirements Event Name Full Location Information - Place, City, State Month, Day, Year of Event Featuring /Theme Titles/Names of Featured Speakers Time. –For example: 7:30PM Business Overview 8:30PM Guest Speaker Fee if Any Details of event, directions, etc For More Information Call: Contact Information Please include: –GS logo –NorCal website –PA website

5 Field Trips, Travel & High Risk Activities

6 Why are we reviewing this? New procedures in place by council For the safety of the girls To protect leaders against legal liability Council is requiring this process for the above reasons and is reviewing process as we go The process ensures people follow guidelines in Safety-Wise

7 5/13/20157 FIELD TRIPS ARE FUN! Safety Wise should be consulted first when planning any trip! Permission Forms Vs. Annual Permission New Service Unit position – Trip’s Coordinator – Vicki is the TC for us.

8 Trip and High Risk Form Filled out for: Field Trips Basic Trips / Overnight Extended Trips High Risk Activity International Trips This form must be filed with the service unit for any trip or high risk activity other than the following: –service unit or council sponsored activities listed in the Choices activity guide –activities where girls walk or ride their own bicycles as part of their regular meetings –trips located within one hour driving time (approx. 60 miles) from the regular meeting place, and are less than six hours in duration and are not high risk. 5/13/20158

9 WHO APPROVES WHAT! Service Unit needs to approve: –Local Field Trips: Visits to parks, museums, fire stations, etc.. –Basic overnights / trips: Trips 2 nights or less that do not include high risk. Service unit and council programs do not need trip approval from the service unit. 5/13/20159

10 WHO APPROVES WHAT! Council –Trips outside of Council Boundaries –Trips more than 2 nights – any activity that involves high risk – any trip with air travel Send to the Service Unit and we will forward the Trip and High Risk form to the council! File it electronically – on web site Yes, you need to hear back with approval before proceeding with trip. 5/13/2015 10

11 Approval Process All forms turned into the service unit! At least 2 weeks prior to the trip: –If the form does not need to be turned into council At least 4 weeks prior to the trip –If the form has to be turned into council At least 1 year prior to the trip –International Travel 5/13/201511

12 Benefit of Using Form The Trip & High-Risk Approval Form serves as notification for your local service unit. If there is ever an issue where a parent forgot about the details of a trip, or needed to reach the troop/group leader, the service unit would now be in a position to be able to provide that help. It’s never a bad idea to have more people knowing the details of your trip! Service units will be able to share all those great field trip ideas with other volunteers.

13 High Risk Any activity involving physical risk! Examples: backpacking, boating, rafting, tubing, kayaking, swimming, snorkeling, canoeing, sailing, windsurfing, waterskiing, archery, bicycling, caving, challenge/ropes course, climbing walls, gymnastics, horseback riding, rock climbing, skateboarding, skiing, snowboarding, vaulting (on horseback) 5/13/201513

14 APPROVED PROVIDER Any High Risk Vendor must be approved before troops can participate! Council will post a list of Approved Providers on the website It is important to make sure that our vendors are following Safety – Wise guidelines! 5/13/201514

15 Trip & High Risk Form The form is very simple. The information asked for includes a lot of information that will not change over time: –contact information for the troop/group –emergency contact information for a contact person who will not be on the trip –a troop/group roster –names of all drivers and the expiration dates of their driver’s license and proof of insurance It is suggested that the volunteer in the troop/group responsible for filing the Trip & High-Risk Approval form keep the form filled out with ALL girls and drivers (who have completed screening procedures and turned in a Driver Information form to the troop/group leader). For each trip, the following particular information should be completed: –which girls and adults will attend this particular trip should be indicated –destination information (where you’re going) and general description of the activities Check boxes completed: whether a troop/group will use the annual or regular permission forms to communicate with families, if additional insurance has been obtained (when needed), names of adults with special certification such as a first aider or life guard (when needed) For trips of 3 nights or over (or where the activity costs more than $50 per girl) budget information must be provided


17 Trip & High Risk Form How do I get a copy? –It is posted on our PAGS web site and the GSNorCal web site Complete it electronically – you can complete and save PDF online Where do you send it? –To Vicki George via email or Evelyn Guernsey in her absence

18 Permission Slips Annual Permission Forms – for trips less than an hour away, of less than 6 hours in duration, and not involving high-risk. Permission forms – use for everything else such as over night trips, high risk activities, events outside the council area, etc

19 Permission slip

20 The World is waiting… Go Places! 5/13/201520

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