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Expedition Planning a.k.a. The Super Activity, the Backbone of Venturing.

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1 Expedition Planning a.k.a. The Super Activity, the Backbone of Venturing

2 Major annual activity, trip or project –Requiring long-range planning and –Usually extensive preparation –Involves budget planning Highlight of the Crews program year –Generally is at least a week long What is a Venturing super activity?

3 Can be anything that matches the interest of the Crew members Crew determines what is affordable Can be: –A challenging outdoor adventure –A visit to a foreign country –A service project –Or just plain fun Does it have to be big? Or expensive? Or exotic?

4 Serves as a long range goal Everyone needs to work as a team in order to be successful The process will unite the crew Will give everyone the feeling of achievement PLUS – it makes it easy to sell Venturing! Why the emphasis on the Super Activity?

5 Super Activity Brainstorming Rules Start at least one year in advance (more for some activities/facilities) Nothing is impossible Dedicate time to brainstorming and stick to it!

6 Super Activity Ideas Venturing Activity Interest Survey –Philmont –Sea Base –Northern Tier –The Summit (

7 Preparation Clearly defining the goals, objectives and expectations of the trip is probably the most critical part of preparation. Discuss: Preferences Rules How to arbitrate Duty rosters How to prepare

8 Monthly Activities – Within Year Preparation Activities related to the super activity Fund raising General fun activities Certification

9 First Aid –Standard –CPR Leave No Trace Specialized Training –Safe Swim Defense, Safety Afloat –Climb On Safely –Trek Safely –Youth Protection Training (mandatory for advisors)

10 Trek Planning Training (certifications and physical preparation) Develop budget Make contacts (plan to visit others) Weather Group Equipment Personal Clothing Forms (tour permit, passport, medicals, etc.) Traveling (time, rest stops, maps, shopping, washing, meals, etc.)

11 Venturing Award Opportunities Gold – req. 3 An activities chairman for one of the Crews weekend activities or super activity Gold – req. 4 Participate in a district, council, area, region or national Venturing event. Ranger Core – Communications, Cooking, possibly more Elective – Backpacking, SCUBA, etc.

12 Is a resource Provides inspiration Challenges the planners Provides reality checks Role of the Advisor

13 What went well What didnt go well How can the activity be improved next time Document, document, document Developing a trip presentation for new recruits is a good idea Post Event Wrap-up

14 Benefits Life-long memories Develops maturity Develops responsibility Acquires planning skills Team building opportunities Is fun!

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