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Marketing to Asia: Meeting the Spending Needs of Chinese Travellers

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1 Marketing to Asia: Meeting the Spending Needs of Chinese Travellers
Philippe Charriol, Chairman, Charriol Group John Garner, Vice President Purchasing, DFASS

2 John Garner President DFASS (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Who is DFASS ? John Garner President DFASS (Singapore) Pte Ltd

3 #1 in-flight Concessionaire worldwide
22 years of industry presence under same ownership US$350M annual turnover 5 of the world’s top 10 mega carriers global contracts 40 airlines partners 74 distribution/warehouse facilities on 5 continents

4 Our Concession Airlines
AeroSur Air Astana Air Canada Air Jamaica Air Transat Avianca American Airlines Bangkok Airways CanJet Continental Airlines Continental Micronesia Delta Air Lines Gulf Air Jetstar Asia Northwest Airlines Pluna Silkair Singapore Airlines Tiger Airways US Airways

5 DFASS operates a vast network with 74 stations/offices across 5 continents.
Canada UK Kazakhstan USA Japan Bahrain Jamaica Taiwan Belize Panama Guam Colombia Singapore Bolivia Uruguay

6 Understanding the China market
The Economy

7 3rd largest economy after USA and Japan Fastest growing economy
#2 importer #2 trading nation 10% average annual GDP growth over last 30 years #1 exporter

8 Where China Outrank USA
IPOs Foreign Currency Reserves Trade Balance Billionaires Fortune Global 500 GDP Top 50 companies by market capitalisation Where USA Outrank China

9 50,000 new Chinese millionaires
Measured in USD Between 2008 to 2009 50,000 new Chinese millionaires 4,000 new Chinese > US$10M 2,000 Chinese > US$100M 100 Chinese billionaires

10 Understanding the China market
The Targeted Consumer

11 China - Most Populous Nation in the World
1.3 billion people 20% of world’s population

12 Distinctive One Child Policy
Introduced 1979 “Little Emperor” Provided for by 6 adults

13 Our Target Consumer Chinese Elite New Rich
Little Emperor (25-45 years old) Both genders Origin: Economic Hubs such as Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen

14 Understanding the China market
Chinese Consumer Behaviour

15 Chinese Consumer Behaviour
‘Xin Gui’ or the new money consumer behaviour Chinese elite consumer ambivalence Middle class have luxury aspirations Hedonistic young generation ‘Look at me’ mentality ‘I can afford this – Can you?’

16 Group of key consumers that are diverse and different
They buy everything from luxury cars to fashion goods, from cigars to watches, from Singapore to London Often shop in groups like the Japanese used to - but individual buying habits are different

17 With 24 airline concessions
With more than 60% of our airlines Concession partners flying to valuable Chinese destinations Advantaged position to identify consumer trends, buying patterns and leverage on them

18 Choice is driven by local marketing!
Buying Behaviour From Pierre Cardin to MontBlanc From L’Oreal to Chanel From Tintamar to LV Choice is driven by local marketing!

19 Buying Behaviour Price is rarely an objection
… and discount is always welcome! Cash is king …and credit cards usage is limited

20 Understanding the China market
Why do Chinese buy from In-flight?

21 Counterfeit!

22 Genuine and buy with CONFIDENCE

23 Communicate in Simplified Chinese characters!

24 What do these numbers signify?
88 8 138 18 8 = Prosperous or Fortune (‘FA’) 18 = ‘Definitely’ prosperous =‘Easy’ route to prosperity 88 = ‘Double’ prosperity 138 = Prosperous throughout your life 168 = Prosperous every step 28 168

25 The boom in China is on its way….
call 1800-DUTYFREE…

26 DFASS, Excellence by Choice, Not by Chance.
Thank you


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