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General Purpose Packages

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1 General Purpose Packages
Word Processors

2 What is a Word Processor?
Software package that is used to write, edit and print text. What is a dedicated word processor?

3 Features of WP software
Entering Text When you type text at the keyboard it appears on the screen and is stored in the computer's memory. Editing Text Inserting, Deleting & Amending. Word Wrap This is where the word processor automatically jumps to a new line at the end of a line. Whats the most common way of entering text? Can you name another? (OCR & voice recognition)

4 Features of WP software
Formatting Alter page size & layout (Orientation) Alter text alignment (Justification) Set margins Line spacing Page breaks Alter text style Tabulation & Tables Tab Stops

5 Features of WP software
Standard paragraphs A standard paragraph is a piece of document that is saved on it’s own so that it can be recalled when required. Search and Replace Replace one word with another all the way through the text. Globally Replace every occurrence of the word. Selectively Shows and asks user each word before changing. Lawyers use SP a lot with legal text that may be repeated How does it work? Search for “word” and replace with “different word”

6 Features of WP software
Spell check A spell checker is part of a word processor, which can check each word in the text against a dictionary of words held by the computer. Problems: Names of places and people Correct spelling but wrong word (Their & There) Grammar Check Works similar to spell checker but is not perfect and can make wrong suggestions Another example (to, too, two)

7 Features of WP software
<name> <address1> <address2> <postcode> Dear <name> You are the lucky winner of our prize draw first round. Name: Miss Watt Address1: 4 West Wood Address2: Kirkland Post Code: KI2 9QU Name: Mrs Brown Name: Mr Love Name: Mr Smith Standard Letter Data file Mail Merged to produce Mr Smith 4 West Wood Kirkland KI2 9QU Dear Mr Smith Mr Love 8 Sunny Rd Westlow WL9 8ED Dear Mr Love Mrs Brown 16 The Castle Hairness HH8 8IU Dear Mrs Brown Miss Watt The Inches Greenrives GG8 1JK Dear Miss Watt Standard letters A standard letter is simply a letter which may be used repeatedly with slight variations It will be saved with blanks to be filled in as needed to personalise the letter. Used for Mail Shots. What process uses Standard Letters and Databases?

8 Advantages of a Word Processor
Word processing allows more work to be complete in a shorter time by fewer staff! If you make a mistake you don’t need to start again If you need more than one copy you can print it again at anytime. Compared to traditional typewriters

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