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GiPHouse Radboud University Nijmegen R&D System Development Management 1 Theo Schouten 2009.

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1 GiPHouse Radboud University Nijmegen R&D System Development Management 1 Theo Schouten 2009

2 GiPHouse Radboud University Nijmegen 2 Lectures 8 lectures of 2 hour – some by guest speakers 2 hour written examination – no books or documentation based on: – Software Engineering – A practitioner’s Approach: European Adaptation, sixth edition, Roger S. Pressman – sheets of the presentations – extra treated concepts and theories

3 GiPHouse Radboud University Nijmegen 3 GiPHouse practical work of R&D SDM1 (4 ec) – management of the software house and its projects serious participation needed – pass or fail – more differentiation – prerequisite for written examination

4 GiPHouse Radboud University Nijmegen 4 Aim SDM1 has the aim that the student obtains all the professional skills of an IT project leader. SDM1 resembles the phase in an IT career in which the project leader takes responsibility for the management of a software development project. and/or responsibility for the management of the company Within GiPHouse students aim at two goals: – realizing their own personal development goals, and – delivering a high quality system. – focus on teamwork

5 GiPHouse Radboud University Nijmegen 5 Role Role differentiation, typical for knowledge workers control by reviewing against quality criteria – judged by other students and customers teachers are more at a “distance” – more for the managers – design and follow the process

6 GiPHouse Radboud University Nijmegen 6 Scope Within SDM1 we address the project management aspects of the whole life cycle of a system development project: from definition study through system design, system development and system implementation all the way to the maintenance of a system in an operational environment.

7 GiPHouse Radboud University Nijmegen 7 New: more managers Improving the company – handbooks, activity templates, intra-net, etc – PR, customers, HBO-VWO students – collaboration server facilities – differentiated final rating Preparing the future – projects for the next spring semester – reduction 9 tot 6ec next spring – GiP International

8 GiPHouse Radboud University Nijmegen 8 Course Subjects Project management Project planning – Business Planning, Technical Planning Rolls of – Project manager, Quality manager, Contract Owner, Public Relations Manager, Director Planning methods – PERT, CPM, Work Breakdown structure, Gantt-charts Quality Management Risk Management Metrics Component Based Development

9 GiPHouse Radboud University Nijmegen 9 Project management What is project management? What makes management of software development so special? Which roles are there? Which steps do you have to take? What is a project? Chapter 1 and 21 of book

10 GiPHouse Radboud University Nijmegen 10 What is project management ‘ involves the planning, monitoring and control of the people, process and events that occur as software evolves from a preliminary concept to an operational implementation. ’ (Dilbert) ‘.. The role of the ‘manager’ is to plan, organize, staff, direct and control. He or she deals with ideas, things and people.’ (Tomayko and Hallman, 1989) Care that every stakeholder stays happy

11 GiPHouse Radboud University Nijmegen 11 North Sea Project Cost History 0,5 0,6 0,8 1,0 2,0 4,0 8,0 10,0 ‘71 ‘72 ‘73 ‘74 ‘75 ‘76 ‘77 ‘78 ‘79 ‘80 ‘81 ‘82 ‘83 ‘84 ‘85 ‘86 ‘87 ‘89 ‘90 Brent B Brent B Brent C Brent C Dunlin Dunlin Statfjord A Statfjord A Frigg IV Frigg IV Valhall Valhall Leman Leman Fulmar Gas Fulmar Gas Inde M&N Inde M&N Brent C Brent C Frigg I&II Frigg I&II Brent D Brent D Ekofisk IV Ekofisk IV Murchison Murchison Statfjord B Statfjord B Odin Odin Fulmar Fulmar Ekofisk II Ekofisk II Ekofisk III Ekofisk III N. Cormorant N. Cormorant Clyde Clyde Tern Tern Eider Eider Year of appropriation estimate Final or forecast cost/estimate

12 GiPHouse Radboud University Nijmegen 12 Challenges (Van Genuchten 1991) Reasons?

13 GiPHouse Radboud University Nijmegen 13 Reasons for cost/delay overrun Human capacity: – Not available due to: overruns in previous or other projects, needed for unplanned activities Human related: – too little experience with e.g. development environment – more inexperienced then experienced people, wrong mix Input-requirements related: – requirements too late, too little quality – specifications for COTS or other hardware too late, too little quality – changing requirements during the project

14 GiPHouse Radboud University Nijmegen 14 further Product (technology) related – changing interfaces with environment – software complexity underestimated – more problems with performance of memory limitations – more software failures (bugs) than planned – product wrongly designed, redesign is needed Organization related – less continuity in project team members – more interruptions than planned – more influence/interruption of quality assurance activities – bureaucracy Tools related – Development or test tools too late or not adequate – Needed releases too late or with too many errors

15 GiPHouse Radboud University Nijmegen 15 % of reasons of overruns

16 GiPHouse Radboud University Nijmegen 16 Implementation benchmarks Reporting Application Portfolio Management Enhancements/Upgrades Software Functionality Process Reengineering Business Performance Stage/Transition Ongoing Support Ownership(of Benefits and Other) Discipline Project Team Prioritization/Resource Alllocation Internal Staff Adequancy Training Change Management 0246810121416 % of Mentions People 51% Process 19% Technology 19% Obstacles until “go-live” Obstacles after “go-live” Reporting Data Enhancements/Upgrades Application Portfolio Management Software Functionality Benefit Realization Stage/Transition Process Reenigineering Program Management Discipline Ownership (of Benefits and Other) Consultants Top Management Support Prioritization/Resource Allocation Training Project Team Internal Staff Adequancy Change Management % of Mentions 0246810121416 People 62% Process 16% Technology 12%

17 GiPHouse Radboud University Nijmegen 17 Cost overrun in real project 106,4 K€ 140,1 K€ Applicatie- consultancy Ontwerp en bouw M / I / C Onvoorzien PM 246,5 K€ Original estimation 231,9 K€ 141,0 K€ Applicatie- consultancy Ontwerp en bouw M / I / C Wijzigingen / Aanvullingen M / I / C 143,4 K€ -15,7 K€ Creditering Onvoorzien 104,0 K€ Realisation 604,6 K€ 125,5 K€ 0,9 K€ 143,4 K€ 104,0 K€ -15,7 K€ More 358,1 K€ 44,9 K€ - unittesten + verfijnen setup 51,7 K€ - integratie- en acceptatietest 22,2 K€ - overgangsactiviteiten 6,7 K€ - overigen 54,9 K€ - rapporten 18,0 K€ - interfaces 70,5 K€ - conversies 72,0 K€ - conversietest 32,0 K€ - nazorg na livegang

18 GiPHouse Radboud University Nijmegen 18 specific to software management? Software is a creative product based on human ideas, concepts and models; it has no natural limits Software develops during the process Software engineering is relative young; measuring is difficult Developed software needs acceptance by users in their environments User requirements change during the development Fixing the design is a balancing act between user acceptance and project control possibilities Design is based on concepts and ideas, not on fixed or well known building blocks It is difficult to detect bugs during the development process Communication and interaction with legacy systems and COTS increases

19 GiPHouse Radboud University Nijmegen 19 People, Process & Technology People Technology Process Processes require a well fitting and performing system Systems limit but also challenge processes People need to know how to manage the system Technology requires skills and new roles in organisations The ideal process requires a skilled organisation Processes based on the skills of people

20 GiPHouse Radboud University Nijmegen 20 Which roles (depending on phase and size/complexity of a project) Sponsor Project manager Technical project leader Integration manager Quality assurance manager (intern vs extern) Risk manager Test coordinator Team leader Software engineer Business analyst Technical specialists Communication/PR manager

21 GiPHouse Radboud University Nijmegen 21 Project roles Steering Committee Project Steering Committee Project Sponsor Project Manager(s) Functional/Process Groups (User Focal Points) Technical Project Leader User Group 1User Group 2User Group n ….. AnalystsDesignersProgrammers

22 GiPHouse Radboud University Nijmegen 22 Example, people, phases, time ImplementationDefinition Design Construction

23 GiPHouse Radboud University Nijmegen 23 Which plans ? Business planning – Goals and vision – Requirements Analysis – Project plan Technical Planning – Program Master plan – Management plan – Development plan – Configuration Management plan – Quality Assurance plan – Maintenance plan – Test plan – Integration plan – Documentation plan – Transition plan – Firmware development plan

24 GiPHouse Radboud University Nijmegen 24 End remarks Project management has to do with human factors People, process en technology influence the success Project tracking & tracing is important Project management is not a science, it is based on experience There are different – methods to plan and manage – ways to organize projects – ways to guard the quality of projects These are topics treated in SDM1

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