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1 MEF Reference Presentation December 2012 Carrier Ethernet Delivery of Cloud Services.

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1 1 MEF Reference Presentation December 2012 Carrier Ethernet Delivery of Cloud Services

2 2 MEF Reference Presentations Intention – These MEF reference presentations are intended to give general overviews of the MEF work and have been approved by the MEF Marketing Committee – Further details on the topic are to be found in related specifications, technical overviews, white papers in the MEF public site Information Center: Notice © The Metro Ethernet Forum 2012. Any reproduction of this document, or any portion thereof, shall contain the following statement: "Reproduced with permission of the Metro Ethernet Forum." No user of this document is authorized to modify any of the information contained herein.

3 33 Session Topics Cloud Service Delivery Challenges for Enterprises Carrier Ethernet Benefits for each Cloud Stakeholder New MEF cloud definitions and terminology New MEF work

4 44 Enterprise Cloud Service Delivery Challenges Internet is predominant method of delivering cloud services Larger Enterprises hesitant to move mission-critical applications to the cloud when delivered via the Internet The WAN is critical for cloud service performance (SLAs) Cloud Service Delivery Challenges over the Internet Security VulnerabilitiesSecurity Vulnerabilities Data GovernanceData Governance Regulatory ComplianceRegulatory Compliance PerformancePerformance Cloud Service Providers Internet Enterprise Cloud Consumers

5 55 Carrier Ethernet and the Cloud: MEF Focus Area Cloud Service Delivery via Carrier Ethernet – Predictable Performance – Secure – Control of Data Governance and Regulatory Compliance – Static Cloud Services deployed today Ethernet Cloud Carrier(s) Cloud Consumers Cloud Service Provider to Cloud Customer Cloud Service Provider(s) Data Center Interconnectivity

6 66 MEF Carrier Ethernet Solutions: Today and Future Today – Removes internet delivery issues for mission critical apps – Using Carrier Ethernet to connect between cloud providers – Using Carrier Ethernet to connect to cloud customers – Significant opportunity for additional revenue Work in Development – Services extensions for elastic services (on demand bandwidth attributes, etc.) – New management APIs Under Investigation – Carrier Ethernet as data center solution Ethernet Cloud Carrier(s) Cloud Consumers Cloud Service Provider to Cloud Customer Cloud Service Provider(s) Data Center Interconnectivity

7 7 Carrier Ethernet Benefits for each Cloud Stakeholder

8 88 CE Benefits for each Stakeholder Cloud Providers – Enables new Private Cloud business opportunities – Ability to better differentiate cloud service offerings Ethernet Cloud Carriers – Enables telecoms providers to deliver mission-critical Cloud- based services – Telecoms providers can leverage well-established, trusted relationship with their enterprise subscribers Enterprise Cloud Consumer – Puts Enterprise IT department in control – Meets Enterprise requirements for high performance, secure and controlled access to mission critical applications

9 9 MEF Definitions and Terminology

10 10 MEF Augmentation of NIST Definitions

11 11 Business Relationships in the Cloud Model Augmentation of U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cloud Broker Definition Further Details in Member Presentations

12 12 Cloud Broker Definition Clarification NIST Cloud Broker Definition is very generic – Appears to assume only Internet WAN connectivity MEF augments NIST definition and provides more use cases – Ethernet Cloud Carrier acting as a Cloud Broker – Cloud Service Provider acting as a Cloud Broker – Cloud Broker (pure reseller model)

13 13 Ethernet Cloud Carrier Acting as a Cloud Broker Business relationship: Ethernet Cloud Carrier to Cloud Consumer – Ethernet Cloud Carrier wholesales cloud services from Cloud Service Providers This Cloud Broker analogous to telecom service provider delivering Internet access services – Telecom SP provides network connectivity to customer premises – Telecom SP provides Internet access service like an ISP Cloud Broker Cloud Consumer Ethernet Cloud Carrier acting as Broker Cloud Service Provider(s) wholesale services to Ethernet Cloud Carrier

14 14 New MEF Standards Development On-Demand, Elastic Ethernet Service Attributes

15 15 Ethernet Service Attributes being Evaluated to Better Support Cloud Applications Elastic Ethernet Service Attributes – On-demand change of EVC or UNI attributes for specific time period Once time period ends, revert back to prior state Investigating on-demand and reservation models Example Elastic Attributes – Increase CIR of existing EVC – Add or Remove UNI endpoints in multipoint EVP-LAN or EVP-Tree service On-demand bandwidth approaches – Based on bandwidth usage (X MBytes/month) – Based on CIR and/or EIR (200 Mbps CIR and 400 Mbps EIR) Network/Cloud/Subscriber Management Orchestration – End-to-End service management and SLAs

16 16 Management Orchestration Workflow Customer Portal Cloud Service Provider Management System Ethernet Cloud Carrier Management System Add VMs and Storage Add WAN BW, CoS, EVC, etc. Cloud Service Orchestration Service Attribute Correlation Cloud Service Provider Cloud Consumer Ethernet Cloud Carrier Orchestration among the different management systems to create consistent Quality of Experience and better SLAs for Cloud Consumers

17 17 New Work on Cloud Management Management Interface between Cloud Provider / Broker and Ethernet Cloud Carrier to manage elastic aspects of the service – Identify relevant Protocol Neutral MEF 7.x objects (and attributes) – Operational Use Cases and information requirements for Cloud Provider to Ethernet Cloud Carrier management interface. – Focus on reconfiguration of specific (dynamic) Service Attributes (e.g., CIR) – Phase 1 approach: Changes to Service Attributes occur only when EVC/OVC is inactive or during a Maintenance Interval – Explore scheduled reconfiguration, and configuration durations. – Provide Interface Operational Requirements: Number of changes allowed over time, lead time for request fulfillment. – Describe SLSs for management interactions (performance metrics)

18 18 MEF White Paper Educational Tool to Socialize Carrier Ethernet and Cloud Framework for discussions and upcoming MEF Interactive Cloud Workshops Introduces Cloud Concepts and Terms for Telecoms Service Providers Introduces Carrier Ethernet Concepts and Terms for Cloud Service Providers Provides Use Cases of MEF Standardized Services for Delivery of Cloud Services February 2012

19 19 Summary Cloud Applications and Services are driving change in the telecoms landscape – Ethernet services must evolve to better align with On-Demand Cloud service delivery requirements Carrier Ethernet enables new cloud delivery models – Enabling telecoms providers to sell differentiated services The MEF is taking a leadership role in Cloud – Augmenting MEF Ethernet service definitions and service management to support cloud-centric applications

20 20 Detailed Presentation and Use Cases Available to MEF Members End of Session More at

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